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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Google Kids

The third day

The glasses are vibrating with heavy Iranian music, the distracted mothers are wailing and the depressed fathers are weeping, Flora is watching the rueful families in case they argue with each other again. Gloria is standing beside the coffee machine, staring sadly at Mary.

That lonely mother doesn't weep, though her cheeks are wet with tears. She is still in shock, she can't believe Parmis's death, Mary thinks Parmis is sound and safe. Since yesterday evening, she has been keeping herself occupied with her cell phone, Mary has been attacking forts aimlessly, she has failed for more than 100 times and spent a lot of money to provide gems.

Now she is in Bronze III league, though she was in Titan I league three days ago, but she doesn't seem to care. She needs no money or fort without Parmis, she only longs to embrace her lovely girl once again, Gloria says that she has gone forever, Sergey says that they have to think about the funeral, Mary's eyes fill with tears, and says to herself, " No news is good news." oh, another fail, she is such a failure.

The aroma of hazel coffee swirls around Mr. Assistant and reminds him of Larry. He takes another sip of his coffee and thinks about his wonderful leader, Larry's memories bring a tear to his eye, Mr. Assistant rises from his chair and shouts, " It's all her fault, Parmis touched the green button, she killed our unique-" as he bursts into tear, he can't finish his sentence, Gloria brings him another cup of coffee at once, then turns her attention to her date and wonders why Sergey doesn't talk about their missing friends, because they have gathered together in here to decide whether spread the news of Larry's disappearance or not? Gloria would like to post selfies to G plus and share her exciting news with her friends as soon as possible, then why Sergey is silent?

Sergey stands at the window, staring at the distant mountains. It is still dark, the birds are singing happily, but not for Glass tower. Sergey tries to review a few days ago quickly:

On the first day, Sergey and Gloria searched all over the Arizona desert by helicopter, in the evening they found their hot-air balloon stuck among the cacti, and took Parmis's empty suitcase, three cell phones, one tablet and four backpacks out of the basket. Sergey checked the cells, the little girls had snapped plenty of pictures with Uncle Larry.

At the same day, Parmis's family, Martin and Thomsons formed a rescue team , They sought the desert with five jeeps,  The sun was setting when some Popsicle Sticks turned up on the bank of the river, they followed the river until they reached the California Gulf, they discovered some boat crafts with Popsicle sticks, Mary cried, " These are Parmis's surprise gift, where is she now?" She tried to fling herself into the ocean, but her family didn't allow her. Samy threw herself into Lily  arms and cried, "My little Armis's disappeared?"

The seagulls were circling overhead, the roar of ocean waves made Martin's heart go racing. Parmis's mom knelt down on the sand, her head in hands,  she sobbed, " I'm sure they're sound and safe, I'm sure." Nescafe brought her a mug of Nescafe. Then he, Renate , Sabine,and Julius had a good weep. In the end, Martin, Julius and little Sabine picked up a craft as a memento from their dear friend, Parmis.

Tina family tracked  Larry's cellphone signals and found his cell phone on the deck of a cruise without Larry, he was not there, none of the cruise passengers had seen him or the kids, in fact, they never boarded the ship. They disappeared somewhere in the desert.The search was called off as it got dark.

The roar of jeeps filled the desert for two days, and the rescue team searched the desert high and low, however they couldn't find the missing friends, the ground was hot enough to fry an egg on, and they all were nervous and disappointed. Sergey's cell phone was now on, he wanted to miss no calls, or messages, maybe Larry or children would call him. Parmis's mom only attacked forts and wept bitterly.

At the end of the second day, Tina's iPhone turned up in the burning sand. Tina's videos answered many questions, such as how they came to the desert. Yes, that fearless girl had recorded all the moments, from leaving the beach until reaching the highway, then she shot a long video of their picnic in the desert, in the video, Uncle Larry and all the children were happy and healthy . The next video was of a pretty deer, and the last video was very short, about two seconds. Tina cried, " Goodbye, my lovely iPhone!" and darkness.

After watching video, the families argued with each other for about two hours. Tina's family believed that Parmis was fault, not only she pushed the green button, but also she landed the hot-air balloon on the truck. Mary sat there, staring into space and said nothing.

After two days search secretly and out of the Media's eyes, Sergey decided to spread the news, now he was nearly certain that his best friends have missed forever.

Sergey is standing at the window, staring at the distant mountains, but all he can see is black, he thinks about a respectful funeral for his friends, he imagines himself wearing Google Glass reading Larry's favorite poem at the funeral, his eyes cloud with tears, suddenly a cool breeze blows and blows his hair about, his cell phone comes call after two days of silence,  Sergey shouts, "Please, Could you turn down that music down?"

As the silence surrounds the coffee-shop, Sergey answers his cell phone, all eyes are fixed on him with worry. But when Sergey says, " Hi, Mommy."  Iranian music blares into the air and no one notices Sergey, but Gloria. Sergey's mother asks, " When is your wedding date Sergey?"
A bitter, slow smile emerges on his face, " We haven't set a wedding date yet."
--, " Why?"
Sergey cries, " Larry, he--" but he doesn't continue as Flora sends him a flare of anger. Sergey says, " Sorry, Mommy, I can't speak now."
Sergey places the cell phone on the table, and wants to walk toward the coffee machine that his cell rings again. Flora bites her lip and grumbles under her breath. Ignoring him, Sergey takes the restless cell, he wants to say, " Yes, Mommy," that he hears Larry's voice at the other line,  his voice is more tired than before, but still lively, he shouts in a trembling voice. " Sergey, Sergey, that is you?  I have not much time, then Listen to me, Come to Mexico, Nogales, We all are there, come soon."

