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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tell Your STory

A few weeks ago, I joined to " Storytellit". Storytellit help me tell my story on my Social media. Sometimes my mind is closed and it needs a fresh thought. Storytellit is full of interesting ideas for telling and writing and it's ideal for when you don't  have any idea for telling.  This is my today's post for "Storytellit" : " Write about your favorite day of a week."

A few years ago, my favorite day of a week was Friday. I stayed up until midnight for watching a great movie with my family on Thursday nights. So I got up pretty late, around 11 on Friday mornings. After having a special breakfast , we watched TV together. We tried to spend sweet moments together.

In afternoon we watched Children's program, we enjoyed cartoons very much. after that we often watched an amusing movie. sometimes we went out and sometimes we played " play Station" together . Other amusement works on Fridays were : eating ice cream or chocolate, going to the movie or park , painting . It was a special day for us.

I still like Fridays, although It's almost boring now. These days, the best day of week is Sunday for me. because I write my favorite story on Sundays. Do you agree Sunday is the best day??

Enjoy your weekend




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