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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Autographed T-shirts

Texas smiles proudly, " I didn't make any mistakes, Larry. Although, I missed the other socks a few years ago, they were very special, too. In fact, my father had two pairs of special socks: a pair of striped socks and a pair of signed socks. No one in the village knows they are missing, even Salvador."

A sweet smile comes to Larry's lips, the autographed socks remind him of last winter, when Mino tried to deceive her classmates into buying the T-shirts autographed by Uncle Larry and Sergey. Neither Larry nor Sergey had signed them, Mino had printed their signatures on the t-shirts. Uncle Larry warned her off forgery, " Don't fake anyone's signing, or else you'll got into trouble with the police." Mino said, "As a young entrepreneur, I thought that it was an amazing idea. I only wanted to make some money, Uncle. I didn't want to bring shame on the family name. Now I what to do with all those autographed t-shirts of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs?". Texas asks sadly, " Are you bored with this boring story?" Larry shakes his head, "No, I enjoy. Keep on telling."

Texas, " Thanks, you are amazing! yes, when Queen Sofia of Spain traveled to Mexico in 1983, my father put a pair of new white socks in a pretty envelope and handed the Queen. He tried his luck to get the Queen's autograph. Although, the queen didn't like to sign, my father didn't give in. He persisted and persisted, until the Queen accepted," he sighs deeply, " I liked them very much. Unluckily, I lost them last fall as I was on a business trip to Guadalajara. They were in my suitcase that I've not yet known where missed."

Uncle Larry, " What, In 1983? I thought that you lived in America at that time?"

Texas, " Yes, we did, but we like Spain so much that we took a trip to Mexico to welcome the Queen of Spain. After greeting the queen and getting the autograph we quickly got back to Texas."

Uncle Larry hardly forces himself not to smile, " Oh, wherever I go, I meet interesting people. It's surprising for me that you both couldn't cross the border again!"

Texas shakes his head sadly, " No, Larry, it's not surprising at all. At first my father was long and the wall was too short, in fact invisible. Then the wall began growing fast, but my father began shrinking. While it was getting higher and higher, he was getting tinier and tinier, until he was invisible."

Uncle Larry feels sorry for Julio's father, " Poor man! how old was he when he passed away?"

Texas switches the topic, " What a pity that I missed the Queen's autograph!"

Grinning, Uncle Larry says, " Parmis never asks for an autograph, she gets a celebrity signature from Wikipedia. She always prints my signature on he invitation cards, this child is very nimble!"

Texas, Parmis? is she your daughter?"
Uncle Larry, " No, she is--"



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