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Monday, December 14, 2015

He is as quick as Google

She is a fond of Football
 When the waves hit the rock deafeningly, his heart begins racing. Martin likes to hear the waves very often, but not today. He can't stop thinking about Parmis, because there is no news of her yet; that is why the roar of ocean waves makes him so nervous.

As his father appears in grey sportswear, Martin is still sitting sad in his dim room. The daddy grins at Martin, "  Good Morning, Feech. How Beautiful is this morning, why don't we go running along the beach? Get up and Get dressed." Martin looks at his father, but he says nothing.

 " What's the matter? ", the dad asks while he is walking towards the son, but he stops on the half way as his look drops to the suitcase standing on the floor. " You packed your bag?! Where are you going? "

Martin's eyes glisten, he swallows hard and tells the bad news, " Parmis is missing, I guess." The father's eyes are wide with fear, " What? who's missing?"
Martin, " Parmis, she's missing. I heard that she got on a ship yesterday, but I couldn't believe that.So I'm going to the U.S.." The father looks very shocked, he sits on the edge of bed staring into space. A few minutes have gone when Sabine steps in and shouts at Martin, "Come on! We're waiting for you! "

Pointing at his packed suitcase, Martin says, " Sorry, I must go to the U.S.. Parmis is lost at the ocean."
Sabine asks, " Really?" As Martin admits, she runs out of the room and calls the others, " Parmis is lost at the sea and Mr. Martin will go to the United States." 
Soon Martin's mother and Sabine family join the dad and son in the dim room. Martin's mother turns to her husband, " Oh Dear, this is true that Parmis is lost? How? "

The man shrugs his shoulders, " I don't know really."
Renate says, smirking, " I bet she's gone to hunt for the treasure as a freezer full of gems sank yesterday, I saw it on the news."
Martin, " That's right, they said she's gone in search of the freezer, but she's not gone. she was dying to watch the world cup matches."
Julius nods, "Yeah, she was."

Sabine, " The US is too far to walk, Don't worry, I'll take there you by air."
Renate explodes, " Any way! I'm Canada just for watching the World Cup, he can go by himself."
Sabine, " But Parmis is missing."
Renate, " We're not sure, it's only Martin's imagination."
Sabine, " But Parmis is our friend."
Renate bites her lower lip, it makes Martin turn to his parents, " May you take me to San Francisco, Please?"

He is as quick as Google

Sabine purses her lips and stares at her older sister, eyes glowering. Well, Renate has to say, " All right, we'll fly right now." Sabine hugs her, " Oh, Renate! Danke."
Renate smiles to hide her embarrassment," Gern geschehen. Nescafe will come with us, too. He's good at finding anything, whenever we get lost in the wood, he finds the way quick as a flash." Everyone agrees with her, so they all board the private jet and fly to San Francisco.

 I'm Sorry about your daughter 

Mary nervously hits the harbor about 8 A.M.. However, She is feeling calm when she finds the wharf asleep; a flock of seagulls are circling overhead, and several boats are anchored two and three abreast. Mary scans around, and her eyes grow wide as she sees Tina's yacht is in the dock. Sergey and Gloria are standing beside the yacht, and talking to Tina's parents. Mary races towards the yacht, as soon as Gloria notices her, she runs and throws herself into her arms, she cries loudly, " Oh, Mary! I'm really sorry about your daughter, Be strong ... Be strong, Sergey will find them."

Mary nearly faints when she heard Gloria's words, she is unable to move as she thinks Parmis may be drowned at sea. Sergey looks frightened, he wonders it is terrible that Gloria can keep no secret. Gloria feels so ashamed, " Sorry, I'd promised not to tell anyone, but I got so excited that I forgot my promise, I only wanted to share the news with Mary."

 Parmis's Mom swallows hard and asks, " What happened to them? Are they drowned at sea? Tell me the truth." Gloria laughs, " Oh no, Sergey thinks they haven't left the port at all." Mary's eyes are wide with horror, " What? then where are they? why have you been hiding the truth from me?"

Sergey says, " I told the truth, Gloria's mother said Larry went sailing, and I believed, because I received a signal from Larry's cell phone that its location was on a luxury cruiser. I was relaxed until last night I found something strange on Google Maps, Parmis's cell phone wasn't on the boat, I was surprised as they couldn't have been in two places at the same time, Google Maps said all the children were in Arizona desert the last time."

Mary's eyes show her worry , " Arizona? How do you mean? I don't think you have told me the whole truth."
Sergey frowns, " I told the whole truth, I don't know where they are."
The Mother looks frightened, " Oh, My God! What now? "
Sergey, " I have no idea where they are, we need to collect more information. Tina family is sailing to find Larry's ship, fortunately we still receive signals form his cell phone." Parmis's Mom stares at Tina's parents, they are also depressed and distracted, Tina's mom begins crying.

Sergey adds, " I intend to search the desert by air."
Parmis's mom, " I'll come with you."
Sergey shakes his head, " No, you'd better stay here, maybe they'll call."
Gloria smiles, " Yeah, stay home, whether they are alive or dead, we will find."
The mother has to agree , " I'm sure they're sound and safe. Anyway, I remain, you're right, they're call. Plus Martin is supposed to arrive today."

Tina family boards the yacht and leaves the harbor for Gulf of Alaska. When the helicopter arrives, Parmis's mother says goodbye to Sergey and Gloria, " I'm waiting for good news, Please report me anything you find." They accept, get onto the helicopter, and begin searching for the missing friends.

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