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Monday, December 5, 2016

It all startes with self-driving cars


     Run Away 

Uncle Sergey let out a long sigh, "Oh, nothing going right for me today, I see him everywhere."
Rocky cried, "You've proved yourself to be a neglectful, easy-going spouse. You feel very protective toward Gloria? then why she was hit by a meteor? why she was alone in the hospital and felt lonely?" Uncle Sergey took a step backward and said, "Sorry, let me explain."
Rocky took a step forward ready to attack, "Don't move a muscle, Mr Glass!"

Sergey looked around to find a hiding place; as he despaired of finding one he started to run. Rocky followed him. Five minutes later they were still turning around the stage amid thunderous applause, and the singer continued singing, as if nothing had happened.

Rocky Times
 Eventually, Rocky was close enough to touch Sergey's arm, but luckily or unluckily he tripped over the kamancheh and fell on Larry's birthday cake. Sergey laughed at him, It was time to slip away.

Rocky, wiping the icing off his frosted face, muttered under his breath, "Why do you leave toys on the floor where someone could trip and fall?" Uncle Larry kept playing guitar at lighting show, as if he had been walking on air.

Rocky glanced around the hall, he saw Sergey nowhere. When he was beginning to despair Mino called to him, "Come here, I can see Uncle Sergey, he's moving under the seats." As Rocky jumped off the stage, the lights went out and the hall was plunged into darkness. All the little girls started screaming together.

So soon someone turned on the lights, and Rocky could see Sergey through the crowd. Gloria cried, "He isn't Sergey, it's a robot!" Pityingly, Rocky ignored her and bounded madly toward Sergey in trendy clothes.
After a ten-minutes chase, Sergey still was brimful of energy. He struggled to get away from Rocky, so he rushed for the stage. Rocky also chased him.

Back on stage, unfriendly Sergey said to Larry, "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but you have to stop singing immediately! the craft will fly in few minutes. Why don't you take a seat?" so Uncle Larry had to leave the stage.

As both of the fanatical supporters were on the stage. Rocky said grinning, "Sorry, but you can't run away, Mr. Glass!" Sergey stood right in the center of the stage and said smirking, "Practice makes perfect, why don't you go driving this night? you can borrow your sister's car." Rocky glowered at him, "You tempt me to crash your luxury auto into wall." "Look out, Rocky!" Gloria warned him over and over again, and Rocky continued to ignore what she said.

Sergey giggled, "My car? you don't even dare touch me." Rocky's eyes got full of fire, he took a step toward him. Now Sergey was near at hand him. Poor Gloria pleaded, "No no, Rocky. Come back here." "Come on, come here this instant!" Mino, Parmis and Armis shouted as they ran to the stage. Gloria couldn't stand idly by so she joined them. Uncle Larry looked completely puzzled.

In face, there was a hatchway in the floor, Poor Rocky did not know this. When the door burst open Rocky with that humanoid robot tumbled down and disappeared from view. Just as the hatchway was closed, Uncle Sergey turned up on the stage and said ruefully, "I'm really sorry Rocky can't come with us. Don't worry about Rocky, he's OK. Now, fasten your seat belts please, the craft is ready for take-off. Hope you enjoy the flight!" he turned to Gloria and the girls and ordered them to went back to their seats, they did not accept and remained over there.

A few minutes later, the Emerald castle transformed into a spacecraft like magic, then took off the islet.
Uncle Larry asked, "Is it set on automatic pilot?"
Uncle Sergey shook his head, "No, Eric pilots the aircraft."
Uncle Larry turned pale, "Eric? you must be joking, you need great skill to fly a plane!"

Uncle Sergey, "Don't worry, GD helps him. Plus, Eric is a really expert--" he had to leave his sentence unfinished as the spacecraft tiled to one side, four of protesters softly fell to the floor and the spacecraft began to descend so suddenly. Pilot Eric manged to get the craft airborne, he made good finally.

When it was airborne again, Gloria said to Sergey with tears in her eyes, "We can't leave Rocky behind." Parmis nodded, "Yeah, this islet is uninhabited. Have a heart, Uncle Sergey!" Armis cried, "That's unfair, I hate you. Rocky is like our brother." Mino said, "Don't worry, I call a copter for him!"

They could see Rocky from the spacecraft. First he made an attempt to break the record for the high jump. After he failed he beat Glassy broken-down, then yelled, "You're fired, Mr. Glass. I'll find you as soon as possible and teach you a historic lesson."

Gloria hated seeing disappointed brother. She sighed deeply, "We gave him warning of the robot, but he ignored all of them.Why my little brother is so thoughtless? why?" She flung herself to the floor and started to sob uncontrollably. Uncle Sergey tired to pacified her. Gloria shouted at him, "Why Sergey, why? Rocky is my little brother, how could you be so stupid?" and ran away.

