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Monday, February 24, 2014

Body Detox Herbs Can Do Wonder In Your Lives ( Free eBook)

Why is the body unable to rid itself of the toxins we take in?

It is a well known fact that the atmosphere and the food we eat and drink are crammed with harmful chemicals that enter the body and add to the build up of toxins that hamper the proper functioning of the body. Add to this the pesticides and fumes we breathe in unknowingly adding to the build up of toxins. Before long the body will begin to reel under the effects of these harmful toxins and will need to be cleansed. This cleansing process is called detoxification.

Many people ask, " Why is the body unable to rid itself of the toxins we take in?" The answer is simple. The human body is capable of cleaning the system to a limited extent. In time the levels of pollution has risen to uncontrollable limits and the body is incapable of handing these levels of toxins. This is why we need to eat wisely and detoxify our system regularly.

Keeping Your Body In Shape Through Proper Eating

Detoxification is a systematic plan of reducing is not completely removing harmful toxins form the system. There are many plan of reducing that one may resort to it they need to cleanse the system of harmful toxins. The best plans are the natural plans and consist of detox diets that last form 5 to 10 days. There also detox exercise plans along with the diet that assist the body to get back shape. You may have detox massages, medication and yoga but the best laid plans the cannot go wrong is the detox diet plan.

A detox diet consists of mainly organic food . This food is mainly green leafy vegetables and fruit. Without the harmful ingredients such as preservatives and additives the food is naturally accepted without the body having to go all out to eliminate the harmful chemicals that go into processing meats and processed foods. Natural food is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals these are much needed for the development of a healthy mind and body. Then there are the natural fibers these foods provide the body. These fibers are very necessary for the  body to repair tissue.

The Benefits of detox herbs is not unknown to the medical fraternity as a potent way to detoxify the system. These are the best and the most natural way to detoxify the system and instill a feeling of well being.

Some of the detoxifying herbs used to cleanse the system are:

  • Psyllium seeds. These herbs induce bowel movements and clean the bowls of toxins very effectively. The herb itself acts like a sponge absorbing the toxins and passing out with the excreta.
  • Cascara Sagrada is another very effective laxative that is used to flush out the toxins form the system and is used along with the psyllium seeds.
  • Milk Thistle simulates the protein synthesis in the liver the cleansing organ of the blood.
  • Nettles are used in combination with other detox herbs for cleaning the urinary system of toxins.
  • Burdock roots are used when the need to cleans he system is very urgent. This herb  reduces the build up of metals causing problems within the system.
  • Dandelion roots are herbs with the strongest detoxifying properties. Theses herbs are used to clean the gall bladder of waste as also the kidneys. The Dandelion root is used in conjunction with other detox herbs as other organs need to be cleansed simultaneously.



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