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Thursday, December 3, 2015


It is growing colder. Parmis can feel the chill wind on her face, she puts her hands into her pockets, then turns her attention to the agent standing beside his jeep calls his chief, the officer likely intends to talk about their detention. Parmis has no idea what sort of place is a real jail, but it didn't look terrible in the computer game as she had been arrested over then twenty times.

However, the others don't think like Parmis and her friends; the men stand mute in a line and look down towards the ground so that one of the BP agents frisks them, while the two other agents are watching the men who are suspected of entering U.S. illegally. Uncle Larry is baffled by all today's strange happenings, he has a puzzled look on his face as the BPA approaches him.

The officer's face is deep in shadow. Uncle Larry looks in his blue eyes flashing in the dark, and says politely, " Please ... See, you can't search us! .. As a decent American citizen, I know my Rights very well! I'm a capable engineer, I'm Larry page, the Co-founder of Google. I want to see my lawyer, I must call him right now, Please."

"Man! Sorry!" the BP agent says as he sizes up Larry quickly: a married man with four daughters, he must be a good father as the children seem happy and easy. His clothes are covered in dirt and dust, he must have crossed the border on foot. The man has a suntanned face, he is likely Mexican. As he speaks English very well, he must be intelligent and educated. Man! He is the biggest liar as he claims that he is Larry Page.

While the agent is searching Uncle Larry for weapons, he keeps on talking to him, the agent doesn't pay attention to him, but Larry's words gives the leader heart until he shouts, " Yeah, He's Right. We're U.S. Citizens, and Here is our country. We had come here just for a picnic. He's Larry page and I'm Claudio Reyna, A celebrity football player. You follow football, don't you?"

" No, I don't. Now be quiet!" the agent says as he stops frisking Uncle Larry, then brings a big smile on his face as if  he had found something amazing in one of Larry pockets, the agent looks closely the Mexican passport in the dim light of his flashlight. After he says, smirking, " You are Larry Page? Then what's this Mexican Passport, Senor Donoso?"

Uncle Larry's eyes widen in horror, he is really shocked by the passport, Uncle Larry mumbles, " I, I don't know actually... It isn't mine... believe me! my passport is at home..I, I want to see my lawyer, I must call him." Uncle Larry turns to the leader for help, but he sees a wry smile creeps over the leader's face, Uncle Larry murmurs " But why?", because he found out that the Mexican man had placed the passport in his pocket.

The Border Patrol agent says, " Senor Donoso! you looks younger in the photo, you have a pretty big family, and  pretty daughters, where is their mother?" Parmis's mom is likely worried sick now, when Uncle Larry imagined her expression, he couldn't keep his feeling hidden, he turns pale. A look of panic crosses on the agent's face, he glances at the children, and asks sadly, " I didn't mean to upset you, did she die in the desert? it was too hot today?" Uncle Larry presses the lips together that the BP agent standing beside the jeep calls his friend, " West! Come here, The chief will send a bus soon."

In the silence of the night, twenty grownups and four kids stand in line. The leader stands first, ahead of the others. Brave Mino stands last, just behind Tina. As if they have formed a train altogether, the adults are holding onto the one another's shoulders from behind and the children are holding onto the each other's waist with both hands, but Parmis. She is clasping her Uncle's clothes, her long hair blowing in the wind. While the men are staring at the ground in despair, the girls enjoy being a Choo-Choo train. Armis murmurs, "Here Comes Our Choo Train." Chug Chug! Suddenly they hear the sound of a chopper. They all look up and see the military helicopter coming closer, now it is hovering overhead.

 Soon a few border patrol cars pull up near them, then some officers get off. The agents go white as a sheet when they see them there. Everyone begins talking, West's friend sighs deeply, " That's the end!"
West asks him, " Who are they? "
The agent, " The Tucson Border Patrol."

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