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Monday, February 8, 2016

I'm going to America, Salvador

" Do not you think I had to agree with that Apple Expert?"

Uncle Larry's eyebrows are raised in surprise, " Where does you mother work? Does she work for the Apple? is she an engineer?"

Texas giggles, " No, she isn't. Since she was a little girl, she's worked in the farms. I don't know whether she went to school or not, but she is such a bright and smart woman that she works in a very large apple orchard now."

Uncle Larry smiles, " A large apple farm, how pretty!"

Texas continues," Mother said, "The apple harvest is coming up. I have a great plan for making money, Come soon, I'm looking forward to seeing you." I trusted her completely, so I decided to try my luck and go to the United States. Well, I had a problem, I could not afford the bus fare to Nogales, therefore, I had to call Salvador and asked for my money back. Salvador was my best friend, last year he borrowed a thousand pesos from me and never paid it. On the phone, I asked, " I need some money, May you bring me some money?"
_, " What? Since your firing, only Two hours have gone by, and you ran out of money, how soon!! isn't it surprising, what are you doing Texas?"

_, " No, I'm not out of money, but I'm going to America."
_, " Great! I'll come with you, but without money, I have no money."

_, " That's a lie,  Saturday night you said you saved up $200."
Salvador let out a deep sigh, " Oh yes, at that night I had 200 dollars, but the next night when I asked a girl out, all my saving was spent."

_, " A girl? who?"
_, "Zaviera. Don't invite her to go out with you- she wants expensive dinner."
_, " How could you do this with me? you knew that I--"

He shouted at me, " Don't blame me, it's all your fault, if you didn't tempt me with that article, I wouldn't date her- I liked to date someone, and there was only one option for me, because I'd dated the other village girls earlier."

Texas breaks off in the middle of his story, and pulls his cigarette pack out nervously. Uncle Larry gives a little cough to catch his attention. Texas glows with embarrassment, " Sorry, I forgot you." quickly puts back the pack into his pocket. Uncle Larry feels sorry for the heartbroken man, he reminds him of Sergey, he asks in a tender voice," You love her, don't you?"

Texas begins weeping bitterly, " Yeah, I really love her, I'm not like Salvador, the bee that is going from flower to flower. I'd like to marry her. I tired hard to attract her attention, but she paid no attention to me, she ignored me easily, she is blind to kindness."

Uncle Larry, " Had you told her that you loved her?"
Texas shakes his head, " No, it was quite obvious that I loved her, everyone knew it."

Uncle Larry grins, " No, it was quite obvious for you, but not for her. She wasn't able to read your mind, you should have told her this."

Texas, " Really? but I didn't dare to tell her this- I'm very shy."

_, Man, be bold! You don't need to have much courage to get a date with a girl, it's so easy."

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