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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Acid Rain!

Uncle Larry took a deep breath and recited a spell, "Senjed, Senjed Baz sho." All at once, the iron gate raised. Mr. Assistant's eyes widened. "It's a magic spell. Please bring the basket with you." Uncle Larry  said as he passed through the portcullis. After he took a look at google maps, the first marker was removed from the map.

They started walking up to the building. Suddenly the sky darkened, and it began pouring colored-rain. Mr. assistant shouted, "Ah, Acid rain!" Uncle Larry shook his head, "No, it's raining vinegar." The men quickly scanned around to seek a shelter, there was a stone alcove a few yards away, so they raced into the room.

The first thing they notice there was the bronze statue of a man. The great poet sitting on the bench, was Ferdosi. In his left hand he was holding a vinegar jar, and in his right hand he had The Shahnameh. As soon as Uncle Larry sat down on the wooden bench next to Ferdosi, a stone wall covered the alcove gateway. "I think we've been locked in," Mr. Assistant shrieked.

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