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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sudden Attack


It was evening. The father sighed, " Life's great. " he awaited for dinner, the mother intended to set the table, but her daughter had not arrived yet, " Where's she stayed so far?", she wondered as she looked out of the window; in dark night a shadow was coming to the front door, the mother's eyes grew large.

Rocky sat at the dining table angrily, " Finally she came!"
Gloria got in, smiled at those worried faces, and said, " I'm sorry to be late."
Rocky, " Did you get any hamburgers?"
Gloria shook her head, " Sorry, Rocky. I forgot."

The mother was still puzzled, " Have you ran out of gas?"
Gloria raised her eyebrows,and looked at her mom in surprise. The mom asked, " Then your car has broken down, hasn't it?"

All eyes turned to Gloria, she brought a bitter smile on her face, " No, it hasn't. I sold it past two hours."

Rocky let out a terrible shriek, " Gee, Crazy!"
The daddy grinned, " Don't believe what she says ... she's joking you."
The mother asked, " Indeed? did you sell it?"
Gloria dropped herself onto the sofa, nodded her head, " Yeah, Mommy."
--, " Why?"
--, " I needed some money."
The father sighed deeply, " Life's all right."
The mother's forehead wrinkled in a frown, " What do you want to do?
Gloria laughed bitterly for a while, then she wept bitterly, " Life's terrible." now the family was entirely anxious about her health.

Gloria said, crying, " I want to start a new business."
The silence surrounded the room, no one could find out her saying. Gloria looked down at the floor, weeping.

After a while, the father broke the silence, " How do you mean? "
Gloria held her breath, and began wiping her tears. The father shouted at his girl, " Shame on you! Everyone likes to work for the Glass, and you , " he bit his lip, " O My heavens! How stupid is this girl! you have a good job, and unluckily, a bad memory; you've forgotten Rocky quarreled with Sergey so that you could return to work?! I thought you would behave more reasonable after that incident, but you never wanted to change."

The mommy said in a calmer voice, " What a strange decision! you've engaged recently?! "

Rocky looked at his sister with sorrow, " Oh, Glory, what's happened? you love Glass, everyone knows it, " then he banged on the table, " Sergey ... I bet he offended you. "

Gloria felt a big knot in the throat, she nodded her head. Rocky's face got redder than tomato, " He needs a lesson."

Gloria, " He closed the Glass lab today. "
The father's eyes grew big, " Gee, tell me the truth."
Gloria cried, " What I told was the whole truth. They shut down the lab, Larry intends to redesign Google Glass at his workshop --" she cried louder. The mother hugged her, Gloria wept on her shoulder for hours.

The daddy asked, " Oh, I see. You can't work at the lab, but you can still work at Google. Your fiance is its co-founder, isn't her?"

Gloria , " No, I can't. Glass was my love, I've spent my best moments there, I don't want to work on a new project, I'd rather work by myself."

The father shook his head, " You are crazy, then what do you want to do ?"
Rocky laughed, " Yesterday we both went to the Uncle's farm. I guess Gloria will  run a kitchen."

The father smirked, " Olivier salad! " They all laughed, the mom asked, " No kidding! you're really going to sell Olivier sandwiches?"

Gloria grinned, " Not Olivier sandwiches, " a sparkle appeared in her eye, " Ice-cream... I will run an ice-cream shop."


Sudden Attack

Larry and Mr. Assistant were working on a fresh project, Larry asked, " Where is Sergey?"

His assistant shrugged, " I have no idea, but I think he's lucky."
Larry's eyes widened large, " How? "

Mr. Assistant grinned, " Because of Rocky's leg -- We know Rocky has a short fuse, surly if he hadn't a plaster bandage on his leg Sergey couldn't feel safe at Google."

Larry nodded his head, " That's right. I've forgotten him."
At the moment, a strange man wearing sunglasses and a black T-shirt got into the office, he sat opposite Larry at the table, and smiled. The man had mustache and beard with long dark blonde hair that came to his waist. Larry and Mr. Assistant looked at each other with surprise, Larry felt know this smile.

Sergey laughed, " Couldn't you recognize me? it's me, Sergey."
Larry said, " Oh, I knew your smile, Sergey."
Mr. Assistant, " Can Rocky walk?"
Sergey, " I don't think so, but I feel safe with this false beard and wig. Teenagers are unexpected. "

The door opened, and Rocky stepped into the room. Sergey got in cold feet , and whispered, " Life's really terrible."

Rocky walked directly towards the table, and banged on with his hands, " Tell me where Sergey is? My sister has been weeping since yesterday.  "

Sergey got pale, " How is Glory? Is she OK?"
Rocky drew eyebrows together, and stared at the strange man for one minute or two, then he said in a calmer voice, " Sergey? "

Sergey nodded his head, " Tell me about Glory, I called her again and again but no answers."
Rocky smirked, " How funny! Now you pretend to be concerned about her while You killed her dreams, Mr. Glass."

Sergey shook his head, " I didn't mean that, shutting down the lab wasn't my decision. I love Glass too."

Rocky, " And what about Gloria?"
Sergey, " I love her also."

Rocky, " Prove it to her!"
Sergey, " How?"

Rocky, " Gloria is so depressed that she may kill herself, she likes to start a new job, " he looked Sergey in the eye, " You can help lot."

Good Team

A look of indecision emerged on Sergey's face, " A new business! "
Rocky continued, " You have an ice-cream shop, have not you?"
Sergey, " Yeah, I have."

Rocky, "By dedicating the shop to Glory, prove your love to, How's that?"
Sergey looked puzzled, " I'm not sure what to do now? I must think more."

Rocky put his bandaged leg on the table, and ordered, " I always say that you only pretend to love her. "
Sergey knitted his brows, and Rocky pointed to the plaster bandage, " Sign up, Mr. Glass. "

Sergey had to sign the shop over to her fiancee, Glory. Larry asked, " What's on her mind?"
Mr. Assistant said, " I've heard the Roberts have bought 100 Glasses last night."
Rocky put off the leg, and gladly walked with crutches towards the door. Sergey asked, " What he said is right?"

Rocky turned around, " Yes, Gloria sold her luxury auto to buy glasses, of course our relatives helped her by registering in Glass site. Now we have 100 pair of glasses and a glassy shop. Isn't that great?"

Sergey's eyes glistened, " Great! what's on her mind?"
Rocky, " I don't know exactly, but I guess she intends to found a club for Glass." 

Sergey rose from his seat, shouted with laughter, " Excellent! I agree with her."
Rocky, " OK, I accept you in our team, by the way, reopen the lab right now, I should pick up your golf bag, Fido and I are going to play in the glassy tower."

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