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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello, My friends
Thank you very much for following this blog in 2015.
I hope all your hopes and dreams come true in 2016.
 Best Wishes and Happy Holidays

Happy New Year

 After breakfast, Pedro persuades Uncle Larry to change, " You'd better change out of these dirty, faded clothes. El comedor also has some free clothing. Go take a Mexican traditional dress." It is not surprising how quickly Uncle Larry  agrees with Pedro's offer, it is actually embarrassing for him to have some chewing gum on the back of his pants. Two minutes have gone by as Uncle Larry appears in a poncho with sombrero, now he looks like a real Mexican.Parmis gets excited, " Wow! this poncho really suits you." Uncle Larry smiles to hide his embarrassment, " I don't think so."

 The bright orange is fading into dark gray, the migrants are changing into new clothes. Tina just stands there, staring at them that Sister María approaches her. Tina asks, " Sister María, I will wash the mud off my boots, where is the bathroom?"
For a while the Sister stares at the long black boots, then asks kindly, " Don't you think you should take your boots off?"
Tina looks down at her boots, then purses her lips, " Why? they are very comfortable, I wear them all the year round." Sister María says, " But your feet suffocate in the hot summer sun."
Tina shakes her head, " Summer? you're wrong, it's winter now." The sister looks completely confused to hear her answer. Parmis dispels her confusion, " Sister, She's Australian, Now it's winter time there." Sister María laughs at the girls, " I thought you are Mexican?"
Tina screams, "Mexican? You must be kidding? I'm a real Australian."
 The sister sighs, "Anyway, Here is Mexico."
Tina frowns, " Yes, I know. But Children need to follow their family traditions. Wearing boots is our family tradition. Besides, As a real Australian I respect our culture and climate. Do you know that I go skiing in Victoria every August? "

Best Wishes
M.T :)


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