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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Noon the forgotten man returned from moon

💕💕Happy Birthday Leila💕💕

Happy Birthday To You
Suddenly, the lights were on, and "Happy birthday" was thundered. Naturally, they found themselves in a dreamy hall surrounded by their friends. Expectantly, the little fans were holding a big banner said, "Welcome Home!"

On the stage in the spotlight 

Uncle Larry's eyes clouded with tears, and a sunny smile came to his lips; yeah, they make it, they planted a flag on the summit, they joined their friends for the party, they stood on stage.

The spotlights shed a circle of light on the center of stage. As the winning team stood proudly in the spotlight, the eager crowd started to applaud them. Now a smile hovered on the Assistant's lips and dread was faded.

Uncle Larry thankfully put his arm around his right-hand man's shoulders and proudly smiled at the tolerant audience; Nearly 200 friends packed into the emerald hall, everything was golden green and everyone was there: Parmis, Armis, Mino, Mahta, Tina, Eric and Martin all in Google Glass, even Sergey. He also was there, yet without Gloria! Gd and Sergey were sitting next to each other. It was most odd how trendy he was wearing!

The hall was simply decorated; paper lanterns and balloons were only decorations. His birthday cake with icing edges was sat on a glass table on the stage. The cake was glowing like a star with 43 lit candles on.

The area of the stage was not very big, it was about ten square meters and covered with glittery sand. Some birthday presents were laid out here and there. Someone had written on the sand: "Help my tired hands take your birthday presents, Uncle."

The same man I missed him!
Uncle Larry waved at the audience, "Hi, we drop in just to have the cake."
The crowd laughed at his joke. Uncle Larry continued, "First of all, I'm really grateful to my best aide for all his help, I couldn't overcome seven levels without his aid. Lastly, I'd like to thank you all sincerely, especially Sergey." Laughter glinted in his eyes as he stared at Sergey and burst into song, "
             Unless my eyes deceive me,
                                      it's him, Glassy!
                                                               Just SEE!
      It's him,
                  the same man I missed him!
                                                                Just SEE! 
        the alien sitting there is the same sate---llites explorer!
                                                                                            Just SEE! 
 Noon the forgotten man returned from moon,
                             since his tender look melt ice of Saturn's moon! 
                                                                                                Just SEE! 

It's him,
            the same man I missed him!! 
                                                          Just SEE!
      Unless my eyes deceive me,
                                                  it's him, Glassy!
                                                                            Just SEE!"

Here he is, the one and only Sergey
The audience was thrilled by Larry's funny song. Mr. Assistant said, "Excellent! What the work was?"
Uncle Larry ran his fingers through hair and laughed, "Oh, I just improvised. I only tried to express how delighted to see Sergey."

Mr. Assistant nodded, "Yes, I also expected not to see Sergey here. He was thought to be in outer space."
Uncle Larry smiled at Sergey, "Welcome back to earth, Sergey. Climb up here beside us."

Larry's friendly request was met with a frosty silence; Sergey remained motionless and smiled distantly, with no light in the eyes. Everyone realized that Uncle Larry was entirely unhappy with his glassy look. Sergey must be tired of watching stars, Uncle Larry thought. 

Suddenly the overhead spotlights twinkled and one of the faithful fans jumped up onto the stage. Mr. Assistant jumped back, his mouth dropping open in surprise. Uncle Larry looked astonished, "Who's this man?" 

The fan hugged him tightly and replied, "It's him, the same man you missed him. I missed you too. What a glassy song!"
Uncle Larry obviously seemed puzzled; for several times his blue eyes shifted from the stage to the seats, from starry eyes to distant stare, from Sergey to Sergey, lastly his eyes fixed on Sergey standing on the stage.

Although both men resembled each other, Uncle Larry immediately recognized real Sergey from his starry eyes, his wide grin.
Sergey was thinner than he was last summer, and considerably suffering from the lack of sleep, his hollow red eyes showed this.

