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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Be Alive Just Fur Us

One can not be such a wonderful archer but Micheal. Once the third basketball strikes Uncle Larry, his eyes sees black, his kneels start wobbling; the Uncle can't stand on his two feet, so he grabs the side of the balloon basket.

Parmis and Tina put one of their arms around him together, and seats him on the basket floor, then all the children sit around.

The Uncle's eyes are still open as he leans his back against the sidewall , and stares at the kids for one minute or two, his tender look raises hope in those small hearts swiftly. 

But the glimmer of hope fades when the man's head leans on his shoulder, and his friendly eyes get closed, the children are so shocked that keep quiet for a few minutes, as if they couldn't believe what to see.

Parmis screams first, " Uncle." and the next, three other girls begin crying loudly,  while Parmis is shaking the Uncle's arm with two hands, screams, " No, No, You should be alive ...Please Open your eyes, Uncle ... you've not opened your present yet, you should see it, I'm sure you'll love it, " her warm tears flow freely on her cheeks.

She shakes her uncle with all her strength again, " We haven't taken any photos with polar bears, and yet haven't built any igloos ... Please, try to be alive, I will become the chief of YouTube Gaming."

Mino slaps Uncle Larry's face hard for several times, " And I'll also become your adviser ... Wake up, Lazy ... wake up. "

Armis cries loudly, " Bad luck! bad luck! I'm going to act in a brilliant movie that you are its producer. Please, Wake up."

Tina pours a water bottle on his head, " Uncle, Uncle, Uncle Larry! I will become the YouTube Kids chief, Wake up."

By the way, Uncle Larry keeps his eyes closed, maybe he needs a little rest, because of that sleepless night.

James is still yelling at the hot air balloon, Armis and Mino are leaning out of the balloon basket watching him with fear, Parmis's look are fixed on the Uncle, suddenly a sparkle appears in her eyes, she takes out her tablet, shouting , " Feech, Feech, it can awake Uncle Larry."

The girls get excited, " Indeed? " Parmis nods, and searches in her tablet applications while the others are looking forward to seeing Uncle Larry's bright smile again.

After one minute the tablet drops down through her fingers, she shakes her head in despair. Parmis recalls the Feech app is on her Mom's smartphone but not her tablet. As Parmis is always happy, and needn't to change her feelings. At present Parmis wishes she had Feech to save Uncle Larry. 

Armis, " Well, Download."
Parmis, " How? my tablet hasn't reception. "

She shakes Uncle Larry for the last time, Mino shouts at her, " Enough! do you think that you are making Milkshake? Don't shake him anymore."

Parmis, " We should take him to the hospital at once."
Tina take the parachute cord, " Don't worry, Parmis. I'll land the balloon on the ground."

Armis screams, " Here? the terrorists have surrounded us, they killed Uncle Larry, I don't want to die... Mommy, Mommy, Help... I will become a celebrity ."

Mino stands beside her, " What she said is right. Here is Unsafe, we'll never land here."
Tina smirks, " But we're going down."

Armis bursts into tears, Mino hugs her, Parmis joins in hug; a look of indecision emerges on Tina's face she didn't know what should do, her look shifts from the cord to the ground, at last she makes her decision; while she moves her hand to pull the string Mino takes it.

Mino, " What are you doing? Will you kill us?."
Tina, " I know what to do. I can land a balloon, I've seen in the movies, the hot air balloon is only lighting the burner and pulling the string, everyone can do it."

Mino yells, smirking, " Ha, ha,  Only this? You must be kidding! the balloon pilot needs a training course, however No one touches the anchor."

Tina presses her lips together, she feels a knot in her throat, Parmis smiles at her, " Calm down, Tina. Wait a little, finally we'll land but not now."

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