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Thursday, February 18, 2016

You know the rest of the Story

" It was in the closing minutes of the game, when I scored the winning goal. Gonzalo passed the football to me, and I quickly kicked it into the goal, yes with the same the green, white and red stripped socks. And at the same time I saw your mother."

A small smile plays across Texas's lips, " Larry, you know the rest of the story, Love blossomed between the two of them, and they married. On the wedding day, my father presented my mother those striped socks. The pair of socks were with mother until father was deported. About two weeks later, a letter came from mother with one of the socks. My mother had written to him, " Honey, bring me back to life." The sock remained here, because Poor dad," Texas bursts into tears, " he wasn't able to cross the border."

Uncle Larry, " Oh, how romantic! Anyway, if I were you, I would hand her the sock earlier."

Texas, " No, I believe that it's unlucky to give someone only one sock. I hoped that we would marry until my mother would attend our wedding ceremony, next I, " his eyes shine, " I could have presented Zaviera the pair of socks as a ring."

A wry smile creeps over Larry's face, as if he discovered a big error, he says, " Okay, I agree with you that the striped socks are out of the ordinary, but you also accept that you made a mistake, when you wrote to her that you had two odd socks! if one was quite out of the ordinary, the other one was quite the ordinary, wasn't it?"

Texas smiles proudly, " I didn't make any mistakes, Larry. Although, I missed the other socks a few years ago, they were very special, too. In fact, my father had two pairs of special socks: a pair of striped socks and a pair of signed socks. No one in the village knows they are missing, even Salvador."




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