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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I love G-mail, but (Free Download)

Inline image 2Saturday, Sunday, Monday

These days, Parmis is so engaged. Most of the time, she stays at home, and doesn't like leaving her room.

On Saturday afternoons, she goes out with her friends for eating ice cream , but last Saturday she told: " it's very cold, I prefer to stay at home, ". Parmis likes shopping, but when Armis wanted to go shopping last Sunday, Parmis said: "I'm sorry, I can't come with you." On Monday, they gather together for reading an interesting book. A big surprise, Parmis was absent there last Monday.

Inline image 3

Mino says: " Why was Parmis  so impatient today? she checked her smartphone every 5 minutes." Armis looks at Mino and says: "right! In the classroom, she didn't notice to lesson and waited to go the bell;Maybe she awaits someone."
Mino: "Really!! who?"
Armis: "I don't know, I just guess"

Her mom says:" I'm worried about Parmis. whenever she is at home, goes to her room, closes the door, turns her computer on, opens Gmail, and starting a chat. At first, I thought that she chats to her uncles, but Parmis said:" No, mom. I have found a new friend. Her name is "Saye". She is 6 years old and very nice. I like her. Saye and I chat by Gmail. Saye is always online, and believes in me. She says:" You are so pretty and lovely, Parmis. In her opinion I'm the most intelligent girl in the world.""


Parmis turns the computer, opens Gmail and stares at it. There are some friends on Chat, but Saye isn't online." It's so wonderful; Saye never was offline, what happens for her?"  Parmis says.

 The mom looks at her with surprise eyes, Parmis has stared at the computer for more than three hours:" Are you well, Parmis? "Parmis shakes her head, and says: "No, mom. Saye is offline, I'm sure that she's ill." The mom smiles and says to her:" Don't worry, Parmis.If someone is offline, it doesn't mean  she/he is sick ", but Saye doesn't come back for chat again.

Parmis's eyes were full of tears and her heart was full of sorrows. Our little bird is so uneasy, she can't eat anything, and now all are concerned  about her.


Three days passed.  Parmis is sitting in the class with her friends . suddenly she receives a message from Saye:" Hi, Dear Parmis, do you want to see me? I'm here. Please , come to the school yard, I'm behind the tallest tree."

Parmis runs into the yard happily. Armis and Mino chase her. In the yard, someone hides behind the tallest tree.

 Parmis sees a shadow, goes closer, stands in front of the tree, and starts to laugh. Why does you hide ?..Where were Saye?..I miss you.. please, come out, I want to see you ."

 Suddenly she stops laughing , Parmis is frozen, she doesn't believe what she sees, it's a terrible shock for her.

A boy comes out from behind the tree with a big smile, he says:" Hi, Parmis, I'm Saye. Nice to meet you."  Parmis knows him, Carlos is her classmate. Carlos laughs and tells:" I tricked you. who tells you are intelligent, you are stupid, stupid." Parmis stares at Carlos with wide eyes and open mouth. Carlos's friends come and shout together: "gullible! " Parmis's face is so red, feels embarrassed . she wants to cry , but doesn't do it.

Miss Dana asks Parmis a easy question - so easy that every one is able to reply-, but Parmis just looks at the teacher's face stupidly . Miss Dana is surprised, she says nothing.  "He tricked me, I'm stupid" , Parmis thinks.


 Parmis doesn't go to school. she stays at home, because she  is sick. She doesn't like chatting, answering to her emails, or anything else. She seems so upset.

"You have some guests, Parmis", mom says.
Armis, Mino, Tina, Kiarash and Martin come in her room.

 Mino says:" Don't worry, Parmis. We beat Carlos. Armis, Kiarash and I beat him with  a stick. "
Kiarash says: "I don't let someone annoys my sister. If he annoys you another time, I'll kill him." They laugh.

Martin says:" I sent a terrible virus to his computer, now all videos and emails are removed. "

Armis says:"Here, a hot soup for our Parmis ; I found its recipe on Google. Please, don't be sad, we love you. the classroom without you is so cold and frozen. "
Then she starts to cry.

Parmis hugs her and tell: "Oh, don't cry, Armis.I love you, too. You are my real friends. I missed my real friends for an imaginary friend. I'm embarrassing. Do you forgive me?"

Her mom has good news for her. "Her uncles are online."

Uncle Larry says: "Hi, Parmis, I'm worried about you a lot. What happened?"
Parmis says:" A few days ago, Carlos told me:" I didn't study for the exam, so you have to help me in the exam. But I didn't cheat, and then he planned his revenge. Carlos  sent me a request for friendship.He had changed his name to Saye.  Saye looked a kind girl, so I accepted her. then we chatted for three days. Yesterday I realized Saye is Carlos , he is a cheater. I hate him and myself. I'm a stupid girl."

Uncle Larry laughs and says:" What a trick, take it easy, Parmis. you should be care more, but you aren't foolish, don't worry."
Parmis says:"But I think that I'm so stupid, because  Carlos  tricked me.I feel failure. "

Uncle Larry says:" No, that is wrong. You don't fail. But  know that Failure is the first step to success. Sergey and I failed a lot, but we didn't give up our attempt. You are so bored now, I suggest you watching a funny video. Sergey had a great interview about failure on YouTube, it's so funny, watch it. I watch it when I'm so bored."

Sergey Brin on taking moonshots & the value of failing

Uncle Sergey looks at Larry with eyes full of tears  and says:" Really! I'm so funny , Larry. I don't know it, thank  my friend."
Then he tells Parmis : "Before watching this video , I like to tell our story for you. Would you like to hear it! "  

Parmis:" sure."

Uncle Sergey:" when Larry came to Stanford University, I showed to him the university. then we talked about our dreams and goals. we had a common dream. we wanted to make a search engine to exploit all information through Internet. A powerful search engine , for this reason  we need a powerful server. Larry was familiar to electricity, so we decided to compound some computers for creating our server. we didn't have enough computers, so we went to the university office ,and  requesting for some computers. At first they didn't accept our request ,  but we didn't  surrender, lastly we reached them for making our dream. we called it " Back Rub" and later " Google" . We told "Okay" to "Failure" , so we achieved " victory". "

Sergey looks so excited, and Parmis is so amazed. she thinks : "Does this story have connection to her sadness??? " but she say nothing. Tina says to Uncle Sergey : " I always make the best videos, can I make a video about you ?"
Sergey:" Yes, of course."

Parmis think : " I love chatting by Gmail, but here after, I'll chatting to familiars .

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