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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Golden Potao

Uncle Larry, " What did you write to her?"
Texas laughs, " It wasn't long like my story." Dear Zaviera, The wedding is off, because I'm off to California after Sunrise. Now I needn't a day off. :(
I have two odd socks, I present one of them to you. Please, Come to California to see me."
I folded the paper and put it with that sock in an envelope, then slept."
Uncle Larry's eyebrows are raised in surprise, " An odd sock as a gift! You are very Odd, Texas! why? did you try to make a fool of her?"
Texas draws his bushy eyebrows quickly together, "No way! I tried to make her happy-- I love Zaviera and she loves stockings and socks. Once, her grandfather owned the greatest socks manufacture in Mexico city, and now she owned the greatest stockings-socks collection in the world."
Uncle Larry, " How funny! so why didn't you present her both?"
A grin spreads across his face, " Well, I try every trick in the book in order not to miss her. In fact, I didn't have two odd socks, I had only one sock."
Uncle Larry can't help laughing, " Ha ha ha! They you tried to fool her into coming after you? who goes abroad just for a sock?"
Texas pauses and takes a deep breath, " Zaviera, she may travel around the world in search of a special sock, and that sock with green, white and red strips is quite out of the ordinary, everyone in the country knows this."
Uncle Larry, " Really?"
--, " Yes, the pair of socks, which belonged to my father, remind us of our team's glory days in 1970s, when we beat our neighbor in the football match and won the Golden Potato for the first time. They brought our country and my father Glory and Riches."
--, " Was your father a soccer player?"
Texas's eyes sparkle with excitement, "Yeah, he was. Father is all time highest goalscorer in our country with 1 goal," he lets out a small sigh, " well, the people of my country are very fond of soccer, but our team is really poor... Father told the story of his own goal several times,
" Julio! It was raining. Lots of people, about one hundred, packed into the stadium to watch the match. I put on my new socks and brown slippers, and ran into the football field. "
"The first half passed without a signal score, our team and fans were very happy, because we had not lost to my strong team yet. It was raining non-stop."

" When the second half began, the field was full of puddles, and so slippery that I slipped and fell down, my slippers were fully muddy, I removed them and kept on chasing the football until I stole the Golden potato."
" It was in the closing minutes of the game, when I scored the winning goal. Gonzalo passed the football to me and I quickly kicked it into the goal, yes with the same the green, white and red striped socks I got into the goal. And at the same time I saw your mother."

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