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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It is not over

The Second day of Deportation

As the sun rises, Uncle Larry descends the hill and heads for the shelter. He finds the children march in front of the residence, they get so thrilled to see their Uncle again. It is time to go.
First of all, they go to El Comedor and have a hearty breakfast. As yesterday, Tina eats only a boiled egg and raises doubts in Mino's mind. Then, Uncle Larry makes for the telephone ministry and the kids get ready for football.
A few hours later, Tina excuses herself to go to the bathroom and runs away. immediately, Mino follows her stealthily.
Tina runs until she gets to the street where the television store is. She stops and scans around, there is no one in the street. When Tina makes sure that she is fully alone, she bends down to retie her bootlaces. Mino is watching her from behind a wall, her eyes grow wide as a little pink bag jumps off Tina's right boot. In fact, Tina didn't tie up her bootlaces, she pressed a hidden button on her boot.
Tina happily picks up the bag and takes out a piece of gum and a $ 20 bill, then walks slowly towards the big tree. She props against it, starts chewing the pink gum. Two or three minutes have gone by, as a pizza delivery boy shows up. The guy riding on a green motorcycle gets into the store, delivers two pizzas and gets out. After the boy hands over a pizza to Tina, he rides away.

Mino burns with anger, she grumbles under her breath, "Oh, Magician! I feel like hitting you. You wear those long black boots all the year round, because they are your savings bank. I'll teach you to trick us!" She returns to El Comedor so that she calls her cousins.

Tina wears her bag around her neck, takes the box and climbs the tree as fast as she can. She sits on the strongest branch and begins eating a slice greedily.

Everything goes well until she hears footsteps in the street and quickly looks around. As Tina sees the three girls coming toward her, she crams her mouth with pizza and thinks, " What are they after?"

Pointing at Tina, Mino shouts, "The little girl sitting there, is Tina. Here is the place where she eats lunch." Armis smirks, "Don't miss this perfect video!" and Parmis shakes her head in despair, "Oh, My God!" Tina screams, " Help, Pirates.... Pirates.... they surrounded my ship, help ....Pirates, Don't come here, unless I'll eat the whole pizza!"

Ignoring her words, the children surround the tree. Armis and Parmis attempt to go up the tree. Tina looks frightened, she doesn't know what to do, finally she has to wave her white flag, the pizza box, and cries, " Pizza for you." then swiftly throws the box to Parmis and jumps off the tree. The Magician tries to escape, but she can't, Mino catches her and asks angrily," Then you eat a little?"
Tina cries, "I prefer dying with dignity to eating rice with bean."
---, " What do you hide in your hand?"
Tina turns white as sheet, " Nothing."
" what? You have an iPad?!" Parmis says as she comes up to Tina. The children's eyes shine in excitement. The three of them run towards the iPad.
Tina explodes in anger, her eyes full of fire, " It's mine, I don't let Uncle Larry sell it!"
Mino gives her arm a pinch, " Come on, Give it to me." Tina doesn't accept, Mino struggles to take it away, and so do her cousins. The four children fight over the iPad for some minutes, till it falls off and lies in the three equal pieces on the ground.
Parmis's cheeks glow with embarrassment, " Oh, it broke?"
Mino shouts at Tina, " It's all your fault!"
A faint smile comes to Tina's lips, she picks up the three parts, grins at her friends, " Don't worry, I can fix it, as It's not an ordinary iPad, it is a jigsaw puzzle." Tina quickly pieces together iPad.
Armis laughs, " That is wonderful!"
Tina glows in pride, " There is only one iPad like this in the world."

Parmis, "Wow! did you order pizza with it?"
Tina shakes her head, " No, yesterday I came across a pizza boy and asked whether he could bring me a pizza at this place every noon? luckily, he agreed."
Parmis, " Good for you! why didn't you call home?"
Tina, " It doesn't have any sim card, I don't know how to make a call from an iPad, besides I don't have access to the internet here."
Armis, " We must find a free WiFi."
Tina, " I tried a lot, but there is no Apple stores or McDonalds here."
Armis, " Let's walk around the town."
Parmis, " No, Uncle Larry said that we can't go away."
Mino frowns at Tina, " Dumb, why didn't you install Instabridge on your iPad? it could find all free WiFi channels."
Tina sighs deeply, " We are in the middle of nowhere, and no WiFi is nearby, I guess."
Mino, " No problem, now tell me what you have in your bag?"
Tina, " I still have $50 left over."
Mino," Great!"
Tina," Promise not to tell anyone about iPad. I don't like to miss this one."
Parmis blinks, "All right, we'll say nothing to Uncle Larry, now help yourselves."

Mino, " Is there any pizza left?"
After eating the whole pizza, the four girls happily race for El Comedor.

Unfortunately, Uncle Larry can not succeed in making call home once again. So they all go to the fast-food restaurant for lunch, there they see a mariachi band and learn about a wedding reception in the town, Uncle Larry happily joins the band.

For the rest of the day, he is singing and playing guitar at the wedding ceremony. Fortunately, he succeeds as a singer, and makes a great deal of money, now he is able to pay for tomorrow's lunch. However, Uncle Larry decides to wake up early to call Sergey, " I must call him however difficult it is."

Best Wishes
M.T ☺



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