Tears fall down on Sergey's cheeks, he can't believe what he hears, he says in trembling voice, " Larry, is this you really?  why Nogales?"
Larry, " We are arrested because of illegally entry to America. I can't talk a lot, only come soon."

 Texas doesn't let him hang up the phone, he grabs the handset and calls his mother. Uncle Larry takes a deep breath and says with a smile,  " In the end, I could call him, they'll come as soon as possible."

For a few minutes Sergey is silent, he is still confused, and doesn't know how to say the good news, finally he tells, " They're alive, they're in Mexico."

For a few minutes, everyone is shocked, then they hug and kiss each other, jump up and down for joy.  Mahta is happier than the others, her lovely sister is alive. They board the plane and fly to Nogales quick as  a flash.

There, they free Uncle Larry and little girls. Parmis's mom hugs her, " I was sure that you are safe and sound."

 Uncle Larry says, " I never called Flora, my smartphone and wallet got lost at the harbor."
Tina," I promise not to take any videos, it all was my fault."
Uncle Sergey, " No, your videos were a grand help. Keep on shooting."

Parmis, " No,in fact, It all was my fault, I landed the balloon on the truck."
Mary, " No, your work was great, sometimes happened strange things."
Armis, " I won't travel again."
Uncle Larry, " Neither will I."
Parmis objects to him, " How about Canada and the women world cup? you've promised, Uncle Larry."
Uncle Larry sighs deeply, " Yeah, I forgot that."

Parmis turns to Martin," We watched the match between US and Nigeria with a small television in a fast-food restaurant."
Martin shakes his head, " Oh, Parmis, I'm sorry. I guessed you were in a bad situation, but nobody believed my saying."

Parmis laughs, " No, it was not terrible, I learned a lot."
Uncle Larry says to Sergey, " Yes, we learned a lot. you know the chief cause of the immigration is the poor, I want to develop Google, we should hire more employees."

Tina's Mommy hands her iPhone to her, " Tina screams with laughter,  then says to her daddy, " Charging an iPhone in the desert is a big bother."

All of the sudden,Texas turns up and says, " Larry, you are invited to my wedding. I spoke with Zaviera just now, she loves me too."
 Uncle Larry congratulates him, however, he is cut off from his Mexican friend by a crowd of family and friends. Uncle Larry has a big grin on his face when he leaves Nogales.

Travel around the world

The Uncles, Martin, the girls and their families all travel to Canada for watching World cup games. Parmis, her family and uncles stay in Canada till 3rd of July
, and enjoy watching world cup matches, then travel around  Canada with Renate's private jet. After championing USA team, they head north, and take a lot of photos with polar bears, the children make Uncles build seven igloos for each of them.

After traveling to Europe, Iran, China , they head South. Parmis's mom believes that they must be mad to travel to Antarctica in winter, but Parmis thinks, " It's the best time, because there is very lonely in this season." They enjoy watching beautiful aurora australis and play with penguins, and catch a cold, finally they come back home.

Back to Google
Traveling around the world was exciting, the tourists return home, and start working at Google.

Uncle Larry would like Parmis to work at GD's office, but Parmis doesn't accept, she wants a new post, Parmis proposes working in a separate department, a department special for children, she wonders Google must be kinder with little children, Parmis believes that the children need MiGoogle (= Mini Google), and also a separate search engine, or even a special YouTube, G mail and a lot of things else. Uncle Larry accepts her offer, because he would like to develop Google, he thinks about a new Company, a holding.

By the way, a beautiful office is built in Google just for children, the new office is so large that Uncle GD moves to.  Uncle Gd, Parmis ,her friends and some of Googler's children work there.

Everyday Uncle Larry with Mino , his new adviser in children department, steps into the children office, and checks his little coworkers, Tina works as the YouTube kids manager, she supervises the new videos made about children, and gives permission to play the suitable videos,only boring videos.

Parmis is also the leader of YouTube gaming, she plays the best children games, and writes about them on the blog, she chats with other players, and queries their view to analyses data, she is also learning coding to make mobile games just like Martin, Uncle Larry is her teacher, and Martin helps her.

This office has a TV channel,too. Armis is its chief. Mahta, Aynaz and Ayda are her assistants,  the children walk around Google, and interview Google employees, They make TV programs about Google, its festivals, doodles, celebrations, history, and so on.

However, Parmis and her friends are very busy at Google, Uncle Larry is satisfied with them, because he and Mr. Assistant can focus on their work , and the children don't disturb them.

Uncle Sergey has promised to set up a wonderful theme park in Google, he often comes to this office at noon, just one hour before the kids' office is off , and always brings ice-creams and sandwiches with himself. Gloria helps the little girls a lot, everything is good at Parmis's office. The children are very happy, because a wedding is coming on.

Happy Birthday to You

All his friends can hear wedding bells, this is  Sergey's best birthday, because he intends to marry lovely Gloria. Rocky presents the gem treasure as wedding present. It is quite obvious that the pink balloon brought good luck for him, for this reason Sergey
donates a ship to Vendor Larry.

At the wedding celebration, you can see many Mexican friends, Pedro, Texas  with his wife, Zaviera, Salvador with his father, Gabriel and Gonzalo. Gabriel and Gonzalo? Guess what? Gabriel could find that sunk truck, of course not in Pacific ocean, but in Atlantic ocean.

Vendor Larry turns the ship to a beautiful cafe, he with Julia runs their cafe-ship on the pacific ocean. Now there is no thirsty sailors on the ocean, so Tina will be comfortable forever.

Happy Nowruz

About twenty minutes until New Year

Best Wishes
M.T ☺


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