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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sorry & A Fact About Me

صبح بخیر

We had a molasses candy pull last Friday evening, given by the house matron of Fergussen to the left-behinds in the other halls. There were twenty-two of us altogether, Freshmen and Sophomores and juniors and Seniors all united in amicable accord. The kitchen is huge, with copper pots and kettles hanging in rows on the stone wall--the littlest casserole among them about the size of a wash boiler. Four hundred girls live in Fregussen. The chef, in a white cap and apron, fetched out twenty-two other white caps and aprons-- I can't imaging where he got so many--and we all turned ourselves into cooks.
molasses ملاس
copper مس
accord قرارداد
casserole ظروف خوراک پزی سفالی یا شیشه ای
apron پیشبند
amicable دوستانه، دوست داشتنی
copper با مس اندودن ،مس یا ترکیبات مسی به کار بردن
to fetch رفتن و) آوردن)

جمعه ی گذشته در عمارت فرگوسن جشن شیرینی پزان داشتیم. به طور مجموع 22 نفر از دانشجویان سال اول-دوم-سوم و چهارم بودیم. در عمارت فرگوسن آشپزخانه بزرگتر است و ظروف مسی شامل کتری ، تابه ، دیگ و خیلی چیزهای دیگر را دور تا دور دیوار سنگی آویزان کرده اند ، آنجا چهارصد دختر زندگی می کنند.
سر آشپز آنجا کلاه و پیشبند سفید داشت برای ما بیست و دو پیشبندسفید و کلاه آورد و ما آنها را پوشیدیم و درست شبیه آشپزها شدیم .

10 آوریل

آقای ثروتمند عزیز،

چک 50 دلاری شما را پس فرستادم، از لطف شما بسیار تشکر می کنم، اما نمی توانم آن را قبول کنم. همین پول ماهانه کافی است که برای خودم کلاه بخرم. من شرمنده ام که آن موضوعات را در مورد آن کلاه فروشی برایتان نوشتم، دلیلش این بود که پیش از این چنین مغازه و فروشگاهی را ندیده بودم.

به هر حال قصد من از تعریف آن موضوع گدایی کردن نبود و ترجیح می دهم که بیش از آنچه مجبور هستم اعانه قبول نکنم.

ارادتمند شما
جروشا آبوت


11th April
Dearest Daddy,

Will you please forgive me for the letter I wrote you yesterday? After I posted it I was sorry, and tried to get it back, but that beastly mail clerk wouldn't give it back to me.

It's the middle of the night now; I've been awake for hours thinking what a Worm I am--what a Thousand-legged Worm--and that's the worst I can say! I've closed the door very softly into the study so as not to wake Julia and Sallie, and am sitting up in bed writing to you on paper torn out of my history note-book.

I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry I was so impolite about your cheque. I know you meant it kindly, and I think you're an old dear to take so much trouble for such a silly thing as a hat. I ought to have returned it very much more graciously.

But in any case, I had to return it. It's different with me than with other girls. They can take things naturally from people. They have fathers and brothers and aunts and uncles; but I can't be on any such relations with any one. I like to pretend that you belong to me, just to play with the idea, but of course I know you don't. I'm alone, really--with my back to the wall fighting the world--and I get sort of gaspy when I think about it. I put it out of my mind, and keep on pretending; but don't you see, Daddy? I can't accept any more money than I have to, because some day I shall be wanting to pay it back, and even as great an author as I intend to be won't be able to face a PERFECTLY TREMENDOUS debt.

I'd love pretty hats and things, but I mustn't mortgage the future to pay for them.

You'll forgive me, won't you, for being so rude? I have an awful habit of writing impulsively when I first think things, and then posting the letter beyond recall. But if I sometimes seem thoughtless and ungrateful, I never mean it. In my heart I thank you always for the life and freedom and independence that you have given me. My childhood was just a long, sullen stretch of revolt, and now I am so happy every moment of the day that I can't believe it's true. I feel like a made-up heroine in a story-book.

It's a quarter past two. I'm going to tiptoe out to post this off now. You'll receive it in the next mail after the other; so you won't have a very long time to think bad of me.

Good night Daddy,
I love you always,

Best Wishes



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