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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Forgotten Day: Love is Fragile

Attach The Hearts

The strange calmness surrounded wherever; the man washed his hands, and got ready for surgery; but he felt a little jittery, his heart was beating faster, he looked up at the sky for a while, then he brought a calm smile on his face, and walked firmly towards the operation table.

The threaded needles, the waiting hearts, and plenty of heart-shaped buttons were there on the table, and the smell of operation felt, those could scare everyone but Sergey.

Needle, thread, button reminded him of a few months ago, when Sergey did up buttons of Gloria's dress in that dreadful shopping center , how difficult it was! and next a button dropped and he had to sew it, the expression on Sergey's face showed his high self-confidence, he took a threaded needles, a heart ans some buttons ,and started sewing.

That contest was a bit tricky, but tasty; the per contestant should sew 41 fruity buttons on a tender cake, in the end, he presented it to her sweetheart. 

Mr. Assistant thought this contest was so silly, he sewed only one button. Mino's daddy couldn't hold that heart-shaped fruity buttons, he believed they were too slippy, so ate all of his buttons. Armis's daddy worked hard.

In the end, Sergey filled his cake with 41 fruity buttons, and presented his beautiful work to his beloved. While Gloria was weeping, she said, 'I can't have this cake, I keep it as memorial.'

Ice Bucket & Hurdles

This one was very terrific; there were 2 threats for the racers; the ice buckets which were hanging from the ceiling, and the hurdles were on the floor.

The racers had to jumped over the hurdles rapidly.

Mark could hurdled fast, and won this contest. Sabine was so clever, she was dressed in a raincoat toke part in this race.


The whole couples had to take part in this race. There was no soccer ball, just a bunch of beautiful flowers.

A couple stood opposite each other, one of them threw a bunch of flowers to her/ his mate, and the other caught it.

Sergey threw a bunch to Gloria for 66 times, and she caught it every time.

Their pure love impressed the guests.

​Open Your Pretty Presents, See Your ​Friends attention

Opening the presents always are the most interesting part of every birthday party, aren't they?

The small parcel had stood out among the gifts; a lot of glitzy stars were shining on it, Sergey wondered, 'That's from Parmis.'

He moved his hand towards the pretty gift, a cheery smile emerged on Parmis's face. Sergey opened the package, 'Oh, Hedgehog slippers!? How beautiful, I love them,' and turned his look to Larry, but he knew nothing of that.

Larry shrugged, 'I'm blessed if I know.' Sergey lifted one eyebrow in surprise, Larry pointed to the smallest package that tied with a yellow ribbon, 'That's my present.'

Sergey asked, 'Then whose gift is it?'
Mino showed Parmis.
Parmis laughed.

About 2 months ago, Larry handed Sergey a pair of slippers, he thought it wasn't interesting to gave slippers again, as a result he elected a different present; by the way, Parmis imagined Uncle Sergey's birthday wouldn't be funny without slippers, then she purchased those hedgehog slippers. They were really lovely.

Sergey tied out Larry's parcel ribbon. Sergey's eyes grew large, 'What a surprise, Larry!'
He stared at Larry's eyes, 'Deed??'
Larry glowed, 'Don't mention, Sergey. this glassy tower is my present to you. Its rooftop ice-cream shop has a splendid view.'

Sergey's eyes shone, 'Thanks, Larry. You are as good as gold.'

Eric's present was a book; "How Google Works!"
Sergey got excited, 'Oh, thanks Eric, my library needs this book.'

Sergey opened his parents' presents, a set  of 12 ice-cream dishes from his mom, and a big Rubik' cube from his daddy, this Rubik was decorative , and was designed as like a Matryoshka : 41 small Rubik's cubes of decreasing size placed one inside the other.

Sergey hugged his parents, and thanked a lot, 'They are really lovely.'

Next present, A funny painting with light and bright colors was presented by GD.
Sergey and Gloria standing on a Google Glass were making Olivier Salad.

Sergey laughed, 'I will hang it in Glass office.'

He was astonished at Rocky's gift, it was almost big, when Sergey wrapped out the package, and looked at 41 tissue boxes which placed inside a big carton, Rocky grinned, 'For your pure tears, dear Sergey!'

