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Thursday, June 9, 2016

A magic spell

Lexus was driving through woods for twenty minutes, its destination was the first marker on google maps. Uncle Larry talked to his assistant about Sergey, Mr. Assistant thought that Uncle Sergey was all right, but Sergey had no time to call  Larry, as he was very busy with observing stars. The auto exited the woods and hit an open plain, they didn't have much time, Uncle Larry glanced at his watch and wondered maybe the assistant was right.

Lexus followed a grassy path and pulled up down a hill. Mr. Assistant laughed loudly, "You guessed right, there is no airports here."

The men left car and climbed that steep hill. The the sun was setting, as they came to top of the hill. A small castle stood on the grassy hill, Uncle Larry found his birthday present by the main entrance. Uncle Larry opened the gift and took out a poetry book. He laughed, "I know this book, It's The Shahnameh, a long Epic Poem written by Persian Poet Ferdowsi, Iranians love this book."

Mr. Assistant looked at the gate and asked, "How can we enter the castle?" The entrance of the castle protected with a portcullis that a big basket hung from it. Uncle Larry looked the basket closely, it filled with dried fruits of the lotus tree. Uncle Larry murmured, "Senjed, Senjed is the Persian word for dried fruits of the lotus tree." Mr. Assistant stared at Uncle Larry, "Senjed!!!"

 Uncle Larry said to himself, "Iranians put Senjed on the Haft-seen table." He recalled a fragment of Parmis's message that said I love two things: Haft-seen table and Iranian stories. Uncle Larry's mind rolled back to all Iranian stories that he had heard of Little Parmis. Suddenly his eyes sparkled, he took a deep breath and recited a spell, "Senjed, Senjed Baz sho." All at once, the iron gate raised. Mr. Assistant's eyes grew large. Uncle Larry looked at google maps, the first marker was removed from the map.

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