Sergey, "It's me, Sergey, your best friend. I'm already late."
_, "Where have you been? do you recall when you call last time?"
_, "You're right, we've been out of touch for a couple of months. Between you and me, Gloria and I were working on a research project on the moon, I had to keep it secret from my friends."

_, "A research project? we've been worried sick."
_, "I'm sorry. I was worried that I wouldn't see you again. I just arrived, and I'm really happy to see you again." 

A cold fish in suit 
After they shed a few tears, Uncle Larry asked, "Who's that man?"
Uncle Sergey looked at fake Sergey "oh, it's a humanoid robot. It's an exact copy of me. Do you like him?"
Uncle Larry grimaced at the robot, "No, Glassy is nice, but his eyes are empty, he looks very unfriendly."
"No, he's lovely. Look!" Uncle Sergey said as he ordered the humanoid robot to dance. The robot came on stage and danced amid clapping and cheering.

Glassy returned to Uncle Larry, "Sergey couldn't come to your party so Glassy came instead."
Uncle Sergey explained, "Well, Gloria didn't let me return home. I  didn't want to let you down by not coming your party, so I sent Glassy instead. Luckily, this morning our research project was stopped for one month or two, so I could attend the party." 

"Where is Gloria? you," Uncle Larry asked. "you separated?"
Uncle Sergey went pale, then said in a low, broken voice, "No,Glory...Glory, Unfortunately, she..."
--, "Gloria...died?"

Thank my lucky stars
The news was so shocking that a sudden silence fell over the hall, and atmosphere went glacial. Now the mournful friends all were staring at the widower.

Uncle Sergey swallowed hard and forced a smile, “No,  you misunderstood, Glory's still alive. Well, we were walking on the moon, then Rocky was in the hospital, that meteorite was after me, so I had to run away--."

Uncle Larry interrupted him, obviously confused “Rocky, Meteorite? exactly what happened?"

Uncle Sergey, "Well, this morning Gloria and I enjoyed walking on the moon. I was watching the sky, while she was talking about her buying a new sport car. She was so excited.

The pitch-black sky Suddenly turned glow and Gloria stared up. She said with a long sigh, "Oh no, seeing a falling star means you'll travel very soon."
I smiled brightly, "Really?"

The meteor swiftly came flying toward us.Thank my lucky stars that I ducked as meteorite went past my head, but Poor Gloria wasn't lucky. She stared until the falling stone hit her.
As I heard Gloria call out in pain, I was confident that we'd be destined to travel soon.
Before long we left for the earth.Our trip home took about nine hours. It was five o'clock in Moscow when we arrived in Mountain view."

Uncle Larry gaped at him in disbelief, "Goodness me, no!"
Uncle Sergey smiled, "Fate, it sentenced that we'd attend your party. Back in Mountain view, Glory was rushed to the hospital at once."
-- "How is she? is she badly hurt?"

Sergey laughed,"Thankfully, she wasn't seriously hurt. Luckily, the meteorite left only a small bump, as much as a tennis ball, on her head. Hopefully, she'll be discharged from the hospital very soon."
--"I hope so. It's really strange that a meteorite strikes someone, her family has to be shocked."
Uncle Sergey hung his head. Uncle Larry sensed the embarrassment in his sunken eyes. "Haven't you told her family yet?" he asked.

--, "Not yet. But I think they are standing by her right now, because I accidentally saw Rocky in the hospital. Well, as the nurse put a Band-Aid on Glory's head, I left the room.

Wandering in the long white corridor trying to call you. About an hour had gone by, yet I had not spoken with you. I felt completely lonely that something frightening happened.

Yes, my mouth felt fully dry as a 3d touch of a heavy hand descended on my shoulder. "Dracula!" I thought. I quickly turned around and found Rocky there in the bright blue uniform. Seeing Rocky there meant I had to escape as quick as a flash, though I froze to the spot.

For a while Rocky stared at me. Then he threw himself into my arms and cried loudly, "Oh Mr Glass, I was wrong about you, you're very kind; you came to the hospital to visit me, you have a heart of gold. When did you get back? How did you know? Robert told you? really I didn't expect you to return to earth just for me."

