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Monday, January 27, 2014

Parmis's Adventures in Googlebook Land

Parmis is going to register in the library's book. The Librarian gives her a form  and says: "fill it in, please."
Parmis takes the form, fills it in , then takes it to the librarian back. She looks at it surprised, and tells Parmis: "Wow! Your name is very beautiful, Parmis. Earlier I had an awesome book about "Cyrus the Great" . Unfortunately, when I was on vacation last year, lost it. Do you know anything about "Cyrus the Great"?

Parmis is glad to hear  her name, she thinks her name is really beautiful, too. She responds: "a little. Why don't you buy another book?
Librarian:" oh, I was looking for it all bookstores here, and even I searched on Amazon ,but I could not find it. It was a scarce book. Maybe you can find another one, because you are so good luck :)"

Parmis borrows " Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and leaves there so sadly. She likes to know about " Cyrus the Great, Persepolis and princess Parmis" more. Like always she opens Wikipedia and learns a lot about "Cyrus the Great".
"seeing your name on Wikipedia is so delightful,Parmis. isn't it? " Parmis says herself ,when she finds name of Parmis on Wikipedia, although there is not  any information about " Princess Parmis". After reading about " Cyrus the Great" she also likes to try her chance for finding that awesome book . May Google help her?

The little girl begins a chat for finding her answer. Larry says: " I'm so busy,Parmis, because I have a meeting at the moment. But I'm certain, Sergey can help you. He has worked  on Google glass for a few days ,and he seems a little tired now. Help him to be a little happy. "

Parmis thinks "who needs help more, Uncle Sergey or Parmis? ", But she responds by smiling. Larry says good bye to her and leaves chat.

Sergey: "well, Parmis, What can I do for you?"
Parmis: "I'm looking for a scarce book, what should I do?"
Sergey: " A Scarce book!! Tell me about that book a little more."
Parmis: "That is a book about "Cyrus the great". Do you know "Cyrus the great"?"

Sergey: "Yes, everyone knows him.  He is " Father of human rights". Many years ago, he created  the greatest empire in the world. Why do you want to learn about him?"
Parmis:"A teacher of mine had an awesome book about him , but she lost it last year. Now I want to glad her to buy that book."

Sergey: "oh, I see. Google book is the answer to your question. You can find almost any books there. Try it, Parmis"
Parmis:" really?? Thank you uncle Sergey, I'm trying it now."

She types the name of the book on Google book and waits for just a few seconds. Wow! Google book is really amazing. It finds the book very fast + some similar books.

Excited Parmis
: "What should I do now? Can I buy it?"

Sergey: "Yes, you can buy it by Google play, Amazon and many booksellers."
Parmis: "Can I buy all books of Google book ?"

Sergey:" No, some books are so ancient, you can't buy them, but you may borrow them from the library ."
Parmis: "All right, I'm buying this eBook for the librarian . Thanks to Google book. I'm so happy now, and you?"
Sergey:" I'm also glad for helping you, Parmis"

Parmis buys that eBook by Google play ( of course she always uses of mom's account for shopping), then she invites the librarian to a chat . Great, she is online.
Parmis explains to her about Google book and finding that eBook, then sends her  that eBook. The librarian is very excited and wonderful for receiving  the book.

The librarian says:" my Thanks for you and Google book.  I will use Google book for reading new eBooks and finding  interesting, amusing and ancient eBooks  from today forever"
Parmis: "That's a good idea; Google book also helps you to publish your book ."
Librarian: "really?  That sounds great. I will write an interesting book about "Princess of Persia" , and sell it on Amazon and Google book.:)"

             Parmis sends a pm to Uncle Larry and Sergey:
" The Princess of Persia is so thankful for Google book "

                                    Best Regards

I am Cyrus, Achaemenid King

" whenever you can, act as a liberator. Freedom, Dignity, Wealth-These together constitute the greatest happiness of humanity . If you  bequeath all these three to your people , their love for you will never die."

                    Cyrus the Great

Read more about Cyrus the Great:​

Wow! Search on Google book "Cyrus the Great" and find a lot of eBooks about him

And also find many free eBooks about Cyrus the Great




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