Sergey turned to Larry, "I'm really Sorry, Larry. I lost my temper because of tiredness. Last night
I hardly slept a wink last night, because I had to look after Gloria, see, I like Rocky, but I couldn't bear him hovering around me."
Uncle Larry shook his head sadly, "Rocky is your brother-in-law, try and be friendlier to him."
 --, "I'll try. He's got emotional problem--Mr. Stone, his trainer is aboard, and his father is sick, and driving test... well, how do you usually get to work?"
Uncle Larry, "Why?"
--,"I want to come with you. I work for Google until Rocky would pass his driving test. Next, I hit the road. I must water the flowers."
--, "Flowers?"
--, "Well, we're growing flowers in the moon, we intend to build a large greenhouse over there."
--, "But plants need light and water, you say that the life exists on the moon!"

Uncle Sergey told him about his late research. He said Gloria has discovered a wonderful plant. It grew without air and light and only needed watering twice a year.

The spacecraft was flying at a very high speed without vibrating, as the passengers enjoyed watching the stars through the glazed roof. Uncle Larry came up to Pilot Eric and asked, "Amazing! You navigate the craft expertly, where did you learn to fly?"
Uncle Eric replied, "Google."
Uncle Larry, "Really? now, where are we flying?"
Uncle Eric, "Google."

That night Mountain View glinted in the light of the craft flying above the clouds and cast its soft glow on the town below. The streets and beach almost emptied of people and all the lines were busy because of reports of UFO sighting.

Witnesses reported: "A huge, small, quiet, noisy subject hovered over the town. There was a blue aura around it. UFO is in the form of Saturn, triangle, boomerang, double hat, football-shaped, v-shaped and so on. The aliens tried to abduct about hundred people."

 "National UFO Reporting Center" and "Alien UFO Research" looked fully confused about all these unexpected reports, "Does it make noise? you're sure?"

 Gloria is Upset

 Alone in shadow, Gloria was in a sulk. Sergey said ruefully, "No one is sorrier than I about what happened. I let you down, Glory," he swallowed and forced back his tears, "It is true that I'm a neglectful, easy-going husband, I'm feeling guilty about leaving you in the hospital, and also about Rocky...give me a chance to show you what I feel--"

Gloria said, weeping, "How could you be such a unfeeling man? Rocky suffered from a terrible headache."
--, "I can really sympathize with him so I had one when I was in the space."
She folded her arms and stared at Sergey, "Really? how are feeling now?"

Uncle Sergey sat next to her, "I'm feeling a lot better now. What I want to find happiness for us. Can you forgive me?"
--"Let's talk over coffee."

Uncle Sergey ran to bring two cups of coffee, and Aunt Glory stared up at the distant stars, smiling.

ALIEN visited Google
Finally, Aliens arrived in Google. The UFO landed softly and the party started promptly. Uncle Larry blew out the candles, then he was busy unwrapping his birthday presents eagerly. He started off with the biggest present which was tied with a gold silk ribbon beautifully.

"Who's this present from?" Uncle Larry asked as he untied the ribbon. The little girls looked at Parmis and giggled. Parmis glowed, "Please accept this little present, Uncle Larry."

A sweet smile came to her uncle's face. Uncle Larry quickly unwrapped the present. As the floral green wrapping paper was removed from the big package Uncle Larry exclaimed in delight, "Wow! It's highly expensive."

Parmis said, grinning, "Now your steaming coffee awaits you at home wherever you are. This smart coffee maker connects to your cell and takes your order via an android app."

Uncle Larry giggled, “Thanks a lot. I really need it.”
Sergey turned to Larry, "Can I use your cell to make a black coffee?"
Uncle Larry shook his head, "Nope."

After that, Uncle Larry took the smallest present. It was a mobile game named “Haftseen". Armis seemed so excited. Her silky dress was blue the color of her eyes and her present. "I hope you enjoy this android game. I wrote the programing cods and designed it all by myself. It's about a Haft-Seen gatherer just like you. The main character won't get home, unless he/she collects all items of Haft-seen." Armis said, pointing at the Blu-ray Disk.

Uncle Larry, “That's great! Next time I try to arrive here sooner. I wanna collect seven items as of tomorrow, until I'll be good at it." he smiled at his assistant, "I'll make my aide play this android game every day."
Mr. Assistant shook his head, “No No, you can't. I don’t like to set the Haft-seen table any longer.”
With a despairing look, Armis stared up at Uncle Larry when she heard Mr. Assistant's remark.

“Don't worry! he was just joking. Mister is so kind-hearted that he never leaves his boss alone. He's more than an aide, he's a close friend.” Uncle Larry said to Armis.