As I saw his friendly manner, I found my voice and said, "So you're like my younger brother, Rocky. I hope you're better soon."
Rocky said, pointing at his head, "Thanks. I'm getting better, though my head still hurts."

--, "So when you will be discharge?"
--"I don't know. I've been here since this morning, but they don't allow me to go home."

My eyebrows were raised in surprise, "Since when?"
--, "I told, this morning. I was brewing coffee, all at once I felt a sharp pain in my head, as if the lightning struck me. It badly hurt, so Robert took me to the hospital.

"They've not found the main cause of my headache yet, they said the rest is only cure for it. In my view, it's all my driving test's fault. I'm taking my driver's test tomorrow. My family expects too much of me; I always turns into a physical wreck at exams. Gloria's promised me a new car if I'll pass my driving test." he looked around, "Then where is Gloria?"

I said in a steady voice, "She's here, in the hospital, you'll see her soon. What's your favorite--" at that point, I was interrupted by Robert's shout.
Robert called to Rocky, "Come here this instant. Glory is here. Poor Gloria is covered in bumps and bruises."

Rocky's face got red, he glared at me and muttered something. My face got white when I noticed his muscular arms. I knew I had to get away from him, So I ran as quickly as I could, and never looked back. I sat in my car and drove out to the islet. I knew where you were, because Parmis, GD, Eric, Gloria and I had planned your party before our honeymoon." he gave a long, weary sigh, "I'm feeling guilty to leave Glory alone in the hospital, I hope she forgives me. It's not odd that Rocky and I were in the same hospital?"

Uncle Larry, "No, because there was Glass hospital"
--, "That's right." 

At that point Parmis shouted, "Come on, Come on, blow out the candles, we're tired of sitting here."
Uncle Larry smiled, "All right, first let me sing you my newest song: "Aliens' Spacecraft"
Uncle Sergey rounded his lips and said, "Great, Larry sings and I whistle a tune. Are you ready"

The eager crowd whistled to show their agreement. Uncle Larry breathed deeply before bursting into song. Playing the Kamancheh singing his catchy song. Uncle Sergey also kept on whistling to the tune of "Aliens' Spacecraft" beautifully. Everyone agreed that they both put themselves heart into the song.

Cheering was thundered, and flowers was thrown onto the stage in appreciation. Uncle Larry bowed to the audience and placed the kamancheh on the floor.
"If I had my Guitar," Uncle Larry thought. At that time someone in the crowd threw him a guitar. Uncle Larry's eyes shone as he caught the guitar, he beamed at Uncle Eric, the same thrower.

As Uncle Larry strummed on his guitar, a helicopter buzzed overhead. Soon Sergey's Google Glass twinkled, and he received a message from "Watch", the robot who was posted outside the building, " A man claims he is a relative of yours. He tries to enter the building."

Uncle Sergey responded immediately, "Watch, Don't let him in." After he silently prayed for his life.

unexpected arrival 
There was an aura of glory around the stage; Uncle Larry strummed on his guitar as he sang, and the audience applauded. However, the confusion broke out in the party as a smoke grenade was thrown at the singer on the stage. Uncle Sergey jumped back and glared at Parmis.

Uncle Larry was so deep in performance that he didn't see the grenade falling on the stage. Parmis exclaimed with delight, "Cool! whose grenade was that?" Her mother shouted at her, "I've told you not to do this." Armis glanced around and said with a laugh, "Rocky, he threw it."
Yes, Rocky was there with his sister who her head wrapped in bandage. Rocky glared at Uncle Sergey and muttered.


Mino's eyes shone, "Oh, Rocky!" she ran forward to shake his hand.  Sergey was glad and sad at the same time, he was glad to see Gloria safe and sound, and sad to see Rocky in there."Escape before it's too late." Uncle Sergey thought.
Rocky yelled, "Mr Glass, you have no right to stop us from going in here. I like to congratulate Uncle Larry on his birthday. " 

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