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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Sun rises or sets?

_, " Then why you crossed the border?"
_, " What a question to ask! It's quite obvious, just for work. I wanted to work, but there was no work in the village. So I decided to immigrate. Unluckily, the numbers of jobs has fallen off in this year, we see every year fewer and fewer people in work, and wages, they've been frozen. I worked day and night, but I earned a little money."

_, " How sad! what did you do?"

The Apple Expert

_, " I worked on Zaviera's farm. We were growing potatoes in the field. I enjoyed my job and worked very hard, but I was in trouble with my boss for always coming to work late. And Why I was Late? well, just for the Sunrise."

" Our village is a beautiful part of the world. It is ringed with wooded hills. I love walking in the hills. Every morning I rose early to greet the First light. I hiked up that hill overlooking the river. I sat on the hilltop where I could admired the beautiful scenery, listening to my favorite Rock music. I looked at the Green potato fields below, the Brown mountains covered in Blue haze, and the Pinks and Yellows of the Sunrise. What a magnificent view! Then I glanced at my watch and got up quickly, it was time to go. I jogged and the sun followed me. As my shadow shrank, Zaviera's farm came to view. I was late again, and Zaviera was angry as usual."

" Last Monday, she said to me, " Be on time or else you will be dismissed." I thought she was just joking, so I didn't take her threat serious. The following day, when the sun was rising in the sky, she texted me, " Lo siento mucho. El sol se pone. (= I'm very sorry. The sun sets.)" I got up, but  I didn't go to work. Instead, I went back home in tears. As my eyes dropped to a potato box which placed out of the house, I found that I had guessed right. in fact, it meant, " Out-of-work". "

" Well, I was fired, so I called my mother and told her I had lost my job. She said, " My dear, Come back here. September is drawing near, we've gotten plenty of work to do. I'll put you to work.""

"At first, I didn't accept, because I didn't like to leave the village. But she tired to persuade me to go there, " I'd like for us to work together, we can make plenty of money. Plus, I promise you If you don't run a red light, you'll get a new iPhone." A new-brand iPhone!! My heart jumped to hear its sweet name. I, like everyone else, liked to have a silver iPhone, Zaviera also bought the one recently. I imagined how much she got excited to see me with a silver iPhone," Wow! You bought the same iPhone as mine? were are very well matched." At once, I admitted, " Yeah, this is a clear sign that we are together."
Do not you think I had to agree with that Apple Expert?"

Uncle Larry's eyebrows are raised in surprise, " Where does you mother work? Does she work for the Apple? is she an engineer?"

Texas giggles, " No, she isn't. Since she was a little girl, she's worked in the farms. I don't know whether she went to school or not, but she is such a bright and smart woman that she works in a very large apple orchard in California now."


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