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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The difficult questions often have the easy answers


    The third day of Deportation

It is now three mornings since he has left his territory. Before dawn Uncle Larry leaves his place, Albergue. Alone in dark, Uncle Larry walks downhill, he stops at the bottom of hill and stares at the houses which dotted the hill for the last time. Then, he rushes for the telephone ministry. So Uncle Larry intends to be first in line, he has to go without breakfast.

A dim street, a closed office, and a lonely man, there is no one in the deserted road. Uncle Larry walks back and forth in front of the telephone ministry entrance. About twenty minutes later, Texas shows up and says, " You are an early bird this morning!" Uncle Larry nods, " Yeah, I'm first."

Texas laughs, " That's right! now back to my life story."
Uncle Larry agrees and Texas tells the rest of his tale. It is getting brighter as the story is over, Texas sighs deeply " well, I fell in darkness and broke my leg. I was in luck, because the border patrol found me after two hours," he laughs loudly, " Yes, the apple was too big to go into my pocket."
Uncle Larry, " Oh, I'm really sorry for you! in my view, you'd better change your view, as the difficult questions often have the easy answers."

Texas nods, " Yes, tomorrow I'll ask Zaviera for lunch."

When the office opens, the early bird walks on air, he can make a telephone call. Uncle Larry happily picks up the receiver and dials Sergey's number, Sergey answers at once, Uncle Larry's eyes fill with tears, he says in broken voice, "  Ser--gey-- Sergey-- that-- is you? it's me, Larry," he is really happy, in the end he regains his identity.

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