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Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Direct Flight To San Francisco

Snowy lies by the glass door and pretends to be asleep. Monika is still standing beside the same table and speaks with the couple, she means to get their order; the couple glance at the menu but they say nothing; there is a look of indecision on the old lady's face, the old man is calm and smiles, while Monika seems rather nervous and tired.

Finally the lady says, " Do you mind waiting a little longer? I haven't made my mind yet."
A crease forms between Monika's eyes, she glances at her wrist watch, and asks, " Not yet?  Can I help you? -- A cup of tea? "

The lady shakes her head, " I don't like tea -- Can I have some ice-cream instead? "
The man nods, " Sure."
The lady smiles, " I'll take chocolate ice-cream."
The old man grins, " I'm not agree. So, let's play heads or tails. "
Promptly he flips a coin in the air, and when it lies on the table, he shouts, " Oh, Heads-- We'll take strawberry ice-cream. "
The old lady presses her lips together, and stares at the coin, he always wins, and they always eat the same ice-cream.

Monika grins at their clients, " I'm really sorry, but we haven't got any strawberry left. "
The lady's eyes grows big, " Really? " she takes a deep breath and lets out with a loud sigh, " Thanks God. " though the man looks unhappy, he bangs on the table, " Oh, Gee, any strawberry? I can't bear this." Monika giggles and walks away. Just the moment the iPhone rings.



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