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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Forgotten Day: I Am Afraid

Express Your Feeling From Google Search

Sergey and Parmis sat into their seats, and the underground ran along the railway. Parmis was so excited; while she was looking around with curiosity asked loudly, 'Did you hold your drawing class in this subway, Uncle Sergey?'

Sergey shook his head, 'No, in New York subway.' then he stared at the window, and at the puzzled shadows passing swiftly; but Parmis was thinking of a  writing remembrance class in the subway.

She took out her smartphone, and searched in GS, 'How to hold a class in the subway?'
Google's answers appeared; Parmis said, frowning, 'These are not my reply, Google! '
Having put her finger to her cheek, the little girl looked up at the ceiling, 'I don't know how Google works?'

Keeping his look fixed on the window, Sergey replied, 'You are too small, and it isn't easy to explain the work of the Search Engines to you, it's too complicated, Parmis!'

The color of Parmis's eyes changed in anger, but she'd rather say nothing, as her uncle seemed tired and fed up.

OK, Glass, Find Me A Present ...

The Father's day was coming up. The shops were filled up with the streams of the shoppers; everyone was searching for an unforgettable present to surprise their father. 

About an hour had gone, but Gloria was still bare hand and distracted. She walked around and watched. 

"Look! That beige tie is very pretty, isn't it?,' an excited girl said to her friend, and the other girl laughed, 'I agree, that's very nice.'  the happy teenagers attracted Gloria's attention, she started at their shining eyes wistfully, then she scanned around her closely , and saw: the couples, families and friends-- No one was alone, the heavy sadness covered her heart, Gloria let out a bitter sigh, 'Shopping alone isn't delightful at all.'

She decided to return home,so headed toward the exit, but suddenly an idea came across her mind, and changed her mind.

Gloria stopped, stroking Glass, and whispered, 'OK, Glass...'

Your Dreadful Situations!

Now the train was crowded and noisy, but still fast. How sad! the view was closed when an old man stood in front of Sergey. He rose, and gave his seat to the man kindly. The man sat, smiling, and Sergey stood beside Parmis's seat, Parmis was thinking about GS.

Suddenly a wave of crowd drifted Sergey far from Parmis; a bitter smile emerged on his face, and he noticed a new message came to Glass, it was from Gloria,"

" Emergency
Hurry Up, Sergey!

I Am Trapped in a busy department store , and also in a dangerous location. 
Please, Don't leave me alone. Save me, Please!

Come with Glass.

Yours Respectfully, Glory
Address: Glad Store "

Sergey said, smirking, 'Gloria and her dangerous situations! I bet she needs a lot of money again." The people around him laughed; a man said, 'All women are one and the same.' another nodded, and added,' Beetles are a dreadful situation for my wife.' all the men burst into laughter, and drove the women in the metro mad, easily an argument began.

Sergey pushed the population, jumped out of the underground, and rushed to his destination, Glad Store.

Parmis reviewed  her note: 

'HI, Mr. Schmidt, 
I have a question, and I guess you know its answer, because you had been Google chief executive for years.
How Google Works?

Thank you, and bye.
P :)"

She touched the send button on her smartphone, then lifted her head with smile, and looked for her Uncle. 

Oh, Poor Parmis! when she was disappointed to find him, she got cold feet, and began crying loud, 'Uncle Sergey, Uncle Sergey!'

The People gathered around the kid; the little girl called Uncle Larry promptly, while she was weeping her tears.

She Forgets Soon???

Gloria was walking back and forth in front of the department store, and looking forward to coming Sergey. Finally Gloria's eyes glistened, when Sergey appeared in her view. 

Waving her hands to him with excitement, Gloria shouted, 'Oh, you come lastly; let's go shopping, come on, Sergey.'

Sergey raised one eyebrow in surprise, he said, smirking, 'This is your dangerous location, Glory? How much money do you need?'

Gloria froze;she felt a knot in her throat;felt some minutes silence. Sergey's smile vanished, he stared at Gloria with curiosity; there was a puzzled expression on her face, and the tears in her adoring eyes;Sergey got red in embarrassment.

Breathing fast, Gloria cried, 'Money? I am disappointed with you, Sergey. Is it your opinion about me? only since you paid that check? I have enough money with me-- Gloria sobbed loudly, 'Only because I was alone, and really need to guide , I called you, as you know men better, and have a Glass too."

Sergey looked at the people who gazed at them, said in a low voice and sadly, 'Calm, Please, I'm truly sorry, I didn't mean that,' then he tried to switch  the subject cleverly, 'Now tell me what you want to buy for the daddy?'

Gloria wiped her tears, said happily, 'What about a nice T-shirt?'
Sergey imagined Gloria's father in a floral T-shirt, and responded, grinning, 'That's wonderful!'

While he's pointing at a pink T-shirt, he asked, 'That T-shirt isn't bad?'
Gloria knitted her brows, shook her head, 'No, my daddy likes light colors more.' 
Sergey was surprised, and when he was going to show another T-shirt , Larry called him:

Larry,' Where is Parmis, Sergey?'
Sergey winced, 'Parmis!?'

Larry ( angrily) , 'Yes, Parmis. It was with you, wasn't it?'
Sergey felt his heart beating faster, 'Gee, we should inform the police, Larry. she left behind on the subway, there was too busy, and I forgot her---'

Larry interrupted him, 'I found her in the metro station.'
Sergey asked anxiously, 'Thanks Larry, how is she?'
Larry said, angrily, 'She is so frightened that she can't speak,'  and hanged up.

The color of Sergey's eyes turned as a sea.
Gloria got worried and asked,' What the matter, Sergey?'

Sergey, 'Well, Parmis would like to see San Francisco's subway, so we got on; unluckily it was overcrowded, after that your message came, I got out of my mind, and.'
Gloria, 'Oh, she got lost there?'
Sergey, 'yes, but Larry found her.'

Gloria ,' Thank God. Tonight I call Parmis; Don't worry I guess she forgets soon.'
Sergey, 'Indeed?'
Gloria, 'Surely, when she sits in Larry's driverless car, she will get so excited that forgets what happened.'

Two hours went without any shopping, since fussy Gloria didn't like any T-shirts. 
Sergey looked nervous and tired up; in despair he pointed to that pink T-shirt again; it's nice?'

A big smile appeared on Gloria's lips,'Oh, yes, that's really beautiful, your are wonderful; how do you find it? I'd like to watch it.'

'Well, she stood  there, and watched that lovely T-shirt in charming silence for a while, then put it back into its place, turned , and headed to the door. 
Sergey's eyes grew big in surprises, following her, he asked ,'Why didn't you buy that T-shirt?'

Gloria, 'Oh, I remembered my daddy doesn't wear T-shirt at all.'
Sergey pressed his lips together to keep himself from saying nothing in anger., ans asked, 'and the father's present?'

Gloria shrugged, 'Tomorrow is another day, we can test Glass during shopping.'
Sergey thought, 'she drives me to distraction.'

"All the world's a Stage"

​A wry smile brought on his face, 
'Gloria, Gloria! You and Your dangerous situations! Pull a trick again?' he started laughing, '
Take a Glass &
​ ​
A Big knife with you!

As a snake the fear crept into his mind, and the smile vanished; Trick? Joke? Why? They weren't on speaking terms with each other since June 15th.  what would happened if this time she was really in danger?

Sergey turned pale, stopped thinking back, opened his eyes, and came back to the present; there was a strange expression on his face, a mixture of dread and indecision; he glanced at his smartphone's clock; 'Gee, it's too late, I must go right away.'
Sergey ran down the stairs; then he rushed to the parking lot; when he sat at the steering wheel he was so nervous that his hands were trembling, Sergey looked at himself in rear-view mirror, 'Calm, Sergey. Today is a very special day, a day for you , and this is a special occasion; Be courage , Go and prove yourself to Glory!'

Breathing deeply, he activated Navigation in his Google Glass to keep him on track, then he found a road with a light traffic, started the car , and headed toward the exit.​​

"All the world's a Stage"

​William Shakespeare ​



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