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Sunday, August 23, 2015

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That's only a big Basket

A hoop, a b-ball and two players; Michael and James are teenagers, both tall and interested in streetball. They are playing one-on-one basketball from dawn to noon. Michel practices to become a superstar.

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Gonzalo awakens to sound of the telephone ringing, his mother is on the phone:

Mother: " Hello, Gonzalo. is that you?"
Gonzalo sitting on edge of his bed replies sleepily , " Oh, Mom! why now?? I had a sleepless night , then I slept a few hours this morning, what's happened again? Are you Okay? how is daddy?"

--, " Oh, I'm sorry... we all are fine, and how about Semi? hasn't he sunk yet?"
--, " Oh, No truck ... well, it's fab and fast ... Mom! you never miss me?"

--, " Sure, sometimes --- where is he?"
Gonzalo lets out a better sigh, " in garage, I guess, I take care of it very well,  after having breakfast I'll take a photo of Semi to share on Insta. "

--, " That's all right, I'm waiting to see it."
--, " OK, Mom, so bye now."

-- , " Wait, wait, Gonzalo .... rumor has it that a freezer full of gems sank early in the morning."
--, " blah, blah, blah."

--, " I think so ... however, you'd better see your grandpa."
--, " what? that old man is going to sea?"

--, " No, he isn't, in fact, Gabriel who went an hour ago."
--, " So what? he's big enough to pick his way."

--, " That's right, but he borrowed some money that is why his family is supposed to sell his belongings."
--, " Crazy, Crazy."

--, " All his belongings, even his truck."
Gonzalo jumps from his bed, " His truck?"
--, " The sale is on Thursday. "

--, " Thursday, Oh, Mom, thanks, you are the best mom in the world, I love you so much."
--, " Me too, take care of Semi, I check insta per five minutes."

Gonzalo's eyes fill with teardrops, he is walking on air, his own truck, his dump truck, it is unbelievable; after twenty years he will be able to obtain his own truck, after years ...

Gonzalo looks at the calendar, he must set out to " La Plata " right now. He takes some sandwiches, then races for the garage at high speed.

At first, he snaps a few photos of Semi and shares them on his social media networks, next climbs into the truck, and heads for the shoreline highway( PCH ) at great rate.

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