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Tuesday, March 1, 2016



As darkness fall outside, and the crowd melts away, a big grin emerges on the kids' faces because of dinner, five great big sandwiches are ready for them. Uncle Larry joins the little girls, then they all enjoy eating their delicious meal.

There is no one left in the fast-food restaurant as they exit there. It is dark, therefore they have to seek a shelter. After twenty minutes, they find themselves tired outside El Comedor and learn of a nearby residence for women. Luckily, Sister María is not busy and can lead them to the shelter.

The small house stands a short distance from El Comedor. The family separates as they reach the residence. Uncle Larry somewhat fast says goodbye and walks off into the night. However, the children can't stand separation from their uncle and start crying. Poor Sister María tries to calm them down, " Don't worry, After sunrise, he'll be back." the children wipe their tears and step into the house.

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