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Friday, January 24, 2014

Sponge Bob, a lovely Character

Don Chuck Monogatari

Do you remember " Don Chuck Monogatari ( Pesare Shoja) " cartoon?

I always waited for coming Friday afternoons , because I wanted to watch " Pesare Shoja" cartoon . It was my favorite Friday cartoon when I was 5 or 6.

Like most people our television set was a  black and white and small  TV at that time     , but my single  uncle had a big, color one.

​One day , we went to his place on Friday noon. A few friends of him were there, but  he is so friendly ,so allowed me to watch my lovely cartoon.
Watching my favorite cartoon with a big, color television set was so amazing , interesting  and amusing. I enjoyed a lot , and  couldn't forget that day.

These days " Sponge Bob " is the best cartoon for me. He is my popular character for these reasons : he is always happy, friendly, lovely and funny . I like " sponge Bob" very much.

​How do you think about it? Do you like "Sponge Bob" ? What's your favorite cartoon?​

​Have a great weekend




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