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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Flight Time

Suddenly the windows start rattling so noisy that fear creeps into the cafe mind calmly; the old couple sitting by the window shriek, trembling, " Earthquakes -- Run away." and swiftly jump under the beside table.

The other people rush for the rear door so as to leave the cafe, except a young couple.

The young man bangs on the table with his hand, " Bad luck! my download hasn't finished yet. " his girlfriend laughs aloud,  " Let's go outside -- anyway we get rid off the check."

The boy moans, " Then how about free WiFi ?"
--, " I know a nice restaurant with free WiFi. "
For a few seconds the man hesitates, finally he smiles, " It just completed, Let's go, My baby."

The windows keep rattling; Monika is standing with a coffee in her hand in the middle of the room, and watching around: The cafe is almost vacant, and the ocean waves reflect her deep sadness, A trolley suitcase and two little girls are seen from the glass door of the cafe.

Armis shouts, " Get out of the way --- there's a plane coming."
Parmis opens the glass door, laughing " Hooray, our school is closed today, so we're ready for flight. " the four little hands place on the suitcase; Monika signs a cross; Mary closes her eyes, and the suitcase is pushed forward, and slips on the shiny floor swiftly.

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