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Saturday, February 22, 2014

I wish I were an Ice Cream Man ( Sochi Olympic Games)

February 7

Wow! Great! Look, Parmis! Everything out of the window is white; the trees, the roof of the houses, even the mail box. It snowed a lot last night, and you're in luck, because your school is cancelled today. What do you want to do now?

I decided to call Armis. Armis told me:" did you see the new Google doodle today?"

No, I hadn't seen it, so I opened my homepage, yes, what she said was true; a new Google doodle smiled at me there, A rainbow of athletes in pretty colors, I liked it .

There was also an excerpt from the Olympic Charter that said:

"The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play."
I didn't know what it means, and my mom told me: "you should like all people like your family"
Oh, how pretty! Uncle GD is so friendly, I like him. My friends came here around 10, then we had a snowball fight in the yard, we took a break for having lunch. In the afternoon we made a beautiful snow fort, my mom helped us, and Tina took a lot of photos of us. Now I'm a little tired, and it's still snowing out of the window.

February 8
Let's go to Sochi

Today my school is closed again. My mom is in bed, because she has a terrible cold, my lovely grandma has come here to take care of her. This morning I wanted to go sledding with my friends, that uncle Sergey came online. He was so excited with red cheeks; I was astonished to see his cheery face.

He said to me: "have you heard about the Winter Olympic Games? For the first time, the Winter Olympics are held in Russia. It is so amazing. Isn't it? I love this winter. We're going to Sochi tomorrow. "

Then he invited us to go to Sochi.

A few hours later that Uncle Larry and I had a chat, he said: "Sergey likes to take a trip to Sochi; I have a lot of work. I don't understand him at all, but he's my best friend, and I don't want to see his tears, so we will fly to Sochi. Be on time, Parmis!!"

Uncle Larry was a little furious with Uncle Sergey, but I was happy and sad at the same time, I was glad to see the Olympic Games, but it is tragic that my mom can't be with us, she has to rest in bed for a few days. That's too bad.

February 9
On the airplane

  A surprise! Uncle Sergey looked a little nervous, why??? I don't know. Lovely Mino went to sleep like a kitten, Tina watched a video eagerly, and we, Armis and I, listened to Uncle Larry, he explained about the Winter Olympics history; I understood that the first Winter Olympic Games were held in 1924, and these competitions are held every four years. The Winter Olympic Games consist of 15 sports, such as skiing, skating, ice hockey and so on. I like all of them, but more than others I like to see ice dancing. I have watched it on television earlier. It's very beautiful. I'm a fan of ice dancing.

Finally we arrived in Sochi, at first we went to Fisht Olympic Stadium, it located in Sochi Olympic Park. Wow! A dreamy stadium, its designing attracts every one. It's like a palace of glass, Armis and Mino told that they liked to live in a palace like this, Tina was making a video about this stadium, and I felt Uncle Sergey is a little worried. At night we went a great hotel in Sochi.

February 10
Say Hello to Moscow

This morning we were excited. I wanted to take a lot of beautiful pictures of stadium, but Uncle Sergey said something surprising: "Would you to know my family; they are so friendly, let's go to Moscow. "What? Moscow? Is he kidding? No, he seemed really serious. All we were in shock and Uncle Larry got pretty angry, so did I. I bet that Uncle Sergey had come here to visit his family, not for Sochi Olympic Games. But we didn't like to break Sergey's heart, so we accepted to fly to Moscow. Bye Sochi. May we see each other again?

Moscow is a Beautiful city, but terribly cold. Thank God! My mom isn't here (she doesn't like cold weather), Uncle Sergey was so eager to see her home. He had left Moscow, when he was just 6 years old. He didn't like to leave his mother country, but he was obliged. Remembering that day was so tragic for him. He got a little depressed. Oh!

We had lunch at a goodly restaurant, Uncle Larry said to Uncle Sergey: "A friend of mine lives around Moscow, I want to visit him. Take after the children; I come back to the Hotel in the afternoon." Then he left us.

 Uncle Sergey asked us: "who likes to have ice cream, now?" We agreed cheerfully, and then he took us to a small Ice cream shop near the restaurant. There was a warm, clean and neat place. Uncle ordered four ice creams for us, and he said:"I'm late, I have to meet someone, can you stay here for a few minutes? I come back soon, very soon."I said:" sure." Tina said:" Don't worry, Uncle! I take care of them!" and Uncle Sergey happily went away.