Sergey knitted his brows, he didn't like this one, but he recalled this proverb, 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.' and brought a fixed smile on his face.

But All of the guests had some curiosity about that amazing present, it was a very thick blue book with Facebook logo on it from Mark. The book had about one billion pages, and it was so heavy that Sergey couldn't lift up, and its name was, 'What you know about Mark Zuckerberg.'

Sergey opened the book, his eyes grew big, then he came to the next page, but his surprise was even more, Sergey turned over and over, but ...

Mark had a wry smile on his face, the visitors started laughing, all the pages were quite blank.

Martin said, 'Please, accept me this perfect app besides one dollar. my salary is one dollar like you.'

Sergey stroked his head, 'thanks, Martin. You are very smart, Congratulations!'

Do you like a show?

Armis and Mino performed a comic play on the stage, this was their present to Uncle Sergey. The play was the quarrel between Sergey and Rocky.

Mino acted the part of Rocky, and Armis was in part of Sergey. Their perform was so funny that the audience couldn't force laughs back.

Rocky cheered them on, Sergey brought a meaning smile on his lips.

Tina stood closer, and pointed at a beautiful package, 'Please, open my gift, Uncle Sergey.'

Mino said to Armis, 'I bet Uncle Sergey doesn't like to tied out this parcel, everyone can guess her gift, a photo or a video,'
Armis nodded, 'yeah, I'm fed up with her videos.'

But when Sergey tied out the parcel's ribbon, the children's mouth dropped open, a shell castle.

Tina explained,  'I spent much time to build this castle, about the whole summer, I hope you like it.'

Sergey'y looked so happy, 'Thanks, Tina. That's terrific, I love it.'

Parmis's mom promised to write a story of Sergey's birthday. Sergey said, 'Thanks, I don't have much time to read your stories, but I don't want to break your heart; Feel free, write it.'

One Day else you were Off

And Gloria

She handed Sergey a notebook, that was Gloria's poetry collection: "One day else you were off." + 66 bunch of fresh flowers.

The notebook had 66 pages, one poem was in per page, and the poems were
rhymed in 66 days; 66 days without Sergey.

Sergey felt the tears was running down on his cheeks, 'Ooooh, Gloria!'

When all the parcels opened, Sergey said, 'I don't know what to say, I'm very proud to have family and friends like you, it seems that I should rent a lorry to carry your favor home, thanks for your lovely gifts :)." his eyes were filled with tears, the tears of joy.

Larry came onto the stage, and performed the melody, 'Tears from joy' for several times.

66 Days After Quarrel

It was almost dinner time, the dinner and cake served in the rooftop ice-cream shop, while dinner Sergey rose from his seat for a short speech; "

"Friends, Today was one of the best days of my life, thank you, Larry. 66 days ago, Gloria and I had a quarrel, we much terribly argued with each other,  she got on my nerves, and I did the same.
after that, unfortunately,  we split up.

I didn't know what to do, I had a mixture of feelings : love and angry. I loved her, but I felt cheated, and the Time, it hung heavy, my bitter days passed one after that another without her, I missed her, and I came to myself when I was rather late, really late, and I didn't still know what to do.

One day Parmis told me, 'You looked too weary, Uncle Sergey. I think you need a doctor.'

Well, I saw a doctor that day, I said, 'I felt exhausted, Doctor.'
He took a look at me, and gave me some tablets, and advised me to take one tablet every noon ,and go on the internet, chat online ;and I did them.

And guess what? every midday a glass was on my desk. it showed Gloria was worried about me, she missed me, and so did I.

How sad! I was headstrong, or maybe I feared, I didn't know, but I supposed Gloria would come back soon,but nothing happened, and 66 days went.

Now, I know Love is Fragile, and should take care of it.

We , Gloria and I, fell in love in a few minutes, and the writer wrote only one paragraph.

Our glassy love cracked in a moment, and the writers wrote only one page.

This breakup lasted 66 days, we 66 days spend time to mend the broken glass, and the writer wrote, wrote and wrote, until her writing got a book." the audience laughed.

Now we both learned a lot about glass, love and glassy love. We know Love is Fridge, it should handle with care. Thank you all."

The Party was going with a swing; in the end, a small glassy tower as memorial  dedicated to the all visitors, and the tribe melted around gladly.

Best Wishes



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