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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All things come to him who waited

Texas, Parmis? is she your daughter?"

Uncle Larry responds, " No, she is my niece. She--" the words hover on his mind as the air is filled with shrieks of laughter. Uncle Larry quickly looks around and notices a group of noisy children run around the yard, shouting with laughter, "Uncle Larry, Uncle Larry." Parmis is running ahead, she has a guitar in her hands. Tina is walking lazily last, she is carrying a pile of letters. Texas stares at Larry with startled eyes, " How many kids! Are they all your nieces and nephews?" Uncle Larry smiles, " Nope, I only know four of them, besides Sister María. "

The children form a circle around Uncle Larry, then start speaking to him all together. Parmis looks so excited, " Uncle Larry, I have a Surprise for you!" Pointing at the letters Armis asks, " May you sign these invitation letters, Uncle?" Mino says with a big grin, " These are  the Mexican children we made friends with." Parmis, " Look, I bring you something amazing- A Guitar! " she hands the guitar to him, " Can you like it, Uncle?"

Uncle Larry draws his eyebrows together in a frown, " No, whose guitar is this?"
Parmis's smile vanishes, " Yours, I exchanged my watch for the guitar." Uncle Larry swallows hard, " Your watch?" Parmis nods, " Yeah, we didn't need it any longer- it was five minutes fast." Uncle glows with embarrassment, " Thanks, but I needn't a guitar."
Tina, " Don't worry, Uncle Larry. I have still my watch." Mino admits her saying, " Yes, it can say to us the right time- we know it is lunchtime now."

Uncle Larry looks up at the blue sky, the golden sun is shining in the heart of the sky. The children are quite right to be hungry as it is midday. However, Uncle Larry wouldn't like to leave the line, then he says firmly, " Not now. We'll call Uncle Sergey first, and go to the dinning room afterward." Poor Mino goes pale, " No, I'm really hungry." Sister María stroke her hair softly, " You have to be patient, as El Comedor serves the next meal at 4 o'clock. Remember that all things come to her who waited."
Uncle Larry asks unbelievably, " Really?"
Texas laughs, " Didn't you know this? they provide meals for deportees twice a day."
Suddenly Mino's face grows serious, she glances at Tina's watch and begins crying aloud, " At 4 O'clock! you're pulling my leg, aren't you?"
 Sister María smiles, " Not at all."
Mino purses her lips, " Sister, Forget me, please think about Tina. This poor girl is much hungrier than I am, as she ate a light breakfast."

All eyes turn to Tina, the poor girl feels embarrassed and says, " Please, Don't worry about me! I'm OK. I'm not hungry at all, but I'm tired. Whose turn is to hold these letters?"
Armis smiles at her, " It's my turn, I guess. "
Parmis is surprised, " Are they too heavy to carry?"
Mino says," No, Tina has no energy because of hunger."
Uncle Larry asks, " What are those?"
Armis, " Invitation letters. We decided to invite our Mexican friends to America, as soon as we will get back to Google. Do you sign them for us?"

Uncle Larry somewhat nervously replies, " No, I don't know them."
Parmis frowns at him, " But we knew. All children have the right to be with their parents! these children have the same right, they only want to see their fathers again."

Uncle Larry stares at that angry child for a while, then turns his attention to that depressed man, Texas, and notices a teardrop shining in the man's eyes. Uncle Larry brings a bitter smile on his lips, " All right, tonight I'll decide whether I sign them or not." As soon as his sentence is completed, all the children begin jumping around for joy.



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