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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Mad Idea

💞Happy Valentine's Day​💞

Uncle Larry, " Had you told her that you loved her?"
Texas shakes his head, " No, it was quite obvious that I loved her, everyone knew it."

Uncle Larry grins, " No, it was quite obvious for you, but not for her. She was unable to read your mind, you should have told her this."

Texas, " Really? but I didn't dare to tell her this- I'm very shy."
_, "Man, be bold! You don't need to have much courage to get a date with a girl, it's so easy."
Texas," Salvador thinks the same, he's dated all the girls in the village."
Larry, " Really? How many girls are there in your village?"
__, " Only two, Zaviera and Leonora."
Larry asks with a grin, " Only Two?! you must be joking!"
Texas frowns, " No, Large numbers of people left the village for work, so a small number of people live there at present... Last Saturday, I found a good article on Date in wikiHow, well, it was so amazing that I decided to ask Zaviera for a date in a few days," he sighs deeply, " But it didn't turn out like I intended-- I made a great mistake, I showed the article to my best friend, Salvador, and asked him, " What do you make of this?" he laughed at me, " wikiHow? A Teen magazine? aren't you mad?" and the next night he invited her for dinner. I hate him, he isn't my friend any longer."
Larry, " Oh, were you certain that he told you the truth? all the boys tell lies about their dates, maybe he made the story up not to give your money back."
Texas nods his head and says nothing. The line moves, Uncle Larry takes a step forward, but Texas is so deep in thought that he doesn't notice this and stands at the same place. Uncle Larry calls him, " Don't stand there, come here." Texas comes, smiling. Uncle Larry asks, " What happened next?" After a deep breath Texas says, "

" I shouted, " Bring my money right away, I must buy the bus ticket."
Salvador said, " Don't raise your voice, Why do you want to go by bus when train is free?" and hanged up on me." I had no choice except that I accepted his mad idea, so I got ready for trip: A photo of my father, some packs of cigarette with a lighter, 500 pesos, 5 water bottles, 20 big potatoes, a woolen pullover, first aid kit, flashlight, whistle, some rope, a knife and a CD were all I put into my backpack."
Larry asks, " Why CD?"
Texas, " For signaling mirror-- The desert is so dangerous and CD is shiny enough."
Uncle Larry, " Oh, I didn't know this."
Texas, " Yes, you can make a signal mirror with a CD. Then  I wrote a letter to Zaviera in Spanish."
Uncle Larry, " What did you write to her?"
Texas laughs, " It wasn't long like my story." Dear Zaviera, The wedding is off, because I'm off to California after Sunrise. Now I needn't a day off. :(
I have two odd socks, I present one of them to you. Please, Come to California to see me.
Lots of love,Julio"
I folded the paper and put it with one sock in an envelope, then slept.

💞Happy Valentine's Day​💞

Best Wishes


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