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Monday, July 13, 2015

A YouTube Killer

He Loves iPhone

A grin spreads across Monika's face " I'm really sorry, Sir, but we haven't got any strawberry left. "

The lady looks excited, there is a sparkle of hope in her eyes and a big smile on her face, she asks, " Really?? -- Thanks God." but her husband looks unhappy, he bangs on the table angrily, " Oh, no, I can't bear this --- any strawberry!!" , without any answers Monika walks away, and leaves them both alone.

One minute later, a sweet sound of birdsong comes from the lady's purse and awakes Snowy. While the woman is digging into her purse to find her " iPhone 6 Plus " the dog comes running toward her, and begins behaving aggressively , and scares her.

Quick as a flash the three little girls take their Nexus tablets and get ready to record a video; their calmness have surprised Aunt Mary, she only stares at the girls because she doesn't know what to do just like the old man.

As Monika appears with two chocolate ice-creams Snowy still keeps on his aggressive behavior, Monika calls him but the dog doesn't pay attention to, Monika gazes at Mino angrily, the little girl shrugs and says in a mild voice, " I guess he's hungry."

The lady looks pale, she is trembling in fright and crying aloud, while the old man is laughing at her, " Relax, July ... it's only a little dog." and the children, well, they are shouting with laughter, " Your iPhone, or Your Life? ", However the woman gets so frightened that the purse slips through her fingers and drops on the floor.

Greedy Snowy jumps on the purse, and swiftly pulls the iPhone out, he picks up iPhone in his mouth, and runs out of the cafe as quickly as he can. Parmis and Armis follow him with their tablets, but Mino remains in.

Now the lady is shocked and her husband tries to calm her, " It's all over. " Monika takes a deep breath and walks toward the cafe window, and looks out, the others do too. Snowy comes running towards the trees lined opposite the building; after releasing the iPhone on the ground, he begins digging a hole, Armis and Parmis keep taking video of him.

Suddenly a pedestrian appears on the sidewalk, he steps on the iPhone by mistake, and walks away rapidly. Indifferently Snowy continues digging, when the grave gets enough deep, he buries the iPhone, and comes back home.

Although the elders are amazed at his work, the children seem calm as if what happened was just a common event; Snowy jumps into his trainer's arms, Mino laughs and strokes his soft fur, " Excellent! Here is your reward, " Mino says as she donates a dog's biscuit to him, in reply to her friendly manner the dog wiggles his tail.

Parmis and Armis re-enter the cafe with the buried treasure and approach its owner. For a few minutes the lady looks at the children hesitantly, she can't believe her lovely iPhone has got back again, but her husband puts her mind at rest ," See? No problem." the woman nods, a puzzled smile on her face means hope is replaced with despair, so she grabs her own iPhone.


But she gets shocked by what she sees, first the distracted lady lets out a terrible shriek, then throws herself into her husband's arms, and bitterly weeps on his shoulder. The man asks, " What's up, July?"
--, " Oh, Tom ... my New iPhone .... I've just bought it ... but its screen is shattered now ... can you believe this? "
--, " Oh, darling ... Relax ... Relax."

This Indian movie is on the screen for a long time, Monika's face is red in embarrassment, but Armis and Parmis can't help laughing, Monika shouts at them, " Why are you laughing?"
--, " We laugh at everything."

Monika points to Mino, " You naughty girl! You should explain."
Mino, " Okay, Did you know Snowy has a keen sense of iPhone,Specialty iPhone 6 Plus?  ... in fact, he reacts to iPhone's ringtone."

A crease forms between Monika's eyes, " Huh? what?"
Armis replies, " Mino has trained him."
Monika, " Why?"
Parmis smiles, " Just for Tina."

Mino nods, " That's right. Tina's iPhone steady rang at school, and disturbed our classmates. I decided to punish Tina, so I taught Snowy whenever he heard Tina's iPhone sound, grabbed it and buried it. The first time Tina got offended, but she joined us on the following days; when Snowy stole her iPhone, she was not also happy but also chased the dog, made video with her other iPhone - she has plenty of  iPhones -- to share on YouTube, Soon Snowy got addicted to iPhone's ringtone and reacted to every iPhone."

The lady shouts, " This little girl is really nuisance."
Mino blushes, " Sorry, I didn't mean that, it was only joking."
The lady, " A joke? my iPhone screen is broken."
Armis giggles , " your iPhone was still new If that careless pedestrian had stepped on."
The woman yells, " My iPhone 6 Plus is smashed, and you are guilty."
Monika feels embarrassed, " Sorry, I'm really sorry -- Calm down, I'll buy a new one in return." and stares at Mino with anger.

The writer pushes her hair behind her ears, then rests her chin on her hand, and says, " I guess it needn't, last month Parmis's Google Glass was broken , and she was given replacement with no additional charge."

Never Worry about smashing your iPhone 

Parmis nods, " yeah, but it was Google Glass, Mommy." then turns to that depressed woman,and asks her,  " Do you have one Apple Care?"
The old man, " What's it?"
The old lady shakes her head, " No, I didn't think it may be necessary."
Parmis, " What a pity! repair or replacement is very cheap with Apple care but you're lucky -- Guess what ? We have Tina, she can help you."

The old lady, " Tina? Who's it?"
Armis, " Have you never heard about Tina? she's very famous, everyone knows her, she is a fan of iPhone and a good friend of ours."
The couple shake their heads, sadly, " Sorry, we have never heard of her before."

Parmis, " Never mind! she is a neglectful movie maker. She has replaced her smashed iPhone 6 Plus with a new one.. over Seven times... and All for Free ... Can you believe ?"
The couple's eyebrows are raised, the man tells his spouse, " Don't trust her -- this child is just pulling your leg."

Armis objects, " What Parmis said is true; Apple loves Tina, everyone knows it."
The couple grin as if they haven't accepted the children's sayings yet, so Mino decides to tell them an unbelievable tale, the story of Tina.

Tina Story

Mino, " Tina has told this story so much that every student in our school is aware of it:
When Tina was only three her father bought her an iPhone, and Tina started recording video by her device; soon she learned how to upload her videos to YouTube, and earned a few fans. She keeps on taking video, and was known as the youngest video maker all over the world; Sometimes she sent her artistic works to Apple, and made Apple's staff watch them, None of them wanted to break a little girl's heart, so all of them even Steve Jobs watched her videos, Steve said, " Someday this sweet girl will become a great movie maker like Steven Spielberg. "

Yes, Everything went well until Steve felt ill, and had to leave Apple company; on that sad day after Steve said a silent farewell to his office, he recommended Tina's video to Mr. Cook, then got into his car and drove away.

Later Mr. Cook said, " Steve saw the future obviously, he never made a mistake about Tina."

On a pretty day of October 2011 Tim Cook went to Apple Campus in order to launch iPhone 4s, Steve Jobs sitting in his favorite leather sofa watched the live launch from his home, his lovely family was around him, and after the show they felt  Steve looked healthier than before.

Right on that day Tina was happy too, because Apple had invited her to try iPhone 4S --  So she was able to make a high quality video with the new device, and spread it on YouTube.

By the Next Day, Apple CEO, Tim Cook was watching her video that Steve Jobs decided to call him to congratulate on his brilliant performance.

Steve, " Congratulations, Tim. You put my mind at rest --- what are you doing now?"
Tim, " Oh, Thanks Steve. Nothing --- I'm only watching Tina's new video."
Steve, " Really?? I must watch it right away."
Tim, " Oh, I don't think so. You should rest, Steve."
Steve, " No, my friend. I'm in death-bed, and will die sooner or later. which is better : leaving this world after watching Tina's video, or without watching it?

Tim cried, " Oh, Steve, be optimist, your doctor has expressed hopes about your health."

By the way, Steve saw the video and then died with a sweet smile on his face, it meant " iPhone 4s was in professional hands."

 Tears run down on cheeks freely, Parmis says in a broken voice, " A Killer Video ... I wish ... Mr. Jobs had never ... watched that ... vid ... eo. "

Monika asks, " This was a true story ??"
Armis shrugs, " Sorry, none of us knows, it is what Tina has told."

The woman takes a deep breath, then lets it out in a loud sigh, her husband grins, " See? No problem -- We have Tina, she can replace your broken iPhone with a new on, can't she? " his serious look turns to the children, Mino and Armis look at each other, and Parmis responds, " I think so-- I can call her right away."
The lady, " Okay, thanks."

Parmis calls Mino, and explains to her about their problem, Tina speaks with the old lady on the phone:

The lady, " Your friends says you can help me."
Tina, " I will glad to help you, but I'm on vacation now."
--, " When will you get back from your vacation? "
--, " I don't know exactly, maybe at the end of September."
--, " Huh? What? you want me to wait until Fall? I need my iPhone now."
-- , " This is your problem; if you had purchased Apple care, you were comfortable now."
--, " Oh, thanks Tina for your big help-- this is my guilty you are only a little child, bye."
--, " Wait, in five minutes I'll call Apple Store."
--, " Thanks Tina. I have a surprise for you, my husband and I are retired, we enjoy watching video, we'd like to subscript to your channel on YouTube?"
--, " Oh, Thanks -- in 30 minutes your new iPhone will arrive, Please, send me your iPhone specifications."
--, " we have more than 100 friends."
--, " 100 friends? I guess your iPhone comes right away."

The lady writes down Tina's name in her notebook, and murmurs, " I must remember this child forever."

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