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Monday, January 12, 2015

A Forgotten Day: Never Without You


You Are Wherever

On that hot summer midday, Sergey was driving along a quiet highway at a great rate; the sunlight was warming his cheeks, and thinking of Gloria was speeding up his heartbeat per minute.

Gloria was wherever, in the passenger seat, by side of the highway, in the passing cars, in the middle of the highway.

Sergey felt a knot in his throat, he really loved Gloria very much, and he couldn't picture to miss her, the car sped over the highway, Gloria's blurred pictures were crossing fast.

Sergey passed the exit and turned into the street that led to the glassy building. Then he looked at Google map; there was a department store nearby, in front of the store he stopped, and after shopping the biggest knife, he continued driving.

That tastes Mellow Melody
After a while, the glassy tower came into view. Sergey wondered, 'U mm, that looks delicious.'

The car drew up opposite the glamorous building, Sergey picked up the knife, got off hastily; the cool breeze blew the weeping willows lined near the building about.

Sergey stood around, and peered over at the tower, that was mellow melody.
The glassy glistened as a diamond of ring among the blocks. It was in the form of a dish of ice-cream; the bowl and pedestal were made up of thousands bits colored glass in blue, red, green and yellow. Sergey murmured, 'Google's color.'

A clear tall glassy elevator towered from foot to tip; No sign was on the tower; No one had been seen around.

Sergey stared at the knife with worry, took a deep breath, stepped towards the door.

The Green Blinker
He came into the building; in front of the entrance something amazing attracted his attention, a mysterious door with a pair of glasses printed on.

He felt his heart beating faster; so tentatively walked towards the door, then opened it fearfully, and went in.

There was chill and dark, and almost vacant as well. Sergey followed a line of green blinker lamps which were installed in the glassy floor of the room; the lights got to a stairway.

He wondered, 'Likely this is the underground staircase.' Carefully he went down the stairs, the bitter chill still felt, and the green blinkers in the floor guided him as well. Sergey stepped slowly in the underground, and noticed the narrow corridor  corridor led off a small door.

Silently he came near the door; after a deep breath, he drew his knife, and entered.

The room was filled with Gloria's sob

The man stood near the door of the cold dark room, and looked at the dark and puzzled shapes; Gloria was here, he could hear her crying.

He searched for Gloria with the eyes got used to the darkness and in slight light of Glass,until he saw something strange in the center, it seemed like a platform, and on it, 'Oh, No!'

Sergey began running to the platform, Gloria saw him too, and cried, 'Don't come here, Run away, Sergey!'
Without any attention to her saying, Sergey kept racing at a high speed, near the platform he jumped up, and came down beside Gloria.
Sergey stared at that drawn face and frightened eyes in a soft smile, but with Gloria's shriek faded his smile.

Gloria shouted, 'Run away, Sergey! the bomb's ticking!' Sergey's look froze on Gloria; she was sitting on a chair opposite a big birthday cake with some candles on it, and the sound of ticking ticking came from the cake.

Sergey looked carefully, Gloria was not free rather she was tied up to the chair with some wires.

While Gloria's tears were running down freely, she kept repeating in scare, 'Please, Run away sooner, it may explode!'

Sergey's eyes shifted from her sweetheart to the cake, then were fixed on Gloria, , while his tears were flowing down, he said in a broken voice, 'All the Better, I can't live without you, Glory'

Gloria sobbed, 'It's my fault, my fault, I'm sorry about that message, they obliged me, I didn't want this, Sergey.'

The room was filled with Gloria's sob.

Sergey's eyes narrowed; Gloria continued in embarrassment, 'This morning two big men attacked me, and blindfolded me, and brought me here, then made me write a note and a message; Sorry, I didn't want this.'

Gloria looked Sergey in the eyes, 'Happy Birthday, Sergey. Forgive me-' paused a moment, and while her lips were trembling, she continued, 'Please, leave me alone right away. Believe my true love, I love you from my heart and soul.'

A tender sight in her eyes made Sergey's heart melt, Sergey pulled out a tissue from his pocket, and wiped her teardrops, 'I never leave you alone, Glory. We will go out Together-- from here, so don't weep anymore!'

He turned his attention to the cake,  'Only three minutes have remained, what on earth I can do?'

All at once, his look slipped on the knife, and asked with astonishment, 'Why a big knife?'

Gloria replied, 'They said that If you can divide the cake into 41 equally parts, the bomb timer will stop.'

Sergey's face turned redder than tomato, he bit his lip in anger, 'Uh, You drive me crazy, Gloria, you should say it sooner.'

You & Glass

Gloria cried, 'I'm sorry, I was so frightened that I forgot. By using Glass you can divide the cake, can't you?'

Sergey narrowed his eyes, and whispered, 'maybe, I'll see if I can do it.'

The time flew, as a Surgeon Sergey stood in front of the cake, and tried to block all negative thoughts , and only concentrated on the candles.

There is nothing for it, Sergey must try it; he was good at calculation and Glass was also with him . So it shouldn't be very tricky to divide a cake.
Sergey took a deep breath, and tried as a cowboy to pull his gun, but he was so nervous that his hands were trembling, and his heart was pounding.

Gloria said in a strong voice, 'Keep Calm, Sergey, I believe you deeply. You are bright and brave. you can. Go for it.'

A cheery smile appeared on his face, 'don't worry Gloria, I save you.'

The Glass zoomed in the cake, the knife came down slowly on, and cut it carefully. the first cut was a good start. Sergey smiled.

The second cut, the third one... Gloria's worried look was fixed on the knife,The sections were separated from the cake one after the another, just one remained.

Sergey was in a cold sweat, his heartbeat went faster, he looked at Gloria dramatically, maybe it would be the last sight, Gloria smiled, the eyes met together, they recalled the first sight in that lovely meeting , the teardrops were running down. Tick Tick.

Sergey tried to force the tears back, he wiped them, and said, 'I'm ready, Gloria.' then with faith in Glass he closed his eyes, and landed the knife on the cake smoothly. The room surrounded in a dreadful silence for a while------------

Gloria shrieked cheerfully, Sergey opened his eyes slowly, and smiled. the bitter night had gone , and the light dawn had come in.

After going down the bomb ,41 candles on the cake lit up. Sergey felt proud, and punched the air, 'We Succeeded, Glory.' then he cut the wires with the knife, and freed Gloria.

Gloria was weeping, the tears from joy, her grateful look stared at him,'Happy Birthday, Sergey. thousand times thank you, I'm in your debt forever, you save my life.'

Sergey blushed, 'No problem, Forget.'

Gloria pointed to the candles, 'Now you must blow out the candles, after that we can have the cake, I'm very hungry.'

Sergey, 'Me too.'

As soon as Sergey closed his eyes to blow out the candles, he felt they were going up, Gloria cried, 'Oh, this is an elevator!'

Sergey glanced around in despair; in fact they were in the glassy tower elevator.

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