Uncle Sergey asked, "Can I use your cell to play "Haftseen" game?"
Uncle Larry shook his head, "Nope."

Mino's present took everyone badly by surprise. No one thought that this little girl could be so calculating. She had brought a fireproof pair of shoes as a present.  
“Luckily, I didn't have to guess your shoe size, Uncle Larry. The fireproof shoes are ideal for "Char_shanbe Suri". I put your mind at ease, your shoes won't be burnt next Char_shanbe Suri.” she said.

Uncle Larry broke out in a cold sweat when he thought back to that night he had to fight the flames. He swallowed hard and forced a smile, “ Thanks, Mino. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I won't jump over the fire again.”

Mino, “You must be joking! All the Islanders enjoyed Char_Shanbe Suri, the roaring fire is really interesting.”

Uncle Larry turned to Uncle Sergey, "It all started with self-driving cars. We drew a big ice-cream on the desert floor by driver less cars, then lit bonfires around it. Pity you didn't see it.“

Uncle Sergey giggled, “That's right, that night I was in shadow. we couldn't see your beautiful work, because we were on the other side of moon. What's your shoes story, they caught fire?”
Uncle Larry, “Yes, the fire was really huge.”

Mino, “No, it wasn't. You didn't have much faith. Abraham was thrown into the fire, but the blazing fire didn't harm him. Because he believed in the God. Now, next year when we'll hold Char_shanbe Suri festival you wonder, well, if you'll come to jump over the bonfire again?"
His lips curved into a bitter smile, “I hope not.”

Martin had decorated his present with yellow and green buttons. Just as Uncle Larry took the flag and map of Brazil out of the package Martin said loudly,  “Many happy turns, have a good trip.”
Uncle Larry’s eyes rounded, “Trip?”

Martin, “Parmis said you gonna travel to Rio de Janeiro in August."
Larry nodded, “Oh yes, Rio 2016 Olympics, thank you for your pretty present."


Mark had brought a luxury "scrabble game" with golden tiles, “Many happy turns, Larry.  So you founded the Alphabet Inc last summer, I thought you would like this. Enjoy!" Mark said.

Uncle Larry, “Yes, that’s right. I like alphabet, so do you. Alphabet means book for you, and Alphabet is everything for me. Thanks for your luxury present, Mark.”

Boring, Boring, Boring!
There were no gifts left. Tina jumped up onto the stage and said, "I guess it's my turn to surprise you." She said to Uncle Larry, "Happy birthday to you, I have a funny present for you, you have to watch it. honestly, your trip was a wonderful subject for video."  
Uncle Larry smiled, "Thanks Tina."

A big grin spread across her face as she said to Parmis, "Turn off the lights, please;  I wanna show my amazing video."

The lights were off only for forty three seconds, then the lights were on again.

Tina let out a cold shriek, "Help! Help! please turn off the lights!" 
Mino folded her arms and glared at Tina, "I'm really sorry to stop that 180-minute video, but it sends us to sleep. Look at the people sitting over there, a few peoples are asleep right now." 
Parmis, "Check the time, we have no time to watch your video."

Mahta said pleadingly, "We've not haven dinner yet, I'm awfully hungry." 
Uncle Sergey nodded, "That's right, Let's continue the party. Gloria and I have not handed our preset to Larry yet."

Tina shook her head timidly, "Sorry, why I am so thoughtless."

Uncle Sergey turned to Larry, "Congratulations on your forty-third birthday. You look younger than your age." 

Uncle Larry stared at his sunken eyes and said, "Thank you. But you have aged since I saw you last time."


12 years a slave- I love this movie
Uncle Sergey said, "So Moon's department stores accepted neither Google wallet nor American express, I couldn't buy a valuable present for you. However, I didn't come empty-handed." He jammed his hand into his jeans pocket and took out a fistful of "bolts and nuts" and said, "My present for you. Keep them for a rainy day."
Uncle Larry embraced him and said, "They're beautiful, thanks."

Uncle Sergey explained, "They belonged to Ranger 4. Gloria and I have been fully occupied disassembling Ranger 4 for months.”
Uncle Larry stared at his hallow eyes, “What? don't pull my leg.”
Uncle Sergey shook his head, ”No, I told truth,  Gloria believes that Moon isn't our garbage dump. She made me dismantle Ranger 4 and mop the Moon's dusty surface."

Gloria slapped herself in the face, "Sergey! Did you bring the mop and pail?"
Uncle Sergey shook his head timidly, "No, I only brought you."
Gloria, "Next time, bring our mop."
Parmis exclaimed in horror, “Oh, the Moon's surface has been littered with wreckage, we must save the Moon. When can we travel, Uncle Larry?”
Uncle Larry grinned, "It only happened once in a blue Moon."

