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Thursday, February 25, 2016

We think very highly of him!

As soon as his sentence is completed, all the children begin jumping around for joy. A sunny smile comes to his lips, Uncle Larry is very happy to see their happiness, he softly fingers the guitar strings, then says to Parmis, " Thank you for the guitar, it is fantastic! I really need this, you are very friendly, Parmis! Where have you been until now? Did you have a nice day?"

Her eyes shine with excitement, " Oh yes. Our friends don't speak English, but they know how to play Hide and Seek, we had a great time--" Mino interrupts her, " But Tina ruined our day as she disappeared."
Uncle Larry looks rather shocked, " What?"

Parmis laughs," Don't fear, she turned up! well, when we were playing hide-and-seek, Tina vanished. So we walked around the town and looked at the store-windows until we found the guitar and bought it. We were fully disappointed, we kept on searching for her, however. In the end, she turned up in front of a small television store. Tina was leaning against a big tree, amusing herself watching TV."

Uncle Larry frowns at Tina. Armis laughs, " We were not alone, Sister María also came with us."  Mino nods, " Yes, and all these children."
Tina shrugs her shoulders, " I only tried to find somewhere to hide, doesn't it mean hide-and-seek?"

Mino swallows hard, " You are getting on my nerves, Tina! We looked for you the whole town. We walked about two hour and got tired out. Now you say it is hide-and-seek? have a heart, I may die of the hunger!"
Tina, " I'm sorry, I didn't mean that."
Uncle Larry smiles at Mino, " Calm down! we'll soon call Uncle Sergey, then eat lunch."

Tina's watch is glistering brightly in the sunlight, Tina grins and reminds Mino of the time that dinning room starts serving food, " Wait just three hours!", it makes her cry. Mino stamps on the ground and shouts, " I'm hungry, I'm very hungry."

Uncle Larry's cheeks get red with embarrassment. Sister María strokes Mino's hair, " Calm down, you must do as your uncle tells you."
Mino replies, crying, " I'd like to be a nice girl, but I'm very hungry." Tina feels sorry for her, " We must go to a restaurant."
Armis narrows her eyes at her, " The best restaurant in the town?"
Tina shrugs, " I don't mind-- a Pizzeria or a fast-food restaurant are also fine. I'm not hungry, however."

Parmis stares at Mino with worried eyes, Uncle Larry tries to calm her down, " Look, we are nearing the telephone."

The little girls glance at the people in line and shake their heads sadly, then Tina says, Smirking, " I hope Mino will be alive after you would call home." her words make a good laugh. Mino jabs her with her elbow and shouts at her, " iPhone! Calm down, before I calm you down!"

Poor Uncle Larry lets out a loud sigh, once again he doesn't know what to do, at the same time his godfather appears at the telephone ministry, Texas shouts happily, " Guess who is coming here?"
Uncle Larry, " Do you know Pedro?"
Texas, " Yes, most Mexican immigrants know him. Man, he's amazing! we think very highly of him, he's devoted his lifetime to take Mexicans to the States," suddenly his face grows serious as a bitter smile emerges on Larry's face, he raises his voice, " Don't Smirk-- he isn't like a smuggler, he is a noble! Pedro's story is even more sorrowful than mine, when he was a little boy, his family left Mexico for America, it was a terrible summer, the heat of the sun was so unbearable that his mother couldn't endure that and died in the desert, the poor woman died young! Little Pedro was deeply affected by her death. Later, he got back to Mexico with a grand mission: saving immigrants' lives. Pedro helps them cross the border safely."
Uncle Larry, " Oh, what a nice man!"
Texas nods, " A real noble!"

Right at this moment, Pedro comes up to them, greets and says with excitement, " Good News! now we have a wonderful tunnel, so we'll be in Los Angels a week from now!"
Uncle Larry, " No, thank you. As soon as I'll call home, my brother will come here."
Texas smirks, " Don't be too hopeful, he won't come."

Mino asks, " Now that Uncle Pedro has come, we can go to the restaurant?" 
Immediately Pedro responds, " Why not? my friend's restaurant is near, let's go!" Larry's face is getting red, but his feeling of embarrassment vanishes rapidly as Pedro adds, " I treat you to a tasty lunch!"

Mino licks her lips when she heard of lunch, Parmis nods to her new friends and asks, " How about our friends? May they also come with us?"
Pedro, " Naturally! Can you guess what we're having for lunch?"
Armis, " Pasta?"
Tina, " Pizza?"
Parmis, " Rice with Bean?"
Mino, " Hamburger with French fries?"
Pedro, " Yes, you guessed right, Mino."

The little girls begin jumping up and down, they are really excited at thought of going to the restaurant. However, Uncle Larry is worried, he turns to Texas, " So I must wait until tomorrow."
Texas nods, " How great! I'm tired, too. Let's split up and meet back here tomorrow after breakfast."
Pedro asks, " Why don't you come with us?"
Texas hesitates for a few minutes, finally he changes his mind and accepts Pedro's invitation. Then they all set off for the restaurant.

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