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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Border Town

This is only a draft.

The agents of Tucson sector, ignoring Yuma's, run towards them, and ask angrily, " What are you doing in our sector?" the Yuma's agent replies proudly, " We went camping for father's day that we came across these migrants, so we arrested them."

The Tucson agent says, " Well, the picnic is over, now you can back to your sector."

Since early this morning the Yuma agents searched for illegal migrants all their territory, but there isn't even one. Then they looked on in their neighbor's land to hunt some migrants, maybe they could happy their boss. Their search didn't any results, they wanted to return to their station when they saw leader's group, and arrested them happily, but their happiness didn't last, they were very bad luck, because just at the same time the Tucson agents appeared.

 The Yuma agent objects to Tucson's, " But they're ours, we arrested them."
--, " It's all your fault, you shouldn't have come to our territory. "
--,"  Let us take them."
--, " Any way!"
--," It's about one month that no illegal alien has passed through our land, even a cat."
--, " It's not good reason for pick up the others' migrants."

The agents are discussing with each other ,while the migrants are watching them with surprise, Tina sighs deeply, " I wish I could tapped this video." the three other children's look shift from one officer to the other. Finally the leader offers, " Amigo! play heads or tails."

The Tucson officer who named Dan turns around to see the man, and says, " Look, who is here? Pedro! it's surprising I see you on the ground as I'm used to see you underground, Have you feared from our new sensors?"

The leader giggles," Amigo! Como estan."

The leader, Pedro,is a Mexican man, he has crossed the border for twenty years, he crosses the border about twice a week, and once a month he is arrested by Dan and deported to Mexico. Pedro loves tunnels, As his tunnel wasn't ready yet this time, he had to cross the border without Passing through the tunnel.

A grin spreads across Uncle Larry's face, " Amigo! So I'm free to go?"
Dan tells Pedro, " He's making me laugh? Who is he?"

Pedro, " This is my friend, Larry, he's a smart engineer."
The agent orders the migrants, " Get onto the bus."
One after the other, the men get on, Uncle Larry hesitates for a little while, the agent says firmly, " Come on."

Uncle Larry goes blank , he stares at the agent, he doesn't know what to do, early this morning the humdinger was supposed to cook pancakes for Americans on air, now he is going to get on the bus which he doesn't know where was its destination, he breaks out in a cold sweat, then looks at the children, and recognize fear in their eyes, he thinks they expect their Uncle to be stronger, Uncle Larry swallows hard and forces back tears, he gets onto the bus , and smiles at the children, they also get on after him, with the tears in the eyes. They ask altogether," We get home?" Pedro responds," Yeah, you're going home."

The bus drives away, while the Yuma officers stare at them,with tears in the eyes. The other agent, Susan, asks Dan," Why didn't you let them take the migrants, We have no room in our jail."

Dan says, " Don't be silly! you want the other stations to say jokes about us, " Yuma pick up Tucson's migrants." if we throw the migrants out , it's better than we give them to those guys. I don't allow some newcomers get on our nerves. However, today was a busy day, the red buttons were pressed all the day long, we are tired out, so we;'ll deliver them to Mexico and return. They won't object because they know Pedro very well."

Then he turns to Pedro, " Where did you find your new friend?"
Pedro, " On the way, he's a nice man, he speaks English very well, we'll be a good team. he has four daughters."
--, " Oh, these girls are his?"
--, " Yeah."

Larry asks, " We had a nice trip, can we get off here?"
Pedro frowns, " No, Here isn't safe, we're going to Nogales, there is nice, you'll like there, I'm sure."
" Okay."

Dan laughs," What times have you been arrested by the Border Patrol?"
Pedro, " I can't count it, over than 100 times."

" How about your tunnel?"
"The guys are digging, but your new sensor gets on their nerves, however we're smart too, We have engineers Like Larry, they are very helpful."

" Then you formed a team for you?"
"That's right, These girls also like technology, we will develop our organization."

"You can't, We have a mesh technology now, we can watch the slightest movement on our monitors, even passing a snake."

"Yeah, You can, we know this, yet we are smarter, we are digging a great tunnel just under the ground full of sensors."

" Oh, Nogales's lights are coming to view."

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