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Saturday, November 23, 2013

where's my invitation card?

​​These days,​Parmis hasn't chatted.

Sergey:"Where's Parmis? Is she upset? Is she angry with me?"

Larry wasn't very well, too. He couldn't sleep last night, so he had a bad headache.

Larry: "Uh ...why does Parmis break off relations?"

Parmis had sat in the school yard alone. And she was drawing things on the white sheets. Then she left them lying on the ground around her.

Her drawings were about her uncles. She had painted them in different faces:

Evil Larry, BEG Sergey, Angry Larry, Bad heart Sergey, etc.

Her friends came and sat beside her. The little girls looked at the drawings, they were very surprised.

The pictures said: "Parmis has been very angry, because she always
​draws her uncles kind and happy . but why Parmis was uncomfortable?"​

Mino:" Poor Parmis! I bet uncle Sergey has sent a new virus for you."

Parmis shook her head.

Armis: "well, I guess Uncle Larry has removed your account, because you changed your age".

Sadly Parmis replied:" No, Armis. He didn't remove my account, because everyone can change her/his information any time.
However, I changed my profile, again. Now I'm a six year old girl."

Sheida: "why, Parmis?"

Parmis: "since I became a 20 year old girl, I got into trouble. I had many fans and lovers. Some men invited me on a date, so I corrected my info."
Sheida: "That sounds fine. A lot of suitors, and then I'll change my profile soon."

The children laughed at her.

Sarah asked her: "Then why are you sad, Parmis?"

Parmis burst into tears. Armis put her hand on her back and said: "please, don't cry. Tell us what happened?"

Tearful Parmis said: "if there are 10 bad uncles around the world:

#1 is Uncle Larry, #2 is Uncle Sergey, #3 is Uncle Larry, #4 is Uncle Sergey…"

The little girls couldn't believe what they heard. They looked at Parmis with their mouth hanging opened and wide-eye.

Armis said:" why?"

Parmis showed them a headline on Internet:

"Google creates "Help outs" A video service for one-on-one expert Advice."

Sarah said:" this news seems good so why you are sad?"

Parmis: "this service called "Helpouts" and helps to solve problems of people. Who always helps people?"

  Mino: "Spider man!"

   Angry Parmis: "NO, me. Who always makes a bridge, gives others aid, cleans tears of the friends?"

Armis: "that's right. You are a First-aid box."Inline image 3
Tina:" oh, yes. You're a lifebelt.:)"Inline image 6

Parmis: "thanks. Who helped Sarah for buying a Maserati? "

Sarah: "But we haven't bought a Maserati yet."

Parmis: "Don't worry, you will buy one soon."

Sarah: "OK, when I will be an old lady. All right, you're an assistant aircraft."

Parmis: "I even tried to earn some money for Mrs. Mona."

Mino: "Uh, I guess you earned only some dollars, so you can't help her."

​Parmis: " you don't know​, Mino . I helped her even more!"

Surprised Mino: "how?"

Parmis: "She isn't alone, now. When I showed my Facebook page to her, she was interested in Facebook, so I created an account for her on Facebook,
and then she made a friendship with a gentleman. After that she didn't need Moto X. she says: Facebook is better than Moto X"

Mino: "oh, then you are a bandage for broken hearts."

Parmis: "yes, and I can earn more now, because Mrs. Mona is going to marry Jack and Mr. Jack ordered me many wedding cards. Mrs. Mona is a good luck woman because Mr. Jack is an open-handed man. I think she will leave here, Because Mr. Jack lives in another country."

Sarah: "that's too bad. I love her. I'll hope they live happy together."

they all said:" me, too."

Parmis: "I also do a few household chores. I'm like a small island but where's my invitation card? They think I'm just a little kid."

Mino: "you're quite right, Parmis. I watched on TV a little girl saved her sister and became a heroine. We can set fire to the school, when you'll save us; you will be a lovely heroine. At that time Google takes you serious."

Armis:" what a stupid thought! We will catch fire and will die."

Tina:" Google is right. You're not an expert, Parmis. You are just a little girl. I have a lot to do, so I leave you. Bye"

Armis: "Don't worry. Every thing will go well,Parmis.but we have to leave right now. bye. See you soon."

Armis and Mino were walking along the street while they were thinking about Parmis.

Parmis went back to her computer, she has a pm from Sergey: "You have invited for a chat."

​and another pm from Larry:" an invitation card for watching a video on YouTube"
Parmis smiles.
Now she has two invitation cards. She says: "If there are two angel Uncles around the world: #1 is Uncle Sergey and #2 is Uncle Larry."

       ​Best Wishes


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