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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The children would rather go by Balloon.

Up, on the Roof

The Glass balloon rises; Gloria standing on the roof edge of the glass tower waves goodbye to her father and brother that flies by the hot air balloon.

The Glass coffee shop is crowded, the people are staring at the kitchen, and looking forward to watching a live cooking show impatiently, it starts in thirty minutes. The TV producer looks very nervous and his look is fixed on Gloria, he stares how much until Gloria notices him, then asks, "  Your husband left for Mr. Page's home two hours ago, didn't he?"

Gloria laughs, " My date -- yes, he must be at his friend's home now -- Don't worry, they'll come soon, Mr. Page is always on time."

The TV producer and director look at each other, the director says, " Can you call your date, Please."

Gloria nods, frowning, " I'll call him, but not be expected him to reply -- he must be so upset now, because of his surprise gift," Gloria lets out a bitter sigh, " Unluckily, it's lost." 

In Blue Sky

The Glass balloon floats across the blue sky; the daddy having an ice-cream enjoys the beautiful views, and Rocky tries to fly the balloon to harbor.

The daddy asks, " Did you tell your sister where we're going?"
Rocky, " No, I'm not a baby."

A wry smile emerges on the father's face, " Great-- Don't tell her... if Gloria knows she'll tell Sergey surely."

Rocky nods, " All right, but why are we looking for Sergey's treasure? it's not our task."

The father shouts at him, " What a stupid question! I'm disappointed with you, Rocky --- because our treasure is in the ocean."

Rocky, " Our treasure?"

The daddy, " Of course, Sergey is one of ours now, so Sergey's treasure is Gloria's. can you understand this?" he sighs deeply, " No, I don't thinks so-- we should find our treasure sooner than others, I'm sure dear Sergey will be glad," a teardrop glistens in his eye, " Sure, he will be proud of me."

Rocky frowns, and looks down at the ground, a trailer is flowing them to pick up the balloon once it lands. Flora, Rock's mom, is at the wheel of the trailer.


Tina sitting in sand drys her hair with a towel, the children gather around her, and the Uncles are leaning against the yacht anchored off the shore, and watching the ocean,  Something amazing is happening, the harbor is filling with ships and boats and the sandy shore is getting overcrowded, a thousand men come running toward harbor. Larry says, " What's up?"

Sergey asks a man, " Where are you going ?"
 --, " We're going to find Parmis's freezer ...  haven't you heard about it? everyone knows about it ... Be a little up-to- date! the pirates dropped it in the ocean one hour ago, we've heard that it is full of gems."
Sergey's eyes grow, " Full of Gems? Really?"
the man leaves him without any answers. Sergey stares at the treasure hunters as Gloria calls.

Gloria, " hi, Sergey-- where are you?"
Sergey, " Harbor."
--, " Oh, I'm sorry about your freezer ... then you want to find it, but ... not now-- Please, return home, the show will start soon."

Sergey bursts into laughter, " You must be joking, searching just for ice-cream? "
--. " What?"
--, " inside freezer was just some ice-cream."

Gloria, " Really?"
Sergey, " Sure."

---, " So when will you come back?"
---, " We're going to Google. Rocky, he must be the host of the show, his pancakes are perfect."
---, " He isn't here, Rocky with daddy has gone on a business trip."

Suddenly Mino shouts, " Look, Rocky is there, in the sky."
Parmis takes her suitcase, " I want to go ballooning." she runs toward the hot air balloon coming close to the ocean.
The others children follow her excitedly.

Sergey says to Gloria, " I see him, he is aloft."
Gloria, " Yes, they went by balloon. Come here soon. We're waiting for you."
Sergey, " O.K."

The hot air balloon is still aloft, but so close to the ground, the Uncles and children stand under it, Sergey tells Larry, " We have to go to the TV show, the viewers are waiting."
Larry sighs deeply, " Oh, I forgot it. "
Parmis, " TV show? ... I come with you."
Tina, " We can go by balloon. it must be so exciting."
The children together, " we want to go by balloon."
Uncle Larry, " No, ballooning needs the right wind and the right time, and now we have none of them."
Uncle Sergey checks the wind direction with his hand, " Its direction is opposite now."
Parmis, " I'd like to travel in balloon."
Uncle Larry turns to Sergey, " well, the children and I go to the tower in balloon, you and the mother ride us in trailer. Everyone arrives sooner, he will be the host of the show."

Uncle Sergey, " But I'm not American, I can't cook pancake."
Uncle Larry, " Sergey, Be Bold. You've been here since you were 6, so you're an American now."

Rocky drops a rope down, first the children climb up; lifting the suitcase is very difficult, Uncle Larry says to Parmis, " Leave it here, Uncle Sergey will bring it ."
Parmis shakes her head, " Never-- I missed one of my gifts, I don't want to miss this one too."
After sending the suitcase up, Uncle Larry climbs up, and the Rocky jumps down, he and his father greet Uncle Sergey, then run toward harbor to join the treasure hunters.

Uncle Sergey and Flora, Gloira's mom, get into the trailer, drive to the glass tower.

Now, the balloon is right above the tower, Larry waves hello to his viewers, and shouts, " I'm glad to meet you all, thank you."

The people wave back, and started clapping him, they are waiting for landing the balloon on the coffee shop.

The trailer arrives at the tower. Sergey gets off, and comes into the tower, Flora stays in the car.

Pilot Larry is ready to touchdown, suddenly Parmis's smartphone rings. Parmis shouts with laughter, " Martin... it's on the phone."

As soon as Parmis touches the call button, a strong breeze blows and pulls the hot air balloon out of the rooftop coffee shop, the children shriek, Pilot Larry tries to keep controlling it, but a stronger wind comes and carries them farther.

Flora chases them , but the balloon is vanished. Sergey appears on the rooftop coffee shop, walks into the kitchen, " Hello, Friends... Don't worry, everything is great, it was only a surprise! our passengers are safe, and our trailer will back the balloon soon,... Now Please, Notice our cooking show."

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