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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Forgotten Day: They know how to win.


All the guests gathered around the big aquarium in the tower. Sergey put his turtle into water, others did the same, and put theirs; the race started.

The little turtles should swim to the end of the aquarium. Parmis was so excited, she was jumping about, singing and whistling to cheer her trainee.

Small Gloria swam ahead of the swimmers all for ten minutes, and Oh, yes, she passed the Finish with proud.

The friends were laughing and clapping that cute turtle; her trainer, Parmis was dancing; and her owner, Sergey, was astonished.

A green, a professional footballer, and lots of fans around him.
Julius began juggling the football with foot, all the puzzled eyes chasing the soccer ball with excitement.
Sabine was dancing, Armis passed around bowl of snacks, Renate and her Nescafe, her boyfriend, made a loud noise, they were cheering Julius by blowing their football horns.
Martin and Mark admired him, Martin said , 'He's unique!' Mark nodded, 'Someday he will a star, but he should improve his teamwork skills.'
Now Julius was juggling with knee, he controlled the football very well, everyone admitted it.
Parmis and her buddies were singing; Sergey drank a soda; Tina was shooting a video with iPhone, and Mino snapped some photos with her Nexus Tablet.
The crowd were bubbling with thrills, they performed a wave.
Julius went to juggle the ball with his shoulder, the guests started whistling, it seemed they were waiting...

Larry glanced at his watch , and showed a yellow card, UH, A foul?
Julius relieved our mind, when he threw the soccer ball to the crowd, and jumped up in the air, he achieved the best record, he was the winner.

Eat Ice-Cream
Forget your diet, and join us to have a delicious ice-cream. just one? Please, Feel Free, we have limitless ice-cream.
There was no room around the long table, this contest had tempted the whole guests to break their diets, everyone took a dish of ice-cream, and had it eagerly.

The room was full of thrill, laugh, and noise.
The table was full and empty at the same time, Parmis's mom spooned out ice-cream in all dishes, and in a flash the ice-creams disappeared, Immediately Parmis's mom and aunts filled the dishes.
All the children enjoyed this contest, special Mino and Armis. They were in a group, and had a trick. Armis grabbed a dish, and thinned ice-cream by spinning a spoon inside the dish. After that Mino drank the melted ice-cream as quick as she could.

Finally their teamwork skill answered, and after finishing up 8 ice-creams in this way, Mino won the prize. She said, 'I could eat even more, but the time was over.'

Singing Contest

It was quite obvious, who was the winner.,your guess is quite right: Larry's Team.
Larry sang his new song: 'Tears from Joy', and guess what? he wasn't alone, Parmis was with him, Larry was singing his pretty song, while Parmis only was repeating "Oooh, Oooh!" and "Haah, Haah!".
All the visitors liked this song. :)

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