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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Forgotten Day: Earthquake Is Coming...

All The World is Under Our Feet
Swiftly the elevator was climbing up through glass tower. There was a strange curiosity on the traveler's faces.

In the blue sky the golden sun smiled, and on Gloria's lips a cheery smile shined, 'Splendid! All the would is under our feet, as if we are flying on the clouds.'

Sergey disagreed, his puzzled look froze on the cake, and the candles that were getting smaller and smaller, 'What's the next surprise?'

Gloria blinked, 'Blow out the candles, Sergey.' but he wasn't certain that was a good idea, his suspicious look expressed his jitters, 'It may explode.'

Gloria kept cheering, 'Come on, Sergey! You must blow out the candles! Blow out them!'

A forcing smile appeared on his face, then he closed his eyes, and blew out.
Happy Birthday Sergey

Gloria was singing , 'Happy Birthday' , when the elevator stopped smoothly.

What A Surprise!

As they came out, scanned around closely; the quiet corridor was covered in a mysterious silence.

Suddenly the door which was opposite the elevator opened, immediately they hid behind a pillar; some minutes passed, but nothing happened, so tentatively they both came close to the door, and put their heads into the room.

As soon as Sergey saw inside, he was so excited that he started laughing, his strange behavior astonished Gloria.

That was a conference salon, decorated with the glittering stars and colorful balloons, the ceiling was like the sky, blue and high, which the white clouds were trimmed it beautifully.

Sergey was still laughing, then he glanced around, and said, 'I bet they're here.'
Gloira's eyes widened large, 'they??'

Stepping forward into the salon, he explained, 'I guess this is their plan to surprise me; An unforgettable Birthday!'

Suddenly the snowflake began falling, and thrilled Gloria. She looked up at the clouds, and shouted, 'OK, Now I know, it's your birthday party from Larry and Parmis.'

Sergey nodded his head, then he showed the stage, 'Look, Glory!'
A sparkle emerged in Gloria's eyes, and her mouth dropped open, 'Wow!  lots of Presents only for you. Let's open them.'

She raced gladly towards the stage where forty one large and little packages wrapped in pretty papers and ribbons were standing on. Sergey followed her, smiling.

Walking on the stage, Gloria counted the giant boxes with thrill, 'Twenty.'
Then she narrowed her eyes, turned her head to Sergey, asked him, 'What are in these boxes?'

Sergey shrugged, 'I don't have any ideas, but we can know right away.'
He moved his hand toward one of the large presents to tie out its ribbon.

 All at once the atmosphere switched, the snowflake disappeared, and the rain of blossoms and slips of colored-papers started coming down instead. Gloria said, 'Oh, that are very very beautiful!'

Sergey nodded, while they were enjoying that dreamy view the big door which was on the right-hand side of the salon opened, and the party giver, Larry, along with Parmis and the other guests appeared in the door; finally they came out form their hiding-place ;).

Singing 'Happy Birthday' , Larry passed through the door, and stepped into the conference salon, the others followed him.

The Tears from Joy

Gloria was laughing and weeping; Sergey was surprised, his mouth was open, as is he wanted to say something, but he couldn't to speak at all,  and also he couldn't force his tears back, the streams of tears were flowing down freely on his cheeks; The Tears from Joy.

Sergey among relatives, friends and colleagues saw his lovely parents, their faces glowed in happiness, his mom pushed the crowd aside, and walked slowly to her son.


Sergey got so thrilled that he wanted to run and hug her, but at the moment the large gifts began vibrating slightly, he was rooted to the spot; Gloria was pale too, and took a step back, but the mom bravely kept stepping forward; there was a wry smile on the audience's face.

The presents were trembling stronger; Now the mom was on the stage just opposite the son; in the end, after a terrible shake the presents got open.

Sergey was weeping; the mom was laughing; Gloria was wide-eyed ; Sergey's daddy murmured, 'As if it was just Yesterday, how fast 41 years passed.'

Twenty young boys and girls dressed in a Google Glass jumped out from the parcels, Gloria shrieked, 'Gee, GGlassiu!'

One of boys holding a bunch of fresh flowers went beside Sergey, and handed them to him, smiled at the mom respectfully, and then he stood back.
Sergey thanked, and presented the flowers to his mother. The mom said, 'Happy Birthday Sergey! Wish you a long life!', they hugged each other, the tears gathered in his daddy's eyes, and the visitors started clapping, Tina & Armis constantly snapped a couple of photos.

GGlassiu group got ready to perform a hip-hop dance. They all were wearing a baseball cap, blue jeans and black boots. They also had a white T-shirt with 'GGlassIU' logo.

About a month ago, Gloria formed this professional group to develop a digital style in the society. They danced in the streets, subway stations, public parks, trains, shopping centers and even airports.

Sergey , his mom and Gloria stepped off the stage. They sat at the front, where Sergey's father, Larry, Eric, Mr. Assistant , Mark Zubckerberg and Entrepreneur Martin were sitting. The others also settled in their seats, and the hip-hop dance began.

GGlassiu truly danced expressively, and impressed the audience, the people were bubbling with excitement, some danced on their spots, some other cheered, and a few people just admired them.

GGlassIU's brilliant performance finished, they left the stage with the audience's cheering and clapping, then the children fetched the lunch,and served it, the meal included the Oliver sandwich, soda, orange juice and  apple pie.

Rocky On Stage

After lunch, Three kids - Parmis, Armis & Mino- went onto the stage, and shouted, 'What a pretty Day!  On August 21st, God presented the World Uncle Sergey, Happy Birthday, Uncle Sergey!'

Parmis, 'Our celebration just has started!'
Mino, 'We have lots of Surprises, games, and entertainments!'
Armis, 'Please, Cheer Chef Rocky. Our Today's lunch had been provided by Dear Rocky! Cheer him!'

The audience started clapping with excitement.

A Cooking Contest

A few minutes later Rocky was on the stage with a big potato in his hand; he showed the potato to the audience, and yelled, 'Who likes potato?'

All people put their hands up; while Rocky was going to the table which was prepared for the cooking game, he said, 'Everyone likes Potato Salad, that's right? Making Olivier Salad is as easy as Potato Salad. Now we have a cooking game, and need 5 players. Who can make a tasty Olivier Salad rapidly? Come here.'

Gloria, Sergey and three people else rose, and moved towards the stage.
Also Larry and Sergey's mom joined Rocky as judges of the contest. The game began, when the contestants stood at the cooking table with a white apron.

Hastily Gloria picked a knife up, and diced the hams, pickled cucumber and onions; then she took the boiled items, All eyes were puzzled on Gloria's hands, she diced all potatoes, carrots, and eggs as fast as she could.

 Pouring all diced into a bowl, she added some boiled green peas, enough salt and pepper. Next mixed them with lots of mayonnaise.

The salad was almost ready, Gloria served Olivier Salad into a pretty plate; after covering it in a thin layer of mayonnaise, she decorated the snow-covered dish with a few black olives, and then she stood back.

Sergey was still dividing the potatoes into equal dices delicately, when Larry said, 'It's all over!'

The judges; Sergey's mom, Larry and Rocky tasted each dishes, voted them to choose the winner. Finally Rocky announced the result, Gloria was the Winner, she was jumping up and down cheerfully.

Eating the delicious salad, Sergey said, 'Without any doubts my mom was the winner, if she had contested.' A wry smile emerged on Rocky's face, he grabbed the dish, 'Surly, Sergey!'

Gloria let out a bitter sigh, 'Oh, No!'

Change The Flat Tire & Drive

Five Driverless Cars were in lines at the start of the race. Larry and Mr. Assistant looked so excited




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