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Monday, August 24, 2015

Three Throws

That's only a big basket

... The hoop is located in a farmyard near a big apple tree; on the right-hand side of the farmhouse is an old road, and on another side a herd of cattle is grazing on the grassland, in distance the golden spike wheat is shining under the sun, the farm is surrounded by the pasture hills and green trees.

Micheal is dressed in a Bulls uniform and his opponent in a Lakers. Two orange balls are waiting next to the farm dog, Felix, on the ground, and one another is bouncing on the court.

James defends and isn't able to beat Micheal dribbling with both two hands, Micheal passes him, and gets closer to the hoop, he jumps up into the air, and pushes the basketball down through hoop.

" Wow!" he screams with excitement, his eyes shine, Micheal is proud of himself. James bangs on the rod in anger, and shouts, " Foul, that was a foul."
Micheal shakes his head sadly, James always behaves in this way.

All at once, Felix begins barking; the hot air balloon floating across the sky has caught his attention, it is only a few feet off the ground.

Uncle Larry says gladly, " Here is ideal, there is the light wind, and the farmyard is also large enough, so we can land, are you ready?"

The children standing on the food baskets in the balloon basket scream with laughter, " Hooray, we're going home."

They lean out of the basket to enjoy the good view, there is no fear or worry on their happy faces opposite five minutes ago.

A wry smile appears on James's face, " Micheal! prove yourself as a star, throw the ball in the basket."

Micheal smirks, " I did it before, didn't you see?"

A grin spreads across his opponent's face, " Not this basket, that one... over there. " he points at the hot air balloon.

Micheal raises one eyebrow, looks at him in surprise, " What? you must be joking!"

James shakes his head, " No, that is also a basket, only a little bigger and farther, a three points throw." he tries to entice Micheal, " You have three throws,  however I bet you can't--"

Micheal interrupts him, " It's easy for me to shoot as a piece of cake, Watch!"
He grabs a b-ball, jumps up into the sky, tosses it at the balloon.

Uncle Larry winces, " What is he doing?"
Mino giggles, " Is ready your pen? I guess he is a fan of you, and wants your signature."

Uncle Larry takes a pen out of his pocket , and gets ready to sign the basketball that the balls comes straight towards him on his face, Uncle Larry is still firm and on his feet though he feels dizzy, then the second hit strikes him on his forehead.

Tina shouts, " Don't Miss this perfect video!"
Armis laughs, " Now we have two basketballs."
Parmis sighs deeply, " Poor Uncle Larry, Poor, basketball is too heavy. "

Micheal is getting ready for the last throw, he tells James, " Only one throw has remained, James."

Really, he is a star, in fact a superstar, because the third throw is successful, it hits the Uncle on his forehead again, Uncle Larry can't stand on his feet anymore, he leans against the basket, Parmis and Tina seat him on the basket floor.

Micheal jumps about and dance, " I won, I won."

James yells, " Foul, Foul ... you shouldn't have hit that man."

Micheal shrugs, " By the way, you lost, accept your defeat ... why they haven't given back any balls yet!"

James, " I don't know, " he yells at the balloon, " Hey! Hey! balloonists! drop down the basketballs ."

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