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Monday, August 31, 2015

Big Traffic Jam

Gonzalo was in deep thought when the basket landed on the Semi-trailer, he thought about his mother country and Gabriel; they had both spent sweet times together.

Gonzalo grew up in Santiago del Estero a beautiful city in northern Argentina, when he was a child, his family used to ride to La plata in their trailer during summer vacations, for his grandpa lived there.

In La plata Gonzalo spent his days alone on the shore; for hours he was sitting in the sand, staring at the ocean, and dreaming of having a trailer just like his daddy's trailer until a nice little boy turned up, Gabriel had hazel eyes and dark brown hair, he searched for a worker to complete his sand castle, Gonzalo accepted his offer, and they became friends, soon Gonzalo got tired with bringing wet sand with the plastic bucket, in his view a truck could be very helpful, though Gabriel disagreed, he wondered a hard-working worker was better.

After a while, the Grandpa bought two toy trucks, they looked completely similar, the grandpa gave one of the dump trucks to Gonzalo, and the other to Gabriel. The boys were both happy with their trucks, and played with the trucks on the beach, filled them with sand, and built the sand castle faster.

Gonzalo adored his truck, it was too hard for him to part with his truck even one minute, everything went well until ...

On the dismal summer day, he was separated from his favorite car; the boys ran wild around, and laughed as a high wave came, and swallowed one of trucks.

Gabriel ran toward the another one swiftly, and picked up it , and shouted, " It must be my own truck, because your truck was closer to the shore."

Gonzalo felt a knot at his throat, he took a look at the truck, Gee! it was his own truck, Gonzalo was certain about it, because Gonzalo had carved a small G on the underside of his car, and the remained truck had a sign, but Gonzalo said nothing, he recalled his Grandpa's saying, " A nice friend is like a gem, Only A fool misses him."

So Gonzalo just nodded his head, " Good for you, Gabriel --- you are lucky."

 And after the poor boy wept alone... well, he had missed the most priceless thing in the world, though he had still kept his best friend. The Grandpa admired him, and said, " Don't worry, I'll buy a new truck for you."

Gonzalo replied in tears, " No, I don't want another one, it was my friend, may someone replace a friend? "

A bitter smile emerges on the Grandpa's face, " You're right, Gonzalo -- It's terrible for a child to miss his favorite toy, I can understand you."

Gonzalo became bigger, and bought a real Semi-trailer on his own, but he never forgot his dump truck, he always thought about.

The truck driver is going to get back his dump truck, Gabriel has gone to voyage to find the gem freezer, now the gem-seeker needn't the truck anymore, therefore the toy can be for Gonzalo if he arrives in La plata on time.

Finally Gonzalo reaches the shore highway, but his eyes grow wide to see that big traffic jam there, thousands of gem-seeker from around the US ride to the harbor. Gonzalo lets out a bitter sigh, " Bad luck!" he has to brake, and stops, Parmis shouts, " Oh, my smartphone reception-- it's good now."

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