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Sunday, June 7, 2015

It all starts with a smile

Larry lay down on his back, and looked at the sky. It was quite clear with a few tiny clouds walking on; a teardrop glistened in his eye, he wondered, " It all started with a little smile ... It was just yesterday as we chatted; she was weeping for the photos, which Sergey had deleted just for fun, and I promised her to recover. By the way, it wasn't necessary, because Sergey sent her photos that same day ... though Parmis chatted again while she was weeping, " Uncle Larry! These are not mine, before there hadn't been Uncle Sergey in them, but now he is."  Larry laughed, and turned his attention to the flying machine.
Then he sighed deeply, " Dear flying machine! We have many memories together, Do you recall ? She tied pink ribbons in her hair while we went flying, or cycling ...  she enjoyed swinging in branches of tree just like a monkey, and jumping from one branch to other... ha ... ha ... she was so sweet and friendly ... when I missed her? O, children grow soon ... I taught her how to switch on a PC, but now my trainee handles her own office. " Larry let out a bitter sigh; he wish Parmis was still a four-year-old girl.

Last year in June Parmis with her friends worked for Google. They all were happy and worked hard for their goals; Mino was dreaming of being a millionaire, while interviewing with Larry was Only Parmis's wish. 
Removing " forgotten links " was so interesting that Parmis planed to stay in Google forever, but on Father's Day a flood changed life; Feech came and brought Parmis. Now Larry didn't know where his little trainee was, in fact, they hadn't seen each other after The Robots competition.



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