Mino's eyes shone, "I'll come with you. Mahta has plenty of old stuffed animals, I can leave them on the moon."
Armis , "Yeah, we must travel to moon to find Aunt Glory's mop."
"Can I make "12 years a slave" on the moon? I love this movie," Tina asked, pointing at Uncle Sergey.

Uncle Larry glared at them, “No, I said we would never travel to the Moon. Look at Aunt Glory, maybe a meteorite will hit you.”
Parmis pursed her lips, “We don't scare easily, falling stars are everywhere."

Uncle Larry, “That's right. Then we travel to the moon when you would be as tall as Rocky.”
Rocky was about two meters in height; as Parmis compared her Mom's height with him, she burst into tears and run away. Parmis’s Mum glowered at Uncle Larry, "You made her cry."
Uncle Larry said, “I didn’t mean that. I tried to change her mind; she is too young to travel to the Moon.” 


Uncle Sergey asked Mr. Assistant, "Then where is your present?"
Mr. Assistant smiled proudly, "I presented a dozen GPS socks to Larry before midday."
Sergey's forehead wrinkled in a frown, "What's that?"
Mr. Assistant replied, "Oh, my new invention." 

A grin spread across GD's face, he came up to Larry and said happily, “Happy birthday Larry! 43 cartoons will be my present to you. Someday I will draw them, someday, so you have to be patient....Let me check my calendar... Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Father's Day, Rio 2016 Olympics, another Olympics, summer, fall, Halloween, US election, thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year, winter, spring... oh, yes, they'll be ready next summer."  

Uncle Larry, “Don't hurry, you can draw them whenever you want, just draw me funny and lovely.” 
GD, “Fun? It’s not easy, but I’ll try.”

Writer, “Well, I hope to finish this story by the end of the summer.”
Uncle Larry, “Fall, isn’t it so soon? I prefer winter. I enjoy reading the long stories, and please delete that commercial for "Feech" from it."
Writer frowns, "But it..."
Uncle Larry, "Not buts."

Uncle Sergey, "I object, if she finishes your story until winter so when she will write my story?
Someone said, “Which story? you don't have any stories.”
Uncle Sergey turned his attention to that little girl with tear-stained cheeks and asked, "Why? just for we won't take you to the moon? Try and be friendlier to me, Parmis."
Parmis, “No, just for Aunt Gloria said she would have a surprise birthday party for you.”

Sergey and Gloria exchanged glances.
Gloria, "flowers, we must return home."
Sergey, "That's right, we must build a greenhouse there."
Gloria smiled, "Yes, we'll celebrate your birthday at the moon."
Sergey, "Awesome! and how about Rocky?"
Gloria, "Certainly my family will be there."

Sergey, “Great! but I think I’m too old to have a birthday party."
Uncle Larry laughed, "Poor Sergey! but there is no age limit for having a birthday party."

After that, the best part came; dinner, there were too many dishes to choose from-- deciding certainly wasn't easy, especially if one had just returned from the space. After a five-minute's indecision, Uncle Sergey selected a plate of spaghetti. Gloria preferred vegetarian dish. At the end of meal, they all had cake, ice-cream and Samanu as they were dancing in time to the music. 

The party continued until a quarter after 10 at night. Uncle Larry handed out party favors, Google Tablets, to the children in the spacecraft. Next, he sang his favorite song several times, his good performance brought the house down, as usual. Forty three seconds of Tina's video also had been shown three or four times. 

When Parmis shouted, "There's no food left, So Bye. Thanks for coming." the celebration finished and they all emptied out onto Google's garden. 

Uncle Larry asked Parmis, “Are you sure that the spacecraft won’t be explode right now? “ 
Parmis shrugged, “I don’t know.” 
Uncle Larry, “So who exploded the bridge?”  
Parmis, “Well, anyone could have exploded it, no one has accepted responsibility for the explosion so far.”

They came cross Rocky in the parking lot. Rocky was leaning against Uncle Sergey's car, holding a bowl of soup. He waved hello to Uncle Larry and ran forward. Rocky said, smiling, "Happy birthday Uncle Larry...I'm sorry about what happened... Alphabet soup just for you." 
Uncle Larry smiled back, "Wow! I love alphabet soup."

Uncle Sergey and Gloria were coming toward the auto as Rocky appeared. He said, grinning, "Mr Glass, look! The Rock hasn't been yet eaten away by the sea. Gloria permitted me to drive your car. " 
Uncle Sergey immediately run away, and Gloria laughed loudly. However, It worries me to think what may happen. 

The parking lot soon emptied as soon as it started to rain. Parmis was still thinking of travel, she asked her Mom, "Can tablets make me grow taller?"


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