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Sunday, June 21, 2015

It all starts with a coffee

The blue ocean glitters in the sunlight; the waves give farewell kisses to the lonely boat which sailing away from the rocks, and the seagulls see it off on a dreamy June afternoon.

Beneath the painting, the clock has stopped; while the table is all covered with the notes and books, the fingers are typing on the laptop slowly. The china plate has some guests, those little reds are carrying the cake crumbs to the nest stilly; the cafe is such a dead silence that is heard the splash of the waves on the rocks.

" It all starts with a Coffee, " Monika says, as she puts the cup on the table. The author removes her fingers from the laptop, and then she smiles at her friend, " Thanks Monika-- I'm dying for a cup of coffee."

Monika stares at the notes for a while, and asks, " It's over, isn't?"
The writer pushes her hair behind her ears, sighs deeply, " Not yet."

Monika, " Gee, why is it taking so long?"
The author, " Well, I don't know-- How long have I been here?"
Monika looks at the calendar, " About two months."
--, " Really?"
--, " No kidding."
--, " Terrible!"
Monika giggles, " Be patient --- Rome wasn't built in a day."

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