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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Runway is Ready, Join politely

Tina presses her lips together, she feels a knot in her throat, Parmis smiles at her, " Calm down, Tina. Wait a little, finally we'll land but not now."

The tears gather in Tina's eyes, Parmis puts one hand on her arm, " Don't be cross-- Mino didn't say it on purpose ... however, we can wait-- Haste is from devil, so Enjoy the scenery."

Tina sits on the basket floor, frowning, " A safe place?? You must be Mad, Parmis! soon the hot air balloon will crash, then we all will pass away -- I warned you of this."

Mino bites her lip, " Be quiet! You're driving me crazy, Tina! Do something to challenge your brain, such as Having an ice-cream, watching a video or  anything else, except remarking."

Tina gets angry, Parmis shouts at them both, " Enough!"
Armis cries, " Tina told the truth, if the balloon gets stuck in the trees."
Mino, " Parmis! the balloon air is escaping fast."

Parmis pushes the pump button, the balloon begins inflating gradually, and raising.

Parmis points at the road, " Look! the wind is carrying us towards the road, just keep the balloon at the same high, then we can descend on the road, maybe we find someone for help us there."

Armis laughs, " indeed? Great!"
Tina nods, " All right, but we're still going down, the balloon should be lighter."

Parmis, " Excellent! Drop down the basketballs, they are too heavy."
The little girls throw out the balls, one of them hits James's head, he falls down and cries.

Mino starts dropping all the ballasts, the balloon drifts towards the road slowly. The old road is vacant, a remote road, no cars passes.

Now the hot air balloon is just over the road, Mino takes Parmis's suitcase, she intends to throw it down, Parmis screams, " What are you doing, Mino?"
Mino, " It's still heavy."
Parmis, " But it's my surprise gift."
Mino sighs deeply, " Sorry, Parmis. You don't need these ice-creams sticks, Uncle Larry is nearly ...."

Parmis looks Mino in the eye ," Uncle Larry will wake up soon," then adds, "By the way, Don't drop anything else. Look! we arrived at the destination, now we are above the road."

Armis screams " I can see a heavy truck coming -- Oh, yes, we're in luck! one is coming."
Mino, " So we can descend, and ask him for help."
Tina frowns, " No, I can't trust him. Mommy has told me, " Don't speak with strangers, it's dangerous."

Mino grins, " Don't be such a baby! it's not an ordinary position, we have to ask for the help."

Tina and Mino begins argue about this matter, Parmis says, " See me, Tina is right, we shouldn't trust anyone. "

Armis cries, " So what can we do?"
Parmis, " Trust me, I have a plan-- Be ready when I ordered you pull the string, OK? "

The Semi-trailer comes closer, it has occupied the full width of the road, Gonzalo is driving along the road while singing a happy song. It seems as if he hasn't seen the hot air balloon above his truck. 

Parmis, " Now."
The three other girls pull the cord, the parachute valve opens, the air vents from the balloon, and the balloon comes down slowly.

When it is right over the cargo space, Parmis pushes a hidden button, the girls' eyes grow big, the envelop starts shrinking, it gets smaller and smaller, then it comes down towards the balloon basket, and be swallowed by the cylinder which attached in center of basket. Parmis blinks, " The runway is ready, how about you? Are you ready?" the girls are still in shock as the basket lands on the cargo space smoothly.

Are you surprised by this balloon? guess what it's not an ordinary balloon, it is very special, the balloon belongs to Gloria and Sergey, and a familial invention of them.

The children scream, " Hooray, Hooray!"
Parmis points at the truck cab, " Be quiet! he shouldn't notice us until we reach a safe area such as a busy street, then we'll ask for help."

The three other kids agree with her, they all sit into basket and begin having the ice-cream, Uncle Larry is still asleep.

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