After one hour we were still in the shop, and really worried. Armis told: "Uncle didn't return, I'm afraid, we know nowhere." Yes, she's right, we are afraid, too. I called Uncle Larry, as soon as he heard about us, he arrived at the shop, then he called Sergey some times, but he didn't answer, at that time Uncle Larry was so concerned about his friend, and told us:" we have to find him, I'm certain; he's near here." He was right, we found tearful Sergey next to a fountain. He said:" I missed her again, Larry!" Larry put his hand on Sergey's back to sympathize him and told:" You're crazy.... forget her guy!"

Story of Uncle Sergey

A pretty girl is licking her ice cream happily that little Sergey sees her.

He thinks:"She is really lovely, I want to marry her when my beard starts to grow."

He comes toward the girl and says to her:"can I sit beside you?"
That girl doesn't say anything, but Sergey sits there, and looks at the girl friendly.
Sergey:"I'm Sergey, do you like ice cream?"

The girl:"Yes, I love ice cream, Victor buys ice cream for me whenever I want."
Sergey is curious about Victor, so he asks:"Who is Victor? He is your brother?"
The girl:"No, he is my best friend; I have to leave now, bye."

​Sergey understands "Ice cream" is a powerful Keyword (even at that time he thought about Keywords, Larry says, smiling: "he's just kidding.")​

​ All Sergey's pocket money spends for buying ice cream for Goolisha, ​
​But Victor gets ahead of him already, why???​

Sergey researches about his rival. Oh! How sad! our little boy is too bad luck, because Victor's father is an ice cream man, as a result Victor has unlimited ice creams, and Sergey, well, he needs more money. Think Sergey! You find a good way!

Finally, he decides to be an ice cream man, then he finds a job, his wages is five ice creams per day, that's great! Soon he can gain Goolisha's heart!! Unfortunately, his dad doesn't think like him:

"O my God! An ice cream man! That's terrible! Is this my son???? I can't believe it!!!! I have bigger dreams for him! An ice cream man!! No!! I change this story; we have to leave our fatherland immediately !"

Tomorrow morning Sergey's family migrates to USA forever, and tearful Sergey leaves Goolisha.

In the United States, Sergey always thinks about Goolisha, kissing her and buying ice cream, he sends a letter to Goolisha everyday, but he never receives any answer. Soon he discovers to calculate is really delightful, so he studies mathematics.

When he becomes seventeen years old, he flies to mother country for visiting his relatives. As soon as he arrives in Moscow, for remembering his sweet memories, he runs towards the fountain cheerfully.

 Suddenly he stops running; his hands are ice and his legs are shuddering. Goolisha is kissing Victor eagerly, Sergey hears the sound of his broken heart, closes his tearful eyes, and leaves them calmly.


Last month, Sergey found out that Goolisha and Victor got divorced, so he wanted to try his chance for the second time. He planned to come home for visiting Goolisha, but about an hour ago, Goolisha's mother told him: "Goolisha remarried Victor this morning!"

What a tragic story! We all stared at Uncle Sergey with eyes full of tears.


Today I discovered falling in Love is bitter and Sweet! If Uncle Sergey hadn't fall in Love, we don't have Google now (I bet Uncle Larry has a same story). In my opinion Love is like an airplane, when you get into it, you fly up and upper, but you should be care, May your airplane is crashed one day. Because I want to be a great inventor, I want to fall in love sooner.

We stayed in Russia for a few days, and did do many things together, such as viewing ice dancing, go sledding, visiting pretty places, making  snow sculptures , eating delicious foods & ice cream , skiing and a lot of thing else.

"Barf Ba Shire (Barf O Shire)"

Russia has a lot of snow, so I made "snow and syrup ("Barf Ba shire")".

 It is an Old Iranian dessert. Its making is very easy: Pure some clean and fresh snow into a bowl, then pure a little syrup into it, mix them with a spoon. Your dessert is ready. Serve  it , and enjoy."Barf Ba Shire" is simple and delicious. Isn't it?

February 22

Last week, we returned home. We didn't go to school because of flu. My mom was terribly angry with our uncles, and thinks they are very bad babysitters. She said:" who eats ice cream in cold weather??"-- Of course, I haven't told her that Uncle Sergey abandoned us for more then one hours yet-- I guess My mom never allows us traveling with my uncles for another time, but I enjoy traveling with them, they are so funny, and allow us doing anything, but moms aren't similar to them, moms never let us do what we like, such eating ice cream in an icy weather, because they love us, and they are so worried about us.

Now I get pretty better, and write an email to Uncle GD.

"The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play."
Images by: Pixabay, all-free-download, deshow, Wikipedia, and more
Thank you for reading my story, you can edit it & send to my email , I'm glad to see your opinions.
                                  Best Wishes



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