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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Forgotten Day: Catch that Tire

Change The Flat Tire & Drive

Five Driverless Cars were in lines at the start of the race. Larry and Mr. Assistant looked so excited; Glass team was talking each other, Gloria said, 'We can defeat Self-dirving team." Sergey nodded; Idea team members seemed a little nervous, Eric asked GD, 'Whose idea is this game?'

Frowning, Parmis looked at the other teams, her mom said, 'Don't worry, Parmis. We will win.' Parmis's eyes color turned pink, and murmured, 'I hope we won't stand at the last place.' Armis was chewing a pink gum, grinning.

Book team was calm and angry at the same time, Julius was juggling a football calmly, Martin's puzzled look chased his soccer ball, and Mark knitted his brows furiously.

As usual, Tina's team was supposed to work as camerawomen of this sport event. While her daddy was propping against the steering wheel of his luxury auto, watching his lovely daughter from the windshield; she was standing beside her new assistant, Mino.

Mino came near the fences, and waved her hands to the crowd, Tina told her, 'I'm so excited, Mino. This is the first time I was going to cover photography of a car racing,' then she stared at Mino, and said in a low voice, 'Do you know quality is very important, Mino?'

Mino replied firmly, 'I'm number one!'

The Auto racing had provided the stand a great many thrills, All guests had come out of the tower for watching the race. some people holding their smartphone up went by the racetrack, they much liked to take some pictures with their favorite drivers, therefore tired to jump over the wall, but it was forbidden.

Of course, the robotic cars were entirely safe, and maybe their speed didn't catch your eye, but better safe than sorry, the fences kept out the fans of dangerous , out of crashes.

Road Under Repair

It was about time, 3 , 2, 1 Go. Finally, the flag dropped, and the race started, but none of the cars moved, and no one was surprise, because each car had a flat tire.

Team Work Skill

Larry said to his teammate, 'I am good at changing tire, so only Fetch the instrument, please.' Mr. Assistant nodded, and ran toward the trunk; in a friendly manner the others began too.

On that summer afternoon, the teams worked hard in the raceway near the glassy tower; the cars lifted off the ground, the wrenches turned in the air, and the nuts fast loosened.

Mr. Assistant was swinging from the front wheel to the trunk gasping, and Larry's swift hands thought only about the Cup.

The breeze was blowing Gloria's hair about, and whenever Sergey looked at the little kids, he couldn't help laughing; Martin seemed very tired, Mark was angry with his teammate, Julius, who had been juggling his soccer ball for a half an hour.

Parmis opened the trunk, Armis helped her to take out the spare tire; Sergey shouted grinning, 'It's too heavy for little kids, I guess you need someone's help?'

Parmis bit her lower lip, 'No, thanks, Uncle Sergey. We can do it.'
Armis added, 'We are big enough.'
Sergey shrugged, 'Whatever.'

The spare came down, the little girls giggled. The tire had stood up on the course, and glanced around, 'What a sung road! That's great to roll.' but its dream faded as  Armis put her right-hand on its head, and didn't let the spare flee.

Parmis shut the trunk, and smiled at Armis, they both were ready to roll the tire towards the front wheel on the raceway. Suddenly Mino appeared with her Nexus Tablet, and shouted, 'Smile, Please!'

Parmis frowned, 'Not now, Mino. We have a lot to do.'
Pointing to Larry, Mino smirked, 'Anyway, you won't win, so take a smile!'

Parmis gazed at Armis, she seemed pleased, and Parmis didn't like to break her heart, so surrendered, she plastered a foolish smile on her face, and stood by the tire.

While Gloria was tightening the nuts with the star pattern, she said, 'That's almost finished, just Remove the blocks form the wheels, please.'
Sergey, 'All right!'

Martin handed Mark the spare tire, Mark shouted, 'Come here, Julius! we are a team, why do you do nothing? you are older than Martin, aren't you?'

Martin said in a low voice, 'Please, don't force the child! he's very sad.'

Julius got red, and threw the football with all his strength, then picked up the flat tire, and ran away.

Mark, 'Sit in the car, Martin. he will do remains.'

FREEDOM, Catch that Tire!

Mino, 'Smile, Please!'
Julius's football was jumping up and down over the course, until it came to Island team.

A cheery smile had just emerged on Armis's face, when the ball hit her, threw the little girl on the ground, and freed the tire. Now that free tire was rolling happily.

The ball running on the raceway ,until it arrived Idea group, and quickly went past the nuts; Eric replaced the spare, then he glanced around, his forehead creased a frown in surprise, 'Where are the nuts, GD?' he asked GD.
GD shrugged, 'I don't have any Ideas. '

The soccer ball was still going away, it jumped up on Glass car; Sergey bent down to take the last wooden block, the ball came down straight, and dropped on Sergey's head, he lay on the course, Gloria got out of the car, 'What happened, Sergey?'

Sergey sat up, and Screamed , 'car--car,' Gloria turned her attention to the car, it was moving forward.

Larry's car was ready, Mr. Assistant sat into his seat with a big smile, 'We will win, Larry, they are still working.'

Larry smiled, the car was ready for move, but Larry's eyes widened large from what he saw in the side mirror; Sergey and Gloria were running after their car.
Larry asked his teammate, 'Are you ready guy?' Mr. Assistant laughed, and the self-dirving car began driving away; a few minutes later, it passed Parmis, Armis and Mino, they were chasing their tire, but the tire was smarter.

Larry's auto sped up on the raceway, Mr. Assistant poured the coffee into their cups, Larry Peered into rear-view mirror two cars were coming near; Glass car and Book car.

Larry got a little worried, but the car was  smart, it accelerated, and pulled away of them,
Gloria was still chanting, 'Cut, Cut all Cars, To Glass Bring cups.'

The course was really long, Tina's car drove ahead of the others, Tina was shooting a racy video with her iPhone, and her assistant snapped lots of photos with her Nexus Tablet, Armis and Parmis were in that car, they looked at the happy crowd with tearful eyes.

After passing a quick turn, The Self-driving car accelerated more, the speedometer got red, the smart car pulled into the end of the racetrack, Larry and his teammate were so excited, four cars were following them.

The finish banner came into the view, Larry and Mr. Assistant closed their eyes, they were expected to embrace the cup, but the tire was smarter, it rolled, and shot the Finish, then stood up beside the championship cup.

Self-driving car was the first auto turned up the Finish, the car stopped, Larry and Mr. Assistant got off, the fans raced toward them, and snapped a lot of pictures.

As Parmis saw the tire by the cup, wiped her tears, ran and hugged the tire cheerfully, and shouted, 'We won, We won.'

Larry's forehead wrinkled in a frown in surprise, he smirked, 'We won, Parmis! our car arrived first.'

Parmis, 'No, first our tire arrived here!'
Sergey said to Larry, grinning, 'She's in the right, their tire passed the end line before your car! ;)'
Larry, 'What a trick!'

Parmis's mom laughed, 'Hooray! We won, I told Parmis that we would win.' ;)
Armis and Parmis hugged each other, The Cup awarded to Self-driving and Island teams jointly.


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