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Friday, January 31, 2014

See my page, please!

Everyone said :" Facebook is an amusing network .A network helps you to look for your friends and finding them.". Maybe  it wasn't for me, who didn't want to find her friends at that time. So I told :" I don't need Facebook."

Suddenly, something was wrong, my brother looked so sad. On his page , there was no photo. Where were his photos?

 He worried about it , and wanted to know that his friends see his images or not? But none of them came online at that time, so he told me :" Please, register in Facebook and being a friend of mine. then view my page."

I accepted and became a FB user. I saw his page, his images looked really great and there is no problem. I closed his page and I didn't come to Facebook for a few months.

Then I read some about effects of Social media on people.I thought :" That's so interesting ,they are very  powerful, why should I ignore them?". so I returned to my Facebook account, found new friends and discovered many things: happiness, sadness, tears and smiles . I understood Facebook is so amusing but also really helpful.

Now Facebook is my favorite network, although I like G+ , LinkedIn, Tumblr & twitter very much.

Have a great holiday




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