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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shared Endorsements what does for me???


Parmis's mom told:" Today, I've made friends with   a little girl on Facebook. She is 10 years old."


Parmis was surprised and asked: "what was she doing on Facebook?"

Mom replied: "She helps her mother, she is an internet marketer. They advertise for a big company on Facebook."


-Wow, what an interesting family! Can I also make money with Facebook?


- Yeah, you need some money???

 Well, in fact Parmis needs some money. Christmas is coming soon and she will buy a great gift for Mrs. Mona.



Mrs. Mona works in parmis's school. She is very friendly. All like her and Parmis, too.

A few days ago, she told Parmis: how much is a Motor X?

Parmis's mouth dropped open:  Do you want ride a motorcycle?

Parmis smiled and said:" yes, I know it, but it called Moto X, then searched on Google to find Moto X price.
 about $100. No, I'm sorry. About $200..... Wait a bit, it's about $ 500.

Angrily, Mrs. Mona responded: "oh, Parmis. Finally, how much is it? 100,200 or 500?"

-"I don't know. It's starting at $99.99 and ending at $499.99. Would you like to buy a Moto X right now?"

Sad Mona: "oh, $200 is too expensive for me. I don't have enough money now.  Maybe later, I'll buy one."



Parmis told her mom the story and asked:" can I sell things on Facebook?"


-yes, these days are good opportunity for marketing. There's less than 2 months until Christmas and people do a lot of shopping. You can start a market on Facebook, then design some Christmas cards and sell them.

-Wow!  Christmas cards?   It's a good idea.


You need a little creative, some images, vectors and software. There are a lot of images on Internet and you can download them and make Christmas cards by them. Keep in mind "Public Domain Dedication".


What is it?
Public Domain Dedication  is one of several public copyright licenses that enable You copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission, get more information about CC0 from Wikipedia.

  Publisher, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator are great for designing. Of course, there are a lot of software and applications for drawing, painting and designing; you can get more information by searching on Google. For example, GIMP is also free software similar to Photoshop for changing images and designing.

-All right. I'm starting right now. 

Parmis started and designed a few Christmas Cards, then she put them on Facebook, but she couldn'tn earn much money. She also placed her greeting cards on her G plus.

Although Parmis followed many people but she had few friends on g plus, as a result she can't earn enough money until Christmas.

That's too bad. She needs a bit help.

Heartbroken Parmis   talked to Uncle Sergey, He could help her.  Larry and Sergey were online.

Parmis explained her problem.

Sergey thought a little. Parmis followed many companies and famous people. Then, he smiled and responded: "you are good luck, Parmis. Google is going to set up a new service. Haven't you read about it?"

It is called Shared Endorsements and will allow you to share your recommendations (whether a +1 on Google Play or a restaurant rating on Google Maps) with your connections.


Parmis asked: what does it do for me?

 Sergey: you follow many famous companies that they have many ads on Google. You click on their +1 button everyday.


- "That's right,  I'm a nice follower. but I don't understand yet."



-"With Shared Endorsements your +1 will be shown to their fans. Therefore   click on + 1 more, then  your name and photo will be shown more ;  as a result your sales will increase."

-"oh, I see. That sounds nice.

As of tomorrow ,  I  will click on   all +1 buttons  and my +1 will appear in their ads."

Happily,  Parmis wanted to leave the talk.

Larry told: wait a moment, Parmis. How old are you?


Sergey: only 6.


They laughed.


Larry Said: unfortunately, for users under 18, their actions won't appear in Shared Endorsements in ads and certain other contexts.


Sadly Parmis said: "that's too bad. But, never mind. I understand you."

Larry and Sergey were surprised.


Larry: "She is really wise. I thought she will be angry with us."

Sergey:" so do I."


But Parmis is thinking about her profile. She's going to change her profile.  Which one is better; a 20-year-old Parmis or a 30-year-old Parmis?




Best Wishes

all imeges by: all-free-download, Pixabay, hubspot


Merry Icons Free

Merry Icons Free is a set of 12 hand-drawn free Christmas icons. It includes Santa Claus, Rudolph the reindeer, Christmas stocking, Christmas bauble, candle, snowflake, Christmas lights, Christmas hat, Christmas tree branch, present, mistletoe wrath and Christmas tree icon.

The icons are available as AI, EPS, PSD and PNG (in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128) and released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to use them in your personal as well as commercial projects. However, please, always attribute Hand Drawn Goods as the author.


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