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Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Amazing day In Google Store

​On Google Plane, there were 10 people: Parmis and her mom, Armis and her sisters, Mino and Mahta, Larry, Sergey and Kiarash.

Larry was pilot and Sergey was copilot. Sergey pointed at Kiarash and asked Parmis:" who is he?"
Mino replied:" he's Parmis's fiancé." then the girls burst into laughter. Angry Parmis told: "she's kidding, Kiarash is our cousin. His father often travels, so most of the time he lives with us."

Kiarash:" that's right, but all know that I love Parmis."
Parmis:" and all know that I don't love you."
Sergey laughed at them. He had found an interesting topic for chat. So he told:" Parmis, do you have a boyfriend?"

Parmis:" No. I'm a little girl and I should study now. But I like Arash. He is a polite and kind boy. I invited him for coming with us, but he didn't want to leave her father. Recently, a new boy has come to our school.  He is so intelligent. His name is Martin. He likes me, he is a hacker, but we are only friends."

Armis said:" all we like Arash, he is very nice." Mino said with angry:" Parmis, don't forget Arash, we're going to marry, later."
Sergey was so happy and girls were so angry. Parmis thought:" he always puts me into trouble"

Larry:" why don't we talk about Google Glass?"
Parmis:" that's a good idea." Then Sergey talked about Google Glass for more than 4 hours and the children slept.

San Francisco

Earlier Parmis had read about the mysterious barge floating in San Francisco. Every one said that it belonged to Google, but she didn't know if it is the truth.  As soon as,   they arrived in San Francisco, they went to the mysterious Google Barge. There was very nice and brilliant. The children were excited.

Larry explained:" there is our floating Store, it is very beautiful. Isn't it?"
Parmis said: "yes, there is amazing, but what is a floating store?"
Larry: "A floating Store is where people can learn about new technology."
Sergey said:" yes and a showroom for Google Glass, "Then gave a Google Glass to Parmis. Parmis wore the Google Glass. "Wow, it's very wonderful, I love it, "Parmis said.
 Then all of them wore Google Glass and visited the floating store. 

Next day, they went into downtown and visited many places. San Francisco is very beautiful and there are a lot to see. They spent a great time there, and they enjoyed their holiday. 

Parmis took a lot of photos by her Nexus 10 and also a lot of video. She uploaded some of them to her blog, G plus, YouTube and Facebook.

Last day, while Parmis was taking photo, Kiarash came close her and said:" I'd like to take photo by Nexus 10, give it me." Parmis said:" Maybe later, but not now. I should take a new video and upload it. My followers are waiting for my new video."

 And then they fought in the shore. Suddenly, Nexus was dropped and fall in the ocean. Parmis and Kiarash looked for finding it, but they couldn't.

When the mom heard the story, she was angry with Parmis. At that night, they came back home with good memories but no Nexus 10.

Now, Parmis looks at her photos and said:" that's fine; At least I uploaded some of my photos and videos. We shouldn't argue. "Parmis thinks about: San Francisco, Showroom, Google Glass and Nexus. Then said:" I should tell Uncle Larry that he guarantees Nexus 10 against accidents like: to fall in the ocean, earthquake, flood, volcano, fire and to steal."

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