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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Life is full of surprise

Drop in for Coffee if you are nearby

The birds are flying high in the blue sky; the assistants are running around to prepare the scene, everyone is excited.

In the morning sunlight, the Glass coffee shop seems hot and inflated, there is no free table.

The cool breeze passes over the tower, and blows Gloria's hair about, she leads last visitors to their seats, and wonders, " We need another few chairs."

At the rooftop coffee shop is expected to be held a live cooking show in a few minutes, Drop in for free coffee and pancakes if you are nearby.

The aroma of hazel coffee swirls around to remind us of the host show,  Chef Larry. So, Where is He? no one exactly knows, all the people have been invited the TV show come, but Larry , as if he is hidden.

Although Larry is visible on the show posters all over the city, unfortunately, he has not seen on air. The TV producer constantly glances at the cafe clock, his expression shows his anger, the audience is also worried about Larry, they are searching for Larry in the sky.

Finally, the hot air balloon comes into view, the producer looks at the clock, it is 10 A.M as Larry arrives at the studio, a wry smile emerges on Gloria's face, she says to the producer " I had said that Mr. Page was always on time, haven't I? " the man nods, " Yeah."

As the hot air balloon is right over the tower, Larry waves hello to the audience and shouts, " hi, I'm glad to meet you all, thank you."

The people wave back, and started clapping him, they are looking forward to seeing him on the stage, Larry is going to descend on rooftop with help his friend, Sergey.

The trailer the same shows up the Glass tower. Sergey climbs out, and wants Flora to stay in the car, " We don't know what will happen, if the balloon can't land, please chase it." Sergey says, so Flora remains down, in her car.

Pilot Larry is ready to touch down that Parmis's smartphone rings. Suddenly, the sun hides behind the clouds. Parmis shouts with laughter, " Martin... it's on the phone."

The TV camera zooms in the pilot, now Larry is visible for one minute on air, the TV viewers' look are fixed on the TV screen, all those who are watching the live show are concerned if Larry will be able to land the balloon on the rooftop or not?

As soon as Parmis touches the green button, a whirlwind blows and pulls the balloon off.The four little girls start shrieking as Pilot Larry struggles to steer the balloon toward the Glass tower; however the wind is strong enough to carry the balloon away.

Flora chases the hot air balloon in her trailer at high speed, she sees the balloon going to the suburbs, it puts her mind at rest, suddenly something strange happens, the balloon vanished, what has happened? Flora is completely confused, she checks the on-board radio, this one is more unbelievable, no signals are received from the radio, Flora stops to call Gloria.

The spectators are still puzzled by the unexpected whirlwind that Sergey appears on the stage, he walks into the kitchen, " Hello, Friends... Don't worry, everything is great, it was only a surprise! The life is full of surprise! I have another surprise for you ,,,, I'm gonna show you how to cook the best pancakes, are you ready? ....and I put your mind at rest,  Don't worry about our balloonists,  our passengers are safe, and Glass trailer will take it soon,... Now Please, Notice our cooking show."

Gloria murmurs, " Can you really cook?"
Sergey, " Larry can so It must be easy, besides I have an assistant, " he points at Gloria.

The wind drifts the balloon to a remote area. The three little girls keeps screaming, only one fearless girl, Tina, is brave enough to record the moments of near their death, she is taking video tearfully, and what about  Uncle Larry,  he is not able to contact with on-board radio, so begins to calm the girls, " There, there ... calm down, everything will be OK ... soon I'll find a proper land to descend, Forget reception and death and help me." 

Parmis says, crying, " My smartphone doesn't have reception."
Uncle Larry, " No problem, sometimes it happens, here is remote ."

Armis, " I don't want to die, Uncle."
Uncle Larry, " No problem, You'll be alive."

Mino, " Look, a field is over there."
Uncle Larry, " Excellent, there is good, in five minutes we'll be on the ground."

The pilot looks at altimeter, then pulls the cord attached to the top of balloon envelop, the balloon comes down slowly until it gets floating nearly 4 feet over the ground. Captain Larry brings a bright smile, " See, we are almost on the ground."

Armis and the others wipes their teardrops, their hot air balloon ride